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New York Giants RB Andre Brown Will Appeal Four-Game Suspension

May 23rd, 2012 at 4:59 PM
By Dan Benton

Two months after being suspended by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy, New York Giants running back Andre Brown tells CBS Sports that he's in the midst of an appeal, claiming his failed test was merely a result of not filing proper paperwork.

“I don't know what I can and cannot say,” Brown said. “It was something that I've been on since I've been in the league, which was Adderall. I just forgot to fill out some paperwork and that was it."

Adderall, a relatively common drug, is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is often referred to as "steroids for the brain" but has none of the typical effects of other performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

If Brown's failed drug test was, in fact, a result of missing paperwork, he would become the second Giant in less than six months to be suspended due to poor bookkeeping. Back in November of 2011, defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy was suspended, and later reinstated following appeal, under similar circumstance. He had allegedly taken some over-the-counter cold medicine which contained ingredients on the NFL's banned list.

Brown is slated to compete with Da'Rel Scott, Danny Ware and rookie David Wilson for playing time this coming season.


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12 Responses to “New York Giants RB Andre Brown Will Appeal Four-Game Suspension”

  1.  norm says:

    Frankly, it matters not one iota if Brown’s suspension is upheld or not.

    He stinks. Even if the league overturns his suspension, he’d still be a complete waste of a roster spot. As well as a practice squad spot, for that matter.

    Buh-bye, Andre. Thanks for playing. Enjoy your ring.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Kinda harsh. The guy has been injured a lot. He may not have a future in the NFL if he’s brittle but if he can stay healthy, he’s a big guy with decent wheels (when they don’t fall off).

  2.  kujo says:

    Did I miss something? Did Andre Brown piss in norm’s matzah ball soup? What other explanation could there be for this gleeful reproach?

    Brown isn’t garbage, and he’s not “injury prone.” He tore his Achilles, and his career was ruined as a result. He could have been an excellent complementary back to Bradshaw with his physical and not-explosive style. But that injury ripped apart the little speed he had, reducing him to the practice squad-caliber player you see today. It’s a shame.

    That said, he’s an idiot. Paperwork? How the eff does that happen?

    •  norm says:

      Now that you mention it, the bowl o’ soup I ate last night did taste a little bit… off.

      Now I know why. Effin’ Brown.

      That aside, I really have nothing against the guy. I just don’t think he’s shown himself to be any good, post-Achilles tear.

      I guess what I really don’t understand is the persistent belief among many Giants fans that given enough time, Brown will someday become a good player. Although Brown was outplayed by DJ Ware last preseason, there were more than a few folks vexed when Ware made the roster over him. Hence I feel it is my duty to be the voice of reason here; to remind people that Andre Brown will never amount to anything more than a mediocrity in this league.

      The Giants already have Ware. Yeah, he’s got value to the team because he knows the system and has shown himself to be a willing and capable blocker. But as a runner and a receiver, he, too, is nothing special. One mediocrity in that unit is more than enough. The team certainly does not need another.

  3.  stuh says:

    I hapen to agree with Norm this guy doesn’t bring enough to the table to waste a oster spot. They drafted Wilson and they have the fastest player on the team Scott who if given the chance may turn into a real threat they shouldn’t give up on him.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Wilson had better be special because Bradshaw cannot be counted upon for an entire season and none of the others look like much.

    With those injuries to Witherspoon and Bolden it looks like Tryon is a lock and Stick-em-up Jackson has a legit shot at the roster.

  5.  kujo says:

    Look I’m not saying he’s gonna amount to anything. But I know what I saw last preseason, and I felt he and Ware competed to a dead heat, with Ware winning a roster spot due to his knowledge of the system, his reliability as a blocker and admittedly better receiving skills. Clearly the Giants liked Brown, because they snagged him up and put him on the practice squad.

    Again, he’s not going to be a starter for the Giants. But I refuse to believe he is an inferior athlete to DJ friggin Ware, whom I believe to be hot garbage festering on a sidewalk in a Bengali summer!

    As for Scott, count me among those who aren’t impressed with his track skills. He’s a straight line runner, with less “moves” than me! The league would have to allow us to have 14 offensive linemen opening up holes big enough for Da’Rel to scoot through.

    •  norm says:

      Thank you for making my point.

      You correctly point out that DJ Ware IS mediocre.

      But right now, DJ Ware > Andre Brown – at least in the coaches’ eyes. And that’s all that matters.

      Andre Brown is NOT going to get much better than he already is. His ceiling is MAYBE a slightly better DJ Ware.

      If the team carries only four RBs – do you really want two of them to be DJ Ware?

      •  norm says:

        But I do take issue with the idea that Brown battled Ware to a draw last preseason, let alone outplayed him. I’ve debunked that particular myth here before.

        For the record, here are the numbers. Again:

        Brown: 33 carries 106 yds 3.2 ypc 3 rec 2 yds
        Ware : 21 carries 79 yds 3.8 ypc 7 rec 57 yds

        •  kujo says:

          So, Ware got less yards, with less carries, and was given more opportunity to receive out of the backfield than was Brown.

          What’s your point?

          •  norm says:

            3.8 ypc > 3.2 ypc. Or: the difference between running for a first down on three carries or coming up short.

            That’s my point. It was not quite the “dead heat” that you claimed.

            My main point, though, is that it’s kinda silly for anyone who dislikes DJ Ware as much as you apparently do to come rushing to the defense of Andre Brown.

            At best, Brown and Ware are the same player.

            But that’s only if Brown improves. Right now, he’s just not as good as Ware.

            And Ware is only mediocre.

            Ergo, Brown stinks.


      •  kujo says:

        Hey, I’m not saying Brown is the next (insert great/good/average running back here). He’s just a guy, at this point.

        You’re the one who was pissing on the tombstone of the kid’s career. I don’t have strong feelings either way about him–despite the tweet I sent out during the 1st preseason game which wound up being shown on TV (/humblebrag).

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