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New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora on 2011 Sore Losers: “We Punched Them in the Mouth”

August 14th, 2012 at 6:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Back in mid-June, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, still not over a 37-20 playoff loss to the New York Giants, claimed his team didn't give themselves a chance to win. He went as far as to say "you'd rather have a team beat you" than to beat yourselves. It's an opinion that was shared by linebacker Clay Matthews earlier this month, who also believed the Giants had nothing to do with the 17 point victory in Green Bay.

The trend of disrespect towards the Super Bowl champions continued late last week when San Francisco 49ers safety Dante Whitner said his team let victory slip right through their fingers. Not that they were beaten, mind you, but that they let it get away from them.

As the 2012 regular season approaches, defensive ends Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora are sick and tired of hearing about how the Giants got lucky a season ago. More than just in the press, the duo has had opposing players literally tell them to their faces they "got lucky" and the nonsense has finally run its course. Both fired back on Monday.

“A lot of these teams, we punched them straight in their mouth. It’s not like anybody gave us anything,” Umenyiora said. “So if they want to talk about how they gave us the game, that’s on them. It might help some people get more motivated to hear people don’t really respect us the way a Super Bowl champ is supposed to be respected. But all these people coming out and saying these different things, man, how crazy is this? Sour grapes.”

Tuck, meanwhile, says the chatter does little to motivate the team or detract from their focus. In fact, the collective unit just gets a few good chuckles out of the nonsense.

“Sure it can help you. It also can hurt you, too. You start listening to people and start thinking to yourself ‘Well maybe we didn’t deserve that?’ or whatever. But I find it amusing," Tuck said. “That’s why we have the slogan: Talk is cheap, play the game.”

As it turns out, one of the most vocal teams has been the Washington Redskins, who beat the Giants twice last season. Several of their players have gone as far as saying the NFL "gave y'all the [Super Bowl]."

You can be certain Tuck and Umenyiora will remind the team of that come week seven when the two meet at MetLife Stadium.


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23 Responses to “New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora on 2011 Sore Losers: “We Punched Them in the Mouth””

  1.  BillyS says:

    I’m a little sick and tired of the teams giving us no respect. I guess not admitting they got beaten is the way they cope with what happened to them. The 49ers game was close, and they did make mistakes that the Giants took advantage of, but also keep in mind that the Giants did shut down their receivers and were clearly the better team at the end of the day — and the win cemented that. As for the Packers, they had that game from the get go. The refs even tried to give the Packers a TON of penalty help, but the Giants still won. Remember Osi’s “helmet to the head” of Rodgers? Yeah…not to mention the previous meeting between the 2. In the end the better team won and I hate when teams can’t just own up to it and say that they were beaten.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    I have mad luv for Osi. I think his leadership had been underrated. It seems to be no accident we have had two backup DEs with playful nicknames relating to Osi. That means Osi is mentoring these young players and they hae so much respect for him they find an honor holding a nickname from Osi base on apprenticeship.

    F55 – i think of course we should add vet DTs but just because there vets I dont expect them to beat out or be more effective than Hendricks and Kuhn. I think you try to adjust and shape your roster the best you can. But I dont think you change how you play until you see you cant do some things you were expecting you were expecting to be able to do. I think over the next 3 preseason games the coaches need to mix in Hendricks and Kuhn (and hopefully Austin too) with the starting unit so you have a better idea if they can do the job. Seeing the development of acruz and Ballard last year and even Nicks and Smith in years past has taught me that patience with internal solutions is needed in situations like this. It doesnt mean we cant protect overselves by signing a few vets but it means you give the unproven guys a real chance to show if they can step up to the plate.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    Consistenly getting little respect maybe be the thing that has seperated us from the dallas and san diego type squads that are consistently hyped every year but every year come up short. I think we have an edge that helps just that much and when match with our underrated talented it makes us a difficult team to beat.

    •  BillyS says:

      I don’t want to be overhyped where talking heads on ESPN proclaim us to be the best team year after year, but I still want props for winning. I’m tired of hearing how we “only” won because of Tyree’s catch or how we “only” won because of Manningham’s sideline catch. Those were pivotal plays, but you have to get to the Super Bowl and fight hard just to keep up with the “better” team. The Patriots were expected to kill us in each Super Bowl, but we wound up coming on top. I just wish we’d get some more recognition, albeit it not enough to give us a huge ego. At least this constant bashing helps fuel players into performing better during crunch time.

