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Green Bay Packers’ Greg Jennings on New York Giants: “It Hurts, but They were a Better Team”

July 13th, 2012 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Back in mid-June, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarty went on a rant about how the New York Giants didn't really beat his team, but that the Packers failed to show up and play. It was obvious that the loss had left an incredibly bitter taste in his mouth and being humble in defeat was not a part of who he is. Wide receiver Greg Jennings has not followed in his footsteps, however; acknowledging on Thursday that they were beaten by the superior team.

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“It hurts. It was a disappointing end to the season,” Jennings said. “But obviously, we lost to a better team at that point. We didn’t play up to our standard, but I can’t knock what the Giants did. They came in our house, beat us on our turf, got it done.”

Jennings is the first Packers player to step up and truly acknowledge the Giants since the divisional playoff game. Primarily, players from Green Bay have been full of excuses and denial, blaming the loss on anything and everything other than the fact that they were defeated by a better team.

After coming off a Super Bowl victory the previous year and a 15-1 regular season record, the Packers had every reason to believe they were the best team in the NFL. Unfortunately, games are not won on paper and it was clear from the get-go they were not prepared for the red hot Football Giants. Nevertheless, Jennings insists he's over the loss and ready to move on, saying “Over it. Got to be. Have to be. It’s done.”

The Giants are over last season, too. They're ready to get back out on the field in an effort to repeat and become the "worst team to ever repeat as Super Bowl champions."


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7 Responses to “Green Bay Packers’ Greg Jennings on New York Giants: “It Hurts, but They were a Better Team””

  1.  GIANTT says:

    Im glad the Giants are over last year . Let them concentrate on how the h–ll did the Redskins beat them twice ? That would certainly be a bringdown to reality in my book . Giants goal should start at a split with any NFC east team and work up to beating each twice . 5 or 6 wins against their rivals should be their goal .

  2.  Rosedale Is Back says:

    The Packers was a good team and regardless what anyone thinks we didn’t beat them in a way that they can say dropped passes cost them the game. We literally smashed them and the score should have been worse than what it was if the refs give us the Greg Jennings fumble. We should have won the first time we played them this season. The Giants are a matchup problem for them and will always be with Cruz Nicks and Eli on offense! We will always be able to shoot out with them and our defense is better!!!

  3.  wrdag says:

    Dan, where did you source the net worth number on Brandon Jacobs? See my notes on that story on why I think that number is crazy high unless he has hit the lottery. Thx

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Not gonna dig it up again right now (sorry, I honestly don’t have the time). But the site I found it on cited his investments, assets, home, family accounts, contracts, etc. $21 million over a 7 year NFL career including all assets (not liquid) is pretty accurate. I have $0 in my bank account but my net worth is pretty damn high because of my assets. It’s quite feasible.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Anyone who has competed in any endeavor at high levels knows that sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don’t, and that sometimes your competitor is simply better. Does it matter if it was just that day, or that week, or that year? Not really. Top competitors recognize that there is very little separating them, that all are tremendously well-prepared for the competition, and that all have had past success. They also recognize that you simply don’t win them all. The best of them are gracious when they lose, figuring that they have to get back to work and try even harder and hope things break their way the next time. In short, they have to get back to preparing for success by putting themselves in the way of same.

    Mike McCarty did not cover himself with glory or respect with his post-season comments. He comes off as a child. He should have taken a cue from Vince Lombardi, a far greater predecessor of his in Green Bay, who never made excuses for his teams and just got back to work when they lost. Greg Jennings shows the class of a world-class competitor with his comments.

    I like Dan’s allusion to what many will be saying this season if the Giants look like they may make another run through the playoffs. Let the “experts” keep claiming the Giants would be the “worst team to ever repeat”. That would keep that locker room pretty fired up all season. Just the kind of lack of respect that this team seems to thrive upon.

    And while I’m at it, here’s a little something. The Packers wanted to claim that the dropped passes were why they lost. Poppycock. They got thrashed. You want to go back and redo a few plays? Okay. Nicks makes the catch early against the Redskins at The Met and the Giants go on to win that game easily. Cruz doesn’t slip and makes a sharper cut against the Seahawks and gets a TD catch instead of the ball going to the Giants’ end zone on the interception. Two plays that “should” have been made. Giants finish 11-5 and go into the playoffs as a feared team expected to get to the NFC Championship instead of the “surprise” everyone likes to insist they were. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Meaningless. Hey Mike, and Aaron, and others. You lost. You lost big. You were dominated. Your team wasn’t as good. Shut up and go back to work instead of acting like spoiled children. Too bad you don’t have Tom Coughlin as your coach. You would have come up with a lot fewer lame excuses.

  5.  JSAB99 says:

    This playoff game was lost by the Pack for a couple of reasons. To start,McCarthy sat his starters in week 17. Then the bye week left them with 2 full weeks of momentum killing time. Rodgers missed on alot of plays he makes with his eyes closed.
    The GIANTS D was fully healthy and caused problems. The Pack D just wasn’t that good in 2011.
    The GIANTS were on a roll with wins in week 16 and 17, beat the Falcons easily at home. The Packers became their next victim.
    A cold Packer team vs a red hot GIANTS team.
    End of story.

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