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New York Giants Sport Super Friday Morning Hangover After Dropping Carolina Panthers 36-7

September 21st, 2012 at 9:38 AM
By Simon Garron-Caine

'Cam Newton' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license: It's Friday, the weekend is around the corner, and you're waking up and heading to work in the glow of a dominating New York Giants performance that saw Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers totally fall apart at our hands. Eli Manning had another great performance, Andre Brown and Ramses Barden had great games, and the defense nearly pitched a shutout. Enjoy your weekends, folks.

We'll talk about Brown and how he might have revitalized the running game, and how it was like deja vu to see Eli throwing the ball high to a 6-and-a-half foot tall wide receiver (this time named Barden, not Buress). But Giants fans, enjoy watching a weekend of football sans Big Blue anxiety with that victory already in our pocket. Let's start the nice, long countdown until the Week 4 game against those Eagles.

Things we think we saw…

Andre Brown is the real deal

Some of you were reticent to go all in on Brown and are going to sound like some Johnny-come-latelies this morning at work if you start banging his drum. Last night's 113 yards on 20 carries with a touchdown probably wasn't as important as the way he did it: hard, decisive, and perhaps most importantly patient running.

Brown fought north and south better than we've seen a Giants running back in a while, both making big plays but not sacrificing yards attempting to do so when it wasn't there. We're excited about Brown owning this job and don't think he loses it when Ahmad Bradshaw comes back.

Ramses Barden has a great smile

And gave himself plenty of reason to show it last night. Drafted one round before the aforementioned Brown in the 2009 draft, Barden's been sitting on the Giants sideline and trainers' table while Brown's been bouncing around the league and practice squads. Fitting that they would break out on the same night. While Brown's play might be more refreshing because of the Giants long running struggle to run the ball well, Barden absolutely dominated last night with nine catches 138 yards. With the Panthers focusing on Victor Cruz, Barden was able to beat single coverage and turn himself into Eli's go-to receiver all night.

Barden will probably move into the 3rd wide receiver role at least until Domenik Hixon returns from concussion, but Eli really looked last night like he felt comfortable throwing to the 6'6'' Barden. Wouldn't be surprised to see him on the outside across from Hakeem Nicks with Cruz in the slot much of the time.

Any which way, Barden, in a contract year, made himself some money last night.

Give credit to the boys up front

Brown, Eli and Barden surely had a little help doing what they did last night and all credit goes up front. The offensive line paved the way for Brown to pick up more than five yards per carry and convert on 3rd-and-short and 3rd-and-goal situations. More than that, they kept Eli clean and gave him enough time to throw (for the most part).

We wrote earlier in the week that we fully expected the new-look offensive line (plus Will Beatty, minus David Diehl with Sean Locklear at right tackle) to be just fine, and they were. We like being right about this kinda stuff.

Finally, some pass rush

The Giants only notched two sacks, but also had three QB hits and seemed to be in Newton's face more than we've seen them get in QB's faces through the first two weeks. Newton sure looked skittish (take a look at Jayron Hosley's interception and play right before).

The pass rush still has a ways to go, however. Jason Pierre-Paul seems to be driving the playmaking train by himself and is going to need some help if the Giants defense is going to dominate like it did last night.

Cam Newton ain't all he's cracked up to be

We'd all heard so much about Newtown and seen so many highlight. This writer, for one, was not really impressed with what he saw when Cam dropped back to pass. Unsettled feet, inaccurate throws and wasn't able to get the ball into the hands of his only real playmaker in Steve Smith.

Then add in his behavior, which included celebrating a touchdown that made the score 23-7 in the midst of a pretty bad personal performance, trudging to the post-game handshake with a towel on his head and breezing by Manning, and conducting a post-game interview like a child who has never lost a game. Not the franchise quarterback we thought we were going to watch.

