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You Too Can Wear the New York Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI Ring

May 16th, 2012 at 11:56 AM
By Dan Benton

Have you ever wanted to wear a New York Giants Super Bowl ring? We at Giants 101 certainly have, and thanks to former wide receiver Stephen Baker, we had the opportunity to don the 1990 version. But what about their Super Bowl XLVI ring that was officially revealed on Wednesday morning? Well, the team has developed an app that allows you to experience the thrill of wearing it without physically wearing it.

The application, called "Goldrun", can be purchased through most mobile app stores and allows user to pose wearing the virtual Super Bowl XLVI ring, as well as holding the Lombardi Trophy.

“We’re really trying each day and each week to figure out how to use social media as it grows and evolves to let us communicate and touch fans in a more meaningful way than they ever have before,” Giants CMO Mike Stevens told Mashable in an interview.

Best part? The app is free! So download the app and then upload your photos on Facebook and Twitter for all to see. There's a chance the Giants may even retweet you.



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7 Responses to “You Too Can Wear the New York Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI Ring”

  1.  kujo says:

    I’ve heard the servers of Goldrun have been flooded by folks trying to download this app in Dallas, Philadelphia and whatever rat-infested gutter Jets fans live.

    •  fanfor55years says:


      Dan may have to turn this into a humor site before long. Among you, Krow and norm everyone is firing on all cylinders today.

      •  kujo says:

        I got Dan on Facebook a little bit ago, actually. He was humblebragging about how G101 posted the picture of the ring a few months ago, to which I replied:

        “Giants101- We Post Things First, and Then Remind You of It, Like Hipsters Do”

        I’m on-point because I’m currently debating gay marriage with a bunch of super-religious types on another forum. To say that I’m giving them a hard time would be an understatement.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Hmmm, sort of a first-movers idea. I was just thinking that I’d love to be a first-mover on Charlize Theron. My son tells me she’s a whacked out narcissist but who cares? She should be illegal.

          I may be older, but it’s never over……

          •  kujo says:

            Once you’ve seen Charlize Theron in that movie where she played the serial killer, it’s hard to look at her as sexy every again.

            Now, Anne Hathaway…there’s a woman who is sexy despite her “debut” in those ugly princess movies. She’ll be portraying Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises this summer, and you’ll probably hear about a fat guy being arrested in Orlando for pleasuring himself in public after I see her in that black leather…

  2.  Laslo Michaels says:

    LOL!!!!! I hear Shannyn Sossamon plays a role in Batman… I wonder if SHE got her RING?!?!

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