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Limas Sweed, Rich Ohrnberger & Jamaal Jackson Among Names Trying Out for New York Giants

May 11th, 2012 at 10:21 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants rookie mini-camp is now underway, and in addition to their draftees and undrafted rookie free agents, Big Blue has invited several veteran players in for tryouts as well. Among them are former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Limas Sweed, Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jamaal Jackson, New England Patriots offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger and Florida defensive back Will Hill, who most recently played in the Arena Football League.

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Other intriguing names in attendance are Australian rules punter Jy Bond, who was with the Giants in 2010, cornerback Dante Hughes, quarterback Dan LeFevour, safety Maurice Rolle, linebacker Shawnbrey McNeal and linebacker Nathan Triplett.

One familiar face is quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, who is likely poised for another tumultuous season of being cut and re-sign repeatedly. Others Big Blue nation is familiar with: offensive lineman Selvish Capers, defensive end Craig Marshall, cornerback Brandon Bing and tight end Christian Hopkins.

Eight undrafted free agents in attendance include WR Julian Talley (UMass), WR David Douglas (Arizona), FB Joe Martinek (Rutgers), S Jojo Nicolas (Miami), S Janzen Jackson (McNeese State), DE Adewale Ojomo (Miami), G Stephen Goodin (Nevraska-Kearney) and DE Matt Broha (Louisiana Tech).

Ralph Vacchiano reports the team left two spots open (out of 90) in the event they're impressed with any of the tryout players.

Stay tuned to Giants 101 as more information becomes available.


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11 Responses to “Limas Sweed, Rich Ohrnberger & Jamaal Jackson Among Names Trying Out for New York Giants”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    This is very interesting to say the least. Jackson is a former NFL starter. Norm still want to bet Cordle makes it? LOL but seriously a player like Jackson if healthy does have a decent chance to make our team.

    But the player that really intrigues me is Sweed. Pretty similar to Barden except, a little shorter, a little faster, bigger school and drafted in 2nd round. But a player like him spells trouble for Barden because he has NFL big WR measurables. If Sweed learns to play special teams like Devin Thomas did he could spell trouble for both Barden and Hixon. I really like adding a player like Sweed.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Wasn’t Sweed someone Haz loved the year he was drafted?

      I still think that, if he’s healthy, Hixon is making the team. He’s awfully versatile, a coach’s dream, and a great locker room guy. And he just has that knack for finding seams in kick coverage and hitting them quickly. Many speedy players who can beat him in a race just don’t have his anticipation and vision.

      I’ve been down on Barden forever. Like Scott, he’s a guy who I think the draft room liked because of “something special” about him (size in Barden’s case, speed in Scott’s) but I don’t think will amount to much. I wouldn’t mind at all seeing him disappear.

      Jackson is an interesting presence. Clearly potential depth. Nothing special, but perhaps a serviceable sub if the team goes really young on the offensive line (ie. they decide to go with Petrus at LG and Brewer at RT) and need to stock up on veterans as depth.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think Hixon even if he looks healthy is a risk because of his last 2 injuries. I don’t think we would ever just cut because of that but other guys could beat him out. His special teams talents are not really needed anymore due to Hosley, Wilson, Jernigan and Scott. Then we are looking at Hixon basically as just a WR so Barden could beat him out. Not saying Barden will but he could so I think his roster spot is in question. I have been a big Hixon guy too but acls back to back seasons is something we can’t take lightly.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Scoot has poor vision and no lateral quicks. Jernigan has to prove he can secure the ball. Hosley and Wilson are potentially great, but I don’t think they’ll use Wilson on special teams that much because he’s going to have plenty of responsibility on offense and Coughlin will insist that he has to be reliable with the ball before he can return kicks.

          Hosley’s presence definitely complicates things for Hixon, but we’ll have to wait and see what he can do and how much responsibility HE might wind up with on defense.