Aaaaand the injuries, of course

The only drawbacks for the Big Blue, naturally, were another round of injuries although from the face of it nothing looks season-ending. Corey Webster suffered the worst of the worst, as he left the field to get his hand X-rayed and returned with a cast. Antrel Rolle was rolling around on the floor outside the end zone as if he'd lost a leg on the beaches of Normandy, but it sounds like he suffered a cut and a bruise from the camera he smashed into. Hosely reportedly came down with a hamstring injury and Keith Rivers apparently re-injured his.

What's next?

We've got a full ten days to count down to a big matchup with the first place Eagles. We have a good feeling we'll spend most of that time watching the progress Webster's hand, Rolle's knee, Nicks' foot, and the hamstrings of Rivers, Hosely and Michael Coe. We'll also be watching the Eagles face off with the Cardinals on Sunday to get an idea of how Philly's playing and to see, hopefully, the Cardinals knock them off and send us to Week 4 with a chance to grab hold of the division.


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90 Responses to “New York Giants Sport Super Friday Morning Hangover After Dropping Carolina Panthers 36-7”

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  1.  jfunk says:

    “Antrel Rolle was rolling around on the floor outside the end zone as if he’d lost a leg on the beaches of Normandy, but it sounds like he suffered a cut and a bruise…”

    lol…glad you said this. I couldn’t figure out how he could be hurt so bad watching the replays. It’s not like there was a twist or anything involved. Hopefully somebody put some band-aids in his locker for him.

    • Well you don’t always have to see a twist for a guy to tear an ACL. Sometimes a cleat just gets stuck wrong.

      But we got worried because Rolle really made it look like his knee had exploded…but when the announcer said it was for a “laceration.” A boo-boo on his knee?

      •  BLU-82 says:

        Hey man, you run into a camera at full sprint and tell me how it feels.

        Although when KP stooped over and grabbed his hand, I thought the feed had cut over to Brokeback Mountain.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      He smashed his knee into the camera. That hurt pretty damn bad, I’m sure.

  2.  kujo says:

    The Original G Man ?@TheOriginalGMan
    Per PFF: “Beatty was nearly faultless in one of the best performances of his career…He allowed a couple of pressures in pass protection, but his run blocking was dominant.” #NYG

    • Booyah. David Diehl, welcome to the “6th man” phase of your career.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      And the two false starts he got away with. But he was quite solid.

    •  jfunk says:

      If the football gods smile upon us and it turns out Beatty’s “back issue” is really just a muscle strain that happened to pinch his sciatic, it’s entirely possible that he will be able to fully “heal” and be completely symptom free going forward.

      Then, we have our LT of the next 10 years like we all hoped.

  3.  kujo says:

    2009 Draft Class Makes Itself Known

    This Thursday night in Carolina was the official coming-out party for the Giants’ 2009 mid-round draft picks. Both Ramses Barden (+2.8) and Andre Brown (+2.0 rushing) put in career nights in front of a nationally televised audience to illustrate the talent the Giants have languishing on their depth chart. As a backup, you don’t get many chances to prove yourself and with starters at running back and receiver out for this game both Barden and Brown, on this night the ‘Killer B’s’, grasped their opportunity with both hands. Brown looked powerful carrying the football while collecting a 100-yard game and a pair of touchdowns–although he did let himself down with a poor pass block that led to Manning being sacked for the first time in a fortnight. Meanwhile, out wide Barden exploited the Panthers’ inability to cover the middle of the field and collected seven of his nine receptions between the numbers for 114 of his 138 receiving yards. Performances like this will only make it more difficult for the Giants’ first two picks from this year’s draft to see more of the field.

    Beatty States His Case

    The Giants depth chart at offensive tackle has long puzzled us at Pro Football Focus. Well, with David Diehl absent through injury the Giants were last night forced to shuffle the pack. In his absence Sean Locklear (+1.3), and in particular William Beatty (+5.4) put forth the perfect example of why they should be the Giants’ starting tackles for the rest of the season. Locklear had one extremely shaky play in pass protection that yielded a hit to Charles Johnson early in the first quarter and allowed a couple of stops in the run game, but at left tackle Beatty was nearly faultless in one of the best performances of his career. He allowed a couple of pressures in pass protection, but his run blocking was dominant. He had the key block on each of Andre Brown’s 1-yard touchdown carries.

