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New York Giants, Rookie TE Adrien Robinson Agree to Terms

May 8th, 2012 at 5:28 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants and rookie tight end Adrien Robinson, who was a fourth-round pick (127th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft, have agreed to terms.

A league source tells Aaron Wilson of that the contract is pending a physical, but should be finalized sometime during rookie mini-camp, which begins this Friday, May 11th. The deal is for four-years and worth $2.48 million. It includes a $385,652 signing bonus.

After being drafted, General Manager Jerry Reese referred to the inexperienced Robinson as the Jason Pierre-Paul of tight ends.

“We think this guy is kind of a JPP of tight ends," Reese said, later adding: "He is just a big, gigantic man with long arms. And he is really a good athlete. This guy is almost 6-5, 270 pounds. He ran 4.57. He has got those freakish athletic numbers. He hasn’t scratched the surface with respect – like JPP."

If he turns out to have any of the success JPP has had, Big Blue got themselves a hell of a deal.


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11 Responses to “New York Giants, Rookie TE Adrien Robinson Agree to Terms”

  1.  stuh says:

    If Reese is right then this guy will be an All Pro in his 2nd year. Dan it’s nice to be back.

  2.  norm says:

    Good to see Stu H. back in the mix.

    I had feared that another Super Bowl win and the prospect of at least five more years of the Coughlin/Reese regime had driven him to “pull a Frank K.” and wall himself off in self-imposed exile.

    Stu, my man, it’s good to know you’ll still be around to rail against Eli’s bloated salary; Reese’s poor drafts and mismanagement of the cap; and Coughlin’s rigid, antiquated leadership style. I’ll chip in with my occasional (and by now all-too-familiar) anti-Killdrive screeds, of course. I didn’t want to be left as the last curmudgeon standing around here.

    Also: It occurred to me earlier what a good thing it is that my wife does not read this site. If she did, I’ve no doubt she would have had commitment papers drawn up for me today.

    I think you would be hard pressed to find greater evidence of the unhealthy depths of my obsession with this team than the fact that I spent the better part of the afternoon arguing the merits of Jim Freakin’ Cordle with GOAT56.

    I’d wager that a random sampling of all Giants fans would reveal that 97% of them have absolutely no idea who Jim Cordle is. That I even possess that knowledge is kinda scary. The fact that I would devote as many posts as I did to lay out all the reasons why he is a stone-cold lock to make the roster is even scarier still.

    That said, Cordle IS a lock to make the roster. Deal with it.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Man, you think that’s crazy? I was talking about Cordle two years ago when he first hit the practice squad and 99.9% of the fans neither knew who he was or cared if they did. And here I am ready to project Robinson as the final piece that makes the Giants’ offense virtually unstoppable in 2013.

      But while I may be crazy I’m completely lucid and rational when I say that if their health stays good this Giants team is without question the most talented and balanced in the league and has a chance to dominate everyone. And it will get better over the next 2-3 years. I said back before the 2007 season that I thought the Giants had a decent chance to build a “dynasty” (to the extent one could be built in a salary-capped league). Had stupidity and injuries not intervened I think we had a real chance to build on that championship (which came two years before I expected it) with a repeat in 2008 and serious competition for the Lombardi over the subsequent three years (one of which resulted in our getting that ring). Now I think we’re positioned to have a great five year run here starting with last season and running all the way to the end of these rookie contracts. Crazy? I don’t think so. I see at least one more ring before we get to 2016. Two would not surprise me in the least. And I can imagine Eli retiring with more rings than any quarterback in NFL history (those wins by Otto Graham before the Browns joined the NFL don’t count).

    •  stuh says:

      Norm-I’m glad you missed me. I stopped ripping Eli last year and I never said to fire Reese, but I still don’t like Killdrive and Coughlin. Are you crazy about Jernigan and Beckum? Some draft picks work some don’t. JPP and Nicks are great. This years crop looks good on paper, let’s see how they work out.
      I”m loving Petrus, they ran better when he played guard. I also hopping that after last year Herzlich could have regained his strength and become the player he was when he was the best LB in the country.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      LOL! Yeah it’s one thing to argue about a player like Osi but I feel a little crazy having this discussion on Cordle.

      You were right on drafting a 1st round RB but we will have to see on this.

  3.  Dirt says:

    I think it’d be sick if this site had some sort of Big Board of Prognostication. People make claims, they’re somehow weighted on scale of difficulty as ranked by users (I.e. Killdrive will lead the league in red zone shotgun draws vs. Jim Cordle will make the roster) and then they’re fact checked with running power rankings. Or something like that.

    •  Krow says:

      Reality would spoil it.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Ehh. The long-time readers know who has generally been correct and who hasn’t. No one has a perfect record (not even Jerry Reese) but some of us have been pretty good.

        Hell, I’m still saying Wilkinson could play if he were given a real chance. Shows how much I know.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    And welcome back Stu. I may rarely agree with you but I’m really glad you’re back. I was worried something happened to you. Good to see that isn’t the case.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    F55 – I agree with you on the upside of this team. I thought 2010 we actually had a little more talent and less questions than last year. 2012 looks to be easily the best roster we have put together in some time, maybe decades. The question I have going forward is who are we going to lose? I think players like Osi, Rolle, Canty, Boley, Diehl are just some of the very good players we could lose starting in 2013. We won’t lose all but we probably will lose a few. And that’s assuming we re-sign players like Cruz, KP and Beatty. I trust JR, my questions are cap based with the number of quality players we have to re-sign over the next few years. I think this 2012 team might be the best team we field in this run.

    IMO part of the deal with the Osi negotiations has been an example to the many talented young players. Osi is a top player but giving in to him with the manner he has carried negotiations could be a death blow with trying to keep some of young talent in the near future. I kind of think JR took care of Kiwi to serve as an example because I’m not sure Osi wouldn’t sign a deal similar to Kiwi’s. I do believe a similar deal hasn’t been offered to Osi and given Kiwi’s past neck injuries it wouldn’t make sense to me to offer Kiwi more guaranteed money than Osi. Though I would love to keep Osi and don’t believe he’s a bad guy at all in these negotiations, I understand JR sending the team a message in his dealings with Osi. If this is JR’s thinking it’s probably better for the coming years in trying to retain our young talent.

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