          The one thing I DO know is that this camp is going to so competitive it’s crazy. Great for the team. But there will be some sad stories. I’m all for keeping the top 53 players, but I’d be saddened if that doesn’t include Hixon and Blackburn and Diehl, all of whom I think have something left and all of whom have been really good players for us. More than likely at least one of them doesn’t make it.

    •  norm says:

      Jay-zus… you really want me to take you to school on this whole Cordle thing again? OK, I’ll bite.

      For starters, the Eagles would never have let Jamaal Jackson go if he could have stayed on the field. But after he ripped up his knee at the end of 2009, dude has not been able to stay healthy. It’s been one thing after another with him so Philly finally cut bait.

      So, yeah… I’ll take my chances with a guy who’s still in one piece, has spent two years being groomed as a center in the Giants system, and who the coaches reportedly like over some 32 year old, broken down center who has not even had a glimpse of the Giants playbook.

      I don’t know why this is so damned hard for you to comprehend. Center has one of the steepest learning curves of any position on the team. Just ask David Baas. Or Adam Koets. The mental aspects of the position are far more demanding than just about any other except QB and, maybe, MLB. Reading your posts, one would think it was simply a matter of grabbing some fat guy off the street, telling him to shove a football backwards between his legs and *voila* a center is born!

      So let’s run through this one more time… there are only THREE guys on the roster right now who have any familiarity with how to play center in the Giants system. Got that? THREE.

      One of them is the starter, Baas.

      One of them (Boothe) is a guy who will be competing for the starting LG job and has a better than even money chance of winning it.

      And then there’s Cordle – the guy you keep telling me could be easily replaced with some other big ugly who, presumably, would have to be groomed at least a year for the position only to then be shipped out for next year’s GOAT56 late round/UDFA/street free agent O-line flavor of the month.

      Look: I don’t know the first thing about Jim Cordle. Even if he stole my lunch money, I doubt I could pick him out of a police lineup afterwards. My saying he’s a lock to make the roster has nothing to do with my opinion of him as a a player, of which I have none.

      It’s just simple logic. The Giants are not going to go into the season threadbare at the position. And that’s exactly what would happen if they cut the Cordle. You say they could groom someone new – but we’re talking about another year incubation period, at least. You say they could get by with just Boothe. But if he wins the starting LG job, do you really believe they would be comfortable with the prospect of shaking up the line again (move Boothe to C, insert Petrus? at LG) after all the disarray they had to deal with in the unit last year? I’d think not.

      I really wish I could bet you some obscene amount of money on this. It’d be the easiest payday I’ve ever had.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think you are missing my basic point. I don’t know enough about center play to judge if Cordle is any good or not. I don’t think center is a easy position to learn but I don’t expect the 3rd center to play during the season. I understand it’s possible at 3rd center could play but I don’t think you worry about keeping a 3rd center.

        My simple point has been that Boothe was our backup center last year so why wouldn’t he be again this year? Your answer is why would we want to move Boothe to center and insert Petrus. That’s a good question not sure the answer. But I think you would agree that Cordle has a much better chance of making the roster if Boothe wins the LG job because if Boothe is a backup then he’s not disturbing the OL if he’s the backup center. I have long expected Petrus to be the starting LG (though I think Boothe can win the job) and that might be the essence our Cordle disagreement.

        With Jackson I was mostly joking. But having an experienced NFL center does lower Cordle chance of making the team. I’m not saying Jackson is better but he’s more realistic than any of the other option we had prior if we were looking at keeping a pure backup center on the 53 man roster. I think if Jackson can play guard effectively then that increases his chances.

        •  norm says:

          Jamaal Jackson WAS a very good player for the Eagles.

          In 2009, he was arguably their best O-lineman (or a close second to Peters) When he ripped up his knee at the end of that year, it effectively snuffed whatever faint playoff hopes Philly may have had. In fact, it could be argued that his absence had a lot to do with Dallas finally winning its first playoff game since the Clinton Administration when they rolled Philly in the 1st round.

