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New York Giants’ Will Hill Suspended Four Games for Violating PED Policy; Tyler Sash Added to Roster

October 8th, 2012 at 4:11 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants safety Tyler Sash has been activated and placed on the 53-man roster after serving a four-game suspension for violating the league's performance-enhancing drugs policy. Ironically, his roster spot was cleared by fellow safety Will Hill, who himself has now been suspended four-games by the NFL for violating the league's performance-enhancing drugs policy.

Like Sash before him, Hill claims his positive test was a direct result of the use of prescription drug Adderall, for which he failed to catalog the proper paperwork with the league. He had been going over the list of banned substances with Charles Way when he noticed Adderall was among them, but by that time is was already too late. The prescription had been filled and the drug used even prior to signing with the Giants.

“I received a doctor’s prescription for Adderall prior to signing with the Giants. Shortly after signing with the team, I was in a meeting with (director of player development) Charles Way, who reviewed the list of the league’s banned substances. I knew at that point that this may be an issue," Hill said in a statement. "I was tested and the results came back that Adderall was in my system. I appealed but lost the appeal. I accept full responsibility for this situation, and it won’t happen again. The Giants have given me a great opportunity when nobody else would, and I don’t take that for granted. I feel badly this has happened. I will work hard and stay in great shape these next four weeks so I can come back and contribute to this team after my suspension.”

Obviously, he lost his appeal. He will not be able to return until Monday, November 5th and then the team will be given a one-week exemptions as they were in the case of Sash.

Hill becomes the third Giants player in less than a year to failed a PED for the use of Adderall. In addition to Sash, running back Andre Brown also tested positive for Adderall last season, but won his appeal and avoided suspension.

The rookie, who was making huge life changes, had been playing quite well with the Giants. In addition to safety, he also filled in at nickel corner and played an important role on Special Teams.

It's likely the Giants were aware of his upcoming suspension prior to signing him, and this shouldn't factor into any potential decision to let him go as General Manager Jerry Reese made it very clear that he was on a short leash.


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63 Responses to “New York Giants’ Will Hill Suspended Four Games for Violating PED Policy; Tyler Sash Added to Roster”

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  1.  JimStoll says:

    Hill claims prescription adderall; like Sash
    clearly what seems to be going on here is that players are using adderall to enhance performance
    it is an amphetamine
    it is the so-called “smart” drug for college students; that is it helps them concentrate and put in monster hours
    I wonder if these players are using the drug to help them concentrate so they can learn the play book; watch all the film they need to watch, etc.

    I doubt they are all dealing with public speaking phobias

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    Wow! Will Hill Suspended. Damn. That hurts. Without KP his Athleticism really helped. But luckily we have Sash. How did that timing work out so well?

  3.  Levito says:

    Well, that’ll end the debate about who gets cut.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    This means that I think Tryon is safe for Canty’s spot. With KP out I doubt we want to only have 7 DBs. But I do think When Hill can return assuming CB health that Hill will take Tryon’s spot.

    But this makes Hill as a long term answer a safety in question. A player like Hill fighting to just make a roster has every incentive to take a PED.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    Funny they don’t allow adderal but let every player in the league shoot themselves up with teradol or whatever it’s called before each game.

  6.  kinsho says:

    Well, what convenient timing. Well played, Mr Reese.

    Anyway, good to see Sash come back without technically losing anyone on the roster. In the next couple weeks, if anybody goes on IR, we’ll have a nice little spot for Hill waiting for him on his return.

  7.  nick86 says:

    Its a joke that adderal is on the banned substance list. In no way does it increase your performance on the field. I used to take it all the time to help study/cram for projects in college.

    Its also ridiculous that guys with prescriptions arent aware of the fact that its banned. Im sure its as simple as showing a Doctors note. makes you think their full of it and using it as an excuse to cover up for something worse.

    •  Levito says:

      or they’re just getting “prescriptions” after the fact. I’m sure it’s easy to come across, and it’s also easy to get a prescription.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    Joe Martinek RT @JMartJr: I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK #nyg

    I wonder who we let go of from PS? Does this means there is some real concern for Brown long term? We didn’t sign him when Bradshaw got injured. Or is this a sign that Scott could be cut for Canty and we need another RB on the roster just in case?

  9.  norm says:

    The Giants must have been aware that this was a possibility. Hence the decision to wait on activating Sash.

    Otherwise, that’s just awfully convenient timing to have the league suspend one of the team’s safeties just as another safety is set to return from a suspension of his own.

  10.  LUZZ says:

    This really hurts Hill in the wallet. I assume he is on the league minimum as an UDFA. He just lost 25% of his annual pay, ouch! I think he has a couple kids and wife at home.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Yeah but if I’m him I rather have 75% (300k?) than the 40k job he might have instead. Plus since he started the year on the active roster the other 75% is guaranteed I believe.

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