    One-man wrecking crew

    While the rest of the Giants’ defensive front is laboring through a fairly slow start to the 2012 regular season, Jason Pierre-Paul (+3.2) has made a fast start. In fact, it’s the sort of fast start that marks him out as one of the best and most consistent defenders in the league. His sack in this game was somewhat fortuitous, as Cam Newton was forced into him by the blitz of Michael Boley, but his game in run defense and rushing the passer was the kind of consummate all-around performance that we have come to expect from him. He batted two passes–and nearly intercepted one of them–provided another hit and two hurries as a pass rusher, and was a big factor in run defense. The Panthers were running the option off the Giants’ ends and, unlike Osi Umenyiora who looked lost at times, Pierre-Paul ensured that he wouldn’t become passive against the rushing attack. He took advantage of his matchups with Greg Olsen to make a plays against the run, and also stole a stop from Jordan Gross in the third quarter after having stood him up at the line of scrimmage. It’s nothing new, but you can’t help but be impressed by the quality and consistency of the ‘Haitian Sensation’.

  4.  Terrence97 says:

    not only a laceration but a bone bruise which can be very painful.
    as i said last thread….cam doing his little superman thing when down 3 scores was very immature! and yes, steve smith pumpin his chest when getting blown out….really fellas??
    i really hope rivers gets better. he has 10 days. also im done with chase! whats goin on with herz

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m as ecstatic as anyone else, but I do want to throw in a few cautionary notes:

    1) Let’s not start reserving tickets for the playoffs quite yet. As great as they looked, teams are still getting sorted out during the early parts of the season and the Panthers just looked totally unprepared and overmatched last night. Some may recall that a few of us mentioned yesterday that most were inflating that team into a race of Supermen when such thinking was far from justified. We may have just beaten one of the three easiest opponents we’ll have all season;

    2) We still have to figure out what to do at MLB because Chase Blackburn is doing nothing. He has been one of my favorite Giants because of the kind of guy he is (100% effort 100% of the time) but he’s a real weakness in the defense. The fact that Herzlich cannot move him aside is troubling;

    3) These nagging hamstring injuries could turn into constant depth issues that can hurt at some point;

    4) I love Brown. I think he should be our #1 back. But don’t make the mistake of thinking he’ll get the majority of carries once Bradshaw returns. That is far from certain. I suspect that they will share the load pretty equally, and that may not even be a bad thing (except for David Wilson, who will have to wait until next season to make his mark, which is too bad because they could use his big-play potential as they come down the stretch this season);

    5) We’re still 0-1 in the division and the Eagles game is a very big one. If we can win that it’s time to start feeling pretty good for early in the season, but we need to go in there and beat a team that, frankly, we should beat but has the wild card in one Mr. Vick who is capable of destroying his team, or the opponent, with his totally out-of-the-box play;

    6) I was wrong about Ramses Barden, but let’s not go overboard. He has “limited” capabilities. he was up against a young secondary, was beating a rookie corner drafted in Round 5, and was playing against a team that got very little pressure on Eli. His strengths are that he has a great catching radius and he uses his body well to shield the defender away from the ball ( + he’s intelligent and knows the playbook). But this kid is no Plax and anyone who thinks so is nuts. He still is slow off the LOS. He still is slow coming out of his cuts. he still has very little after-the-catch ability. The good news for him is that he will never see the top two corners on a defense as long as our two great receivers play. He CAN beat most #3 corners UNLESS those corners are veterans with quickness. Those guys will undercut his routes because they will be faster to the spot Eli is throwing to than Barden can be. He has value, but let’s not get crazy here. I believe Hixon should remain our #3 receiver, not because I cannot see clearly since I didn’t like Barden and he has proved me wrong, but because Hixon is just a better player except in certain defined situations where Barden should get his chances;

    7) This vast improvement on the O-line is great, and I had said all along that adding Will Beatty would make a HUGE difference. That has proved the case. But they are still one injury away from having to rely on depth that seems to be missing right now. Perhaps by later in this season Flaherty can coach the reserves up to where they would be serviceable, but I don’t think they’re that now. So pray for health up front on that O-line.

