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New York Giants Reveal Jersey Numbers for Draftees Attending Rookie Mini-Camp

May 9th, 2012 at 11:40 AM
By Dan Benton

With rookie mini-camp only a few short days away, the New York Giants revealed on Wednesday the jersey numbers their draftees will be wearing come Friday morning. However, all fans should be advised not to immediately have custom jerseys made with the numbers recently issued as all are subject to change.

The distribution of numbers went as follows:

  • RB David Wilson will wear #34
  • WR Rueben Randle will wear #82
  • CB Jayron Hosley will wear #36
  • TE Adrien Robinson will wear #81
  • OL Brandon Mosley will wear #67
  • OL Matt McCants will wear #71
  • DT Markus Kuhn will wear #78

Perhaps not relevant, it is nonetheless interesting to see Deon Grant's #34, Kareem McKenzie's #67 and Mario Manningham's #82 on other players. Stranger yet is seeing Amani Toomer's #81 on a young, inexperienced, but potentially talented tight end.

Albany QB Dan Di Lella not invited to Giants' rookie mini-camp

On an unrelated note, the agent of Albany QB Dan Di Lella has informed Giants 101 that his client was not extended an invite/tryout to rookie mini-camp. The Giants hosted Di Lella for a workout and had thoroughly scouted him prior to the 2012 NFL Draft.

As it stands, Ryan Perrilloux will act as the quarterback at rookie mini-camp.


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10 Responses to “New York Giants Reveal Jersey Numbers for Draftees Attending Rookie Mini-Camp”

  1.  G-MenFan says:

    Hey Dan is there any way you can get your hands on Ryan Perrilloux’s transaction record during his tenure with the Giants? I remember reading about his signings to and releases from the practice squad last season and it seemed like they were letting him go and picking him back up every other week.

    This kid’s mind must be made of steel by now.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I want to respond to rlhjr’s excellent post from the previous thread. I generally agree with him.

    What I wanted to point out is that the Giants have gone about constructing this defense in stages over the past few years. Not that many years ago they were weak up the middle and decided to “cure” that by signing Canty to a big deal and drafting Joseph and Austin. They had been pretty weak for years at safety (which increasingly is part of the “middle of your defense) and attacked that by drafting Phillips, signing Rolle to a large contract and then drafting first Jones and then Sash. They have brought in talent and speed continuously at the outside flanks (DE, corners and OLBers) of late.

    The one area that they did not really address was the medium middle. They have not had a MLB capable of making good enough drops to get into the Cover 2 deep zone and disrupt the passing lanes between the hash marks but only up to 15 yards downfield. As tight ends became more talented teams were killing the Giants in that area game-after-game. Pierce was shot by 2006 and couldn’t cover worth a lick. Goff wasn’t the right kind of player to expect a lot of great pass coverage from in general. But now we may have competition among Boley, Rivers and Herzlich for that spot and it would seem that all three have at least degrees of capability of handling the role.

  3.  kujo says:

    David Wilson is looking to land #22 once roster cuts happen, similar to what Nicks did when he was given the #18 his rookie year. Since #22 is currently held by that Molden CB, I don’t see that being a problem.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      What, you think a guy whom the Pats, with their Swiss cheese defensive backfield, chose not to keep won’t make our roster? You have apparently not heard that everyone Reese touches turns to gold.

  4.  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

    For Barden, it’s do or die, sink or swim, dive or thrive, crap or get of the pot, in or out, etc……lol

    He’s 6’6, he’s physically gifted, has big hands, there is NO reason, none, for him not to have made an impact right now.

    If he has the work ethic, and puts in the time, he will have a good chance, but its all up to him, if he doesn’t do it now, he never will, and he won’t be a Giant for long.

    I don’t know if it was his work ethic or just bad luck or what the deal was, but none of that matters now, this is it, its his last chance, he has the skills, he knows the playbook, he’s practiced and knows Eli, knows the system/scheme, and everything else, there really isn’t any excuse anymore.