          The Eagles were pretty patient with him. He went down with another injury early in 2010 and was IR’d for that entire season as well. They brought him back in 2011 and he was beat out by the rookie, Kelce, for the starting job in camp. Philly chose to release him at the end of last season, rather than keep him around as a backup. I’d think if he had anything left in the tank, the Eagles would have at least invited him back to camp this year.

          I suspect he’s done and that he’s here as a camp body, nothing more.

          The search for the Jim Cordle’s replacement continues apace…

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    F55 – I agree on Brown. I think he does have a better chance to make this than some think though it won’t be on the original 53. I believe like PUP when a player is suspended hes does count against the 53. So we have an extra 4 weeks to evaluate Brown. There’s no reason to cut him, plus he can serve as protection if a RB gets hurt early. I think Beckum also has a chance to make the roster for similar reasons. Beckum can be put on PUP and if no injuries occur he can be cut just like Koets was last year. However, if they do he’s like having an extra roster spot at TE. Beckum’s best hope to make the team is via PUP and not under the original 53.

    Also, I think a player like Tryon is no longer a virtual lock to make the roster. He’s similar to Scott in that before the draft he provide unique skills that no one else on the roster had. But now with Hosley’s skills both as a slot CB and on special teams Tryon is in a tooth and nail fight to make this roster with Coe and Witherspoon. I think 2 out of the 3 make it but now the choice is almost too close to call. Players like Molden and Johnson can also steel a spot in this mix with strong training camp and preseason play.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yeah, good use of the PUP list should be the approach this season.

      You’re right about Tryon being in a battle, but he’s someone they KNOW is capable of playing the slot corner and they really will need someone who is “safe” if they aren’t convinced TT is all the way back yet. If Thomas is clearly physically sound then Witherspoon, in particular, is definitely very much a possibility as the last corner (Webster, Thomas, Amukamara and Hosley are locks) IF he, himself, is healthy. He looked awfully good last preseason before he went down. BUT, will they want a guy just back from an ACL surgery backing up a guy just back from his second ACL reconstruction? Tryon had an injury you don’t need to worry about, and he’s fully recovered and ready to go. That has to be a consideration.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    The O-line will be one of the truly great competitions in camp. Lots of options. But here’s what I think is critical. I believe that Coughlin, Gilbride and Flaherty will be obsessed with continuity this season. last year was bad because they had new players at new positions almost every week. And as should have become very obvious over the past 4-5 years the Giants’ offensive line, if kept intact, is greater than the sum of its parts. For God’s sake, we sort of got by for two years with a center (O’Hara) who was done in 2008 and very obviously done in 2009-2010. We won a championship with a good, not great, O-line in 2007 (zone blocking for a pair of runners who were at their peak at the time….that’s right, Bradshaw has never been better than he was his rookie season). We won last season thanks to just decent-enough play there and Eli’s uncanny movement in the pocket, and some continuity over the last six games of the season.

    So, my expectation is that the fierce competition will happen largely outside of our view and that by the time we get to the second preseason game a lineup will be set and we will stick with it until someone gets hurt or there is clear evidence someone cannot do the job. That means a HUGE advantage for those who already know the system and the tendencies of the players around them. I’m sticking with my view that the starting lineup will be Beatty, Petrus, Baas, Snee and Diehl with Boothe, Mosely, Brewer and one more survivor as depth (the last player will depend upon what they think they need in position coverage….Brewer is potential at either tackle position, Boothe can play all the inside positions, Mosely is potentially a tackle or guard) but there’s really no way of knowing. With Locklear around, Cordle and Capers and Reinders at camp, the McCants project (he’s headed for the practice squad), etc. there will be a donnybrook.

    The starters will come from among Beatty, Petrus, Baas, Snee, Diehl, Brewer and Boothe. But who will be where is anyone’s guess right now. Diehl could land at LG, RT or as depth. It will be topsy-turvy. But the coaches probably won’t wait long to make their decisions.

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