      •  jfunk says:

        Just to be clear, we most certainly were not expected to be killed last year.

        We were very slight underdogs in Vegas (I think 2.5), but the vast majority of “experts” were picking the Giants. If I recall, CBS was a clean sweep for the Giants and ESPN was 6-2.

        About the only reason anybody could find to suggest that the Giants would not win was “Brady hates to lose”, while every single objective analysis listed the myriad reasons the Giants should win the game.

        •  BillyS says:

          For me at least it just seems like we only started not being total underdogs when it became clear that Gronk’s ankle was going to really limit him. But oh well. Maybe if we win another shortly we’ll finally get some love.

  4.  Dirt says:

    Been on a short vacation and I get home and catch up to some awful news.

    However, as I was catching up, naturally I have NFL Network on in the background. They point out all the DL injuries, and O’Hara says essentially no big deal, Tuck, JPP, Kiwi and Osi got 42 of 48 sacks last year on the DL, so they’ll be fine.

    Then they point out that’s all good on 3rd down but what if they get blown up the middle and never get to 3rd down.

    No fear, O’Hara starts smoking the pole of Dwayne Hendricks. Seemed truly lit up about the guy, having seen him on the practice squad.

  5.  Dirt says:

    BTW, if I can weigh in on the Herzlich/Blackburn debate, I think if they’re razor thin at DT, you’d be more likely to see Boley at MLB with Kiwi and Williams on run downs. Best 11 on the field would dictate as such, and certainly Boley is the most experienced LB. And he wore the green dot at times as well.

  6.  kujo says:

    Earlier today in his post-practice press conference with reporters, head coach Tom Coughlin said the team was in the process of adding help at defensive tackle after a rash of injuries claimed the seasons of Shaun Rogers (blood clot) and Martin Parker (herniated disc).

    That help has finally arrived in the form of Carlton Powell, 6-3, 312 lbs. Powell is a 2008 fifth-round draft pick of Denver’s, who signed with the team according to his agent, Jason Bernstein.

    Powell, who played his college ball at Virginia Tech, did not play a down for Denver after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon during the offseason of his rookie year. He then bounced around the league, making stops with Cleveland, Denver, Tampa Bay, the Jets, and Atlanta, for whom he played in three games last year.

    Powell turned 27 years old today.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Basically, a nobody. But I’m guessing he’s known as a run-stopper because that’s what they’ll be looking for from the guys they bring in. With our defensive ends, and the NASCAR package, while it would be nice if we acquire someone who can collapse the pocket (Joseph does that, btw), it isn’t absolutely necessary, but stopping the run is required.

      •  kujo says:

        Day one could feature Linval Joseph and a trio of nobodies–Kuhn, Hendricks and Powell. Gotta hope Bernard, Canty and Austin get and remain healthy soon because this sh*t is looking mighty terrible right about now.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Does Austin have a Twitter account? Has anyone heard what he was told today by the doctors?

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Okay, so we probably should assume that Hendricks is expected to be better than Powell, right? But they probably think Kuhn is SO raw that they want to put him on the practice team. Hopefully he can be stashed there for the season and then compete for a job next year.

    It’s beginning to sound like Canty could be back by around Week 3-4. That would give us Joseph, Canty, Bernard, and Hendricks, with Powell and, hopefully, Austin in the wings. Perhaps when Austin is ready they will send Bernard on his way with thanks and the rest of his salary. I think that Powell has been brought in to act as a possible substitute for what Rogers was expected to give: a tough, physical, guy in the middle who doesn’t have a lot of lateral movement but can stuff the run and occasionally collapse the pocket.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Powell is just signed as a camp body. Remember we lost Parker and Rodgers plus Austin is questionable so that’s a lot of DT snaps someone needs to take. I think we still sign another DT or two. Maybe someone that seems like they have a chance to help. I rather have signed Jimmy Kennedy than this Powell guy.

  10.  BillyS says:

    I’m not really thrilled with Powell; I agree that he looks like he was just signed to take over some snaps while we wait for a bigger name to get cut/put on the trading block. Though perhaps Reese and co. saw something they liked from him. I’ll give Reese the benefit of the doubt and trust whatever move he makes.

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