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AFC Scout Says New York Giants are “Going Back to the Super Bowl”

July 23rd, 2012 at 5:01 PM
By Dan Benton

The vast majority of the mainstream media may not be fans of the New York Giants or their chances to repeat as Super Bowl champions, but the men who are paid to evaluate the game certainly are. One AFC scout recently told Mike Freeman of CBS Sports that Big Blue is going back to the big show.

"This team is going back to the Super Bowl. There are holes and questions, but with this team every year there are holes and questions. To me, it's Green Bay and (the) Giants in the conference finals. That front office might be the best in football and they had another good draft," said the scout.

This observation sounds very similar to one that was shared by Giants 101 last Thursday, and should come as no real surprise to the obsessed and knowledgeable football fan. Love them or hate them, it's clear even to the untrained eye that the Giants have an incredibly talented and deep roster. A roster that will only get deeper as more of their injured stars return to the field.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows, however. The scout did touch on one subject that has been a bit of a sore spot and concern amongst small groups of Giants fans. That, of course, being the offseason of Victor Cruz, who has spent much of his time in the spotlight, on television and attending various promotions and events.

"One thing worries me — Victor Cruz. Whenever I see or read about him, he's partying or [doing the salsa]. He's going to be more critical to them this year than he was last season. I'm concerned he's been partying more than he's been getting ready for the season," the scout said.

Although Cruz insists he has "not gone Hollywood," more than a handful of fans and experts have called attention to his offseason shenanigans. However, after the season Cruz had in 2011, the level of media attention he has received should be anything but a surprise. And despite his offseason schmoozing, this is the same guy who turned down Dancing with the Stars so that he could focus on football. Odds are he'll be more than ready to go when the season gets underway.


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6 Responses to “AFC Scout Says New York Giants are “Going Back to the Super Bowl””

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    I think the reason why we have a chance every year is not our starters. 1-22 we are very good no doubt but I think 10-12 teams have as good, nearly as good or even slightly better starters. Our strength which is a credit to JR is 23-53, PS and even street free agents during the year. This is the area I feel like us, Bal, Pitt and GB have excelled at and why each team is always a contender going into every season even with some personnel losses. I know Indy, NE and NO have also been top teams also but to me NE/NO has been coaching/QB and Indy was Peyton.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    The Giants grab the third spot in the Preseason Power Rankings

    Another NFC East team is talking about dynasties, but the Giants are the ones that have won two of the last five Super Bowls.

    It wouldn’t be like Tom Coughlin to be thinking about things like dynasties, anyway. Coughlin’s never allowed himself to think too far ahead, whether it is about his job security or his team’s chances of winning multiple Super Bowls. He’ll just keep starting meetings five minutes early and running his team the way he has since taking over in 2004.

    His focus this time around should be on getting the Giants through the regular season with something better than a 9-7 record that doesn’t guarantee you a playoff berth. The Giants peaked at exactly the right moment last year, but the Giants learned in 2009 and 2010 that you can’t count on that happening every year.

    Even after some key departures, Coughlin’s got a team that can improve on that regular season record. Recapturing the playoff magic might not be quite so easy.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Pre-season rankings are garbage. Shut up and play the games.

  4.  Dirt says:

    I know Krow is in the camp of being worried about Cruz’s offseason habits. He may have sniffed something out.

    But I’m going to go ahead and assume that, as a nobody with no track record, no real coaches attention, no camp at all, he spent less time preparing for last season as he has for this season.

    •  Dirt says:


      Hell, it was Eli fn Manning who filmed Saturday Night Live during mini camp. It’s just football! These guys are entitled to lives outside of work.

      These worries are from the same silly camp that Wilson needs to learn and prove some blocking worth for Eli before he can play. As if Peyton Manning was some chump who ran vanilla plays and didn’t need a running back to watch his back. Except for that time he won his only Super Bowl with a full load from a rookie running back. Pretty sure some folks in Indy circa 2006 had a lot more concern about their franchise QB than anyone around here has had, seeing as though that franchise QB WAS their team (see 2011).

      But, alas, oddly enough, a #1 draft pick named Addai, paid millions to run and block, could actually run and block!

      I bet Wilson can too.

      Only the coaching staff’s stubbornness will prevent it.

  5.  Dirt says:

    Anyone received their season tickets yet or know when they’re coming?

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