    Having said all that, man, was last night fun. The thing that is funny is how all of the commentariat is today pretending they weren’t saying the Giants were going down and Cam Newton is Superman. I love the way those idiots run away from what they said a day earlier and know what they said in the first place doesn’t matter as long as they drew attention to their employer and its ads.

    •  Emperor Norton says:

      The other knock on Brown (from Coughlin’s point of view, anyway) is that his pass protection was lacking. Granted, they drew up the weirdest blocking scheme I have ever seen on that one sack that Brown surrendered: Locklear blocked inside on the LDT, with Snee blocking down on the RDT, which I’m guessing they did to double or possibly TRIPLE Charles Johnson. Meanwhile, that left Brown in a 1-on-1 with whoever Carolina’s LDE was, and, uh, it didn’t go well. Generally, if you’re putting your 200-pound backup RB in a 1-on-1 with a 280-pound defensive end, something has gone horribly wrong, but, well, Coughlin’s a stickler for protecting Eli, and Brown didn’t match up.

  6.  JimStoll says:

    I’d add a shout out to Martellus Bennett who looks to be rounding into the best, most athletic TE this team has seen since shockey left following the 2007 campaign. As the season progresses he will be more and more of a weapon.

    I think you were a little hard on the D-Line (other than JPP)
    I thought Tuck played quite well and Osi had a few big moments.
    For the most part they completely took away the option runs which made Carolina rely on downfield passing. The results: a handful of nice completions by Cam coupled with 3 INTs.

    Overall, the defense was so thoroughly in control up front that it was hard to tell what the back 7 was really even doing. Kiwi, Phillips, etc., mostly invisible all night — not that thye played poorly, just that the plays never even reached them.

    LJ is really coming on. As I said on the previous thread, if Canty comes back 100% come Week 7, the line is really going to take yet another step forward.

    As for Brown, such a great story. Great for him; great for the organization to give him that 3d look last year, have the conviction to stockpile him on the PS and let the achilles fully heal, and then the courage to make the roster move this summer.One thing the Brown story makes me wonder is how many guys could actually overcome serious injuries and resume their careers if only the teams had the willingness, patience, and perceived financial luxury to let them properly heal. For example, TT should never have been allowed to try and play this year; he plainly needed 2 years. The Giants tried to convince Steve Smith of that last year. Remember how 2010 went for Kenny as he tried to play himslf back into shape.

    As for Ahmad, when he’s ready you know he’ll be given his “starting” job back, but I think it will be along the lines of the 2009/2010 giants where the team tries to run a real 1-2 RB tandem. Watching Brown last night, I would prefer they not do that because any RB needs a certain number of touches in order to get the stars to properly align to get the few really great opportunities. Of his 113 yards on 20 carries last night, Brown picked up 50 of those yards on just 2 carries. That means the other 18 netted just 63 yards, which is less than 4 a carry. If the team breaks the carries down 10/10 between 2 guys, who knows who gets what. Over the last 6 quarters, Brown has displayed better vision and patience than AB has over the past 6 seasons.
    It’ll be interesting.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    I think Cam is a flow QB and we completely took him out of it. Partly by the defense but also by jumping ahead we took away much of their running game. It reminded me of the first 52 minutes we played in that infamous Philly game. I was proud that defense really closed it out last night. Noting cheap at the end. I think that mindset is important for our defense going forward.

  8.  Terrence97 says:

    he once posted something on g101 and then went back to read it just to see how knowledgeable he really is…
    ff55 the most interesting poster on the net

  9.  Terrence97 says:

    eli makes everyone around him that much better. he elevates the players games around him. he is an all time great. idk what else to say about him

  10.  TuckThis says:

    Boy was I wrong. And boy am I glad! What a game. If you look up “rising to the occasion,” you’ll see pictures of Barden and Brown. I won’t get too giddy, but it’s hard not to be pumped. Now I have to sit on my heels for 10 days. Ugh!

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