    I’m hoping that he finally delivers, having a 6’6 WR on the outside, could really light things up, but he has to deliver now, or thats it. I’m hoping he is putting in the work, and the time, to finally break through, but if he doesn’t, its bye bye time.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      All true, but he still doesn’t have the quickness off the line that a really good NFL receiver needs, and that cannot be taught or practiced beyond a very small incremental improvement. I see no way he can stay ahead of Randle on the depth chart. The rookie is effectively as big as Barden (roughly similar catching radii), faster and quicker. Appears to be a lot tougher too just based upon his games in the SEC against premier corners.

      I think if everyone stays healthy then Barden is likely to start the season as the #5 or #6 receiver IF he makes the roster. Remember, Hixon, Jernigan and Stanback all have special teams value, something Ramses does not bring to the table. Jernigan is a lock along with Nicks, Cruz and Randle. I think the coaches quite rightly love Hixon and have seen what he can produce on offense and as a returner and gunner. Stanback is a phenomenal athlete who can play many positions and could really be a special teams star. Barden will have to really bring it this summer or he’s history. My guess is he’ll just barely make it, but I wouldn’t wager much on that.

      •  TheCatch says:

        I’m cery curious about Dan Depalma’s role/fate

      •  GOAT56 says:

        The reason why Barden makes the team is Hixon. Even if he looks healthy you can’t rely on him due to his recent injury history. I think we need at least 3 experienced WR. With the questions on Hixon and Jernigan’s inexperience without an offseason last year I think Barden is needed. I know he doesn’t play specials but I think that is more important towrds his being part of the 46 than making our 53. I think with the presence of Wilson, Hosley, Jernigan, Witherspoon and Scott greatly diminishes the value of Hixon’s return skills. I think Hixon is more likely not to make the team than Barden. I like the skills a 100% healthy Hixon brings but I think it’s just hard to rely on him being 100% for long at this point. That’s if he’s returns to 100% in the first place.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    FWIW, I’m going to suggest two sleepers for the roster: Martin Parker and Markus Kuhn. Both are defensive tackles and I would not be shocked if one of them made it as the #4 DT ahead of Shaun Rogers. He may have something left, but I doubt it’s all that much. Parker looked surprisingly decent last year before he was hurt, and I just like what I’m hearing about Kuhn.

    I’m very close to saying I think Stanback and/or DePalma will make it and Barden won’t, but I think Ramses gets the immense benefit of having been a third round draft pick of JR and will therefore get a leg up in competing against guys whom they didn’t draft. Unfair, but reality. Right now, though, I would not be at all surprised to see the depth chart be as follows:


    Why not? In Nicks and Randle they have two “big” receivers (Nicks isn’t as physically big but he “plays big”). Cruz is the best slot receiver in the league and they’d have Jernigan and DePalma able to take snaps there if they wanted to use a spread with Cruz moving outside. Hixon is a reliable, savvy, outside receiver who knows the offense and is trusted by Eli and the coaches. Stanback has big play ability, incredible flexibility in regard to positional play, and special teams abilities in spades. Anyway, in Nicks, Hixon and Randle they have three outside receivers and know Cruz can play outside too. In Cruz, Jernigan and DePalma they have three slot receivers. Randle can play any of the positions. Do they really need a relatively mediocre “big” receiver? Will his production be projected to be enough to offset his lack of usefulness on special teams? It had better or he’s the odd man out. And if the team decides to only keep 6 WRs then I think he’s all but dead unless he has a monster camp.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think you are underrating health when it comes to Hixon. I think he could be 3rd if healthy but I wouldn’t bet on it. If we keep 7 WRs which I don’t think we will this year, I have a hard time seeing Barden not making it. DePalma has a hard time making the team if TC and Gilbride really want to keep Cruz in the slot. Plus I believe DePalma can be placed on the PS again this year. I think Stanback is the most likely to knock Hixon or Barden off the roster due to his special teams play. But Stanback has to show some value at WR. But we definitely have room for one of the free agent rookie WR to push his way onto this team. We have only 4 WR guaranteed roster spots IMO so there will be some good competition. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we add a young vet like we did with Hixon in 2007.

      I say we keep 6 WRs due to the depth of talent at other positions and the relative lack of depth at WR compared to the past 2 years.

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