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Angry Osi Umenyiora Says New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Making Him Look Like a “Greedy Pig”

April 30th, 2012 at 6:14 AM
By Dan Benton

The ongoing dispute between the New York Giants and defensive end Osi Umenyiora took another nasty turn on Sunday night. Only two days after General Manager Jerry Reese said the team had, once again, offered Umenyiora a contract extension, the eight-year NFL veteran angrily accused his boss of making him look like a "greedy pig."

“Last year I was offered incentives. This year they offered me in guaranteed money, HALF of what they just gave Kiwi guaranteed. HALF,” Umenyiora wrote in an e-mail to the New York Daily News. “I’m not making that up. Then Jerry tells the world they offered me an extension and I turned it down. And I look like a greedy pig for turning it down. Hilarious.”

Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows!

Those will mark Umenyiora's final public words on the matter, as he also told the Daily News “I will be going completely silent after I send you this because it’s obvious talking does nothing!"

Last Friday, the Giants signed Mathias Kiwanuka to a three-year, $21.75 million extension. That new contract included $10.95 worth of guaranteed money, meaning they offered Osi somewhere around $5.5 million guaranteed. That is, of course, if Umenyiora is telling the truth about the offer he was made. When negotiations go public, it's hard to tell which side is speaking the truth or if both sides are just using the papers and reporters to negotiate.

Whatever the case may be, it's clear Umenyiora is not signing the offer Big Blue made him. Moreover, it's clear this situation has once again boiled over and that darker days are still ahead.


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29 Responses to “Angry Osi Umenyiora Says New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Making Him Look Like a “Greedy Pig””

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Why can’t Osi and JR just get along?

  2.  G-MenFan says:

    Because Osi is dishonorable that’s why. He signed a contract that was front-loaded and lucrative. Now that he’s in the back end of it he’s whining to “get paid” when he’s already been paid. Trent Cole didn’t make the money Osi made in 2007, 2008, and 2009, but now that it’s 2012 we’re all supposed to forget that Osi got tens of millions of dollars to play for this team (and was injured/rehabbing half of the time).

    And while he complains that JR is making him look “like a greedy pig”, Osi treats the fans like we’re a collection of retards who don’t know any better.

    •  Bartman says:

      You hit the nail on the head here. Osi must think we’re idiots after what went on last off-season.
      Note to Osi – you don’t do yourself any favors with the fans crying poverty.
      But unfortunately I think the only thing that will shut him up is a trade or release after the season. (because we’re just not going to pay the guy what he thinks he’s worth) I wonder if we should just trade him to a cr-ap AFC team like the Raiders where he can fade away anonymously. I’d hate to see him sign with Dallas, Philly, GB, etc.

  3.  Krow says:

    Given his history of injuries and antics I’m not surprised there isn’t much guaranteed money on the table.

    However … let’s remember that we have no idea what the real story is here. Reese doesn’t say much … and Osi is talking trash. We’ve seen this act before. Who can forget the “Reese is a liar” comic opera from last year? Very amusing.

    The real problem remains unchanged … Osi is not a 3-down, franchise, HOF DE … but he THINKS he is, and wants to be paid as if he was.

    One thing is certain … it sure doesn’t look good. I’m having Shockey flashbacks.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Exactly. LOL, at least Shockey had the integrity to yell at Reese to his face. Osi’s trying his case in the media like a politician.

      The 5th or 6th best defensive player on his unit wants top 5-in-the-league money. LMAO.

      He’s not going anywhere. And he can’t jake it this year either. After all, he’s got that big contract to nail down next off season.

      Here’s a guy we should all be enjoying, but he’s going to insist on making that impossible for us. Somebody should pass the hat for him during home games just to make a point.

  4.  Krow says:

    There’s a lot Osi can do to force this. It’s true that he can’t sit it out. But he can be a problem … he can annoy the daylights out of them. And that can turn into a very destructive distraction.

    It’s hard enough to repeat … as we found out.

    I agree that ‘on paper’ it looks like Reese holds all the cards … that Osi should make this a showcase year and play ‘lights out’. But as you can see from his recent statement there’s a lot of good, old-fashioned emotion in this scenario too. And people don’t always act in their own best interests … they don’t always behave logically.

    If we can’t come to terms with him then I think the idea that he’s just going to shut up and play hard … well, that’s more than a little optimistic. IMHO …

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Im assuming that , being the consummate businessman that he is , Reese offered a contract which said “youre agitating for a new contract , I dont have to give you one but heres one that you can accept right now if you want ” But you would think that its not going to be a super contract .
    I think Osi is either going off half **** for very little reason or its the start of a campaign but we wont know which until we get down the road a bit . Maybe he just wants to stay out of preseason .
    I dont think anyone on here takes his “greedy pig ” reference as anything but disingenuous and to me it makes Osi look like the bad guy AT THIS POINT

  6.  JimStoll says:

    I disagree on one point: I actually think Osi IS a 3 down hall of fame like DE; just not on this team.

    He can’t be because we have Tuck and JPP. And Kiwi is a perfect rotational DE in his current hybrid roll.

    All of that weakens Osi’s bargaining position.

    It has been said before, but I think like last year, JRR will offer whatever he offers, he’ll let Osi scream, and he’ll do nothing else. If someone comes calling with a too good to turn down offer, he’ll trade Osi; otherwise, he’ll let Osi spend his contract fury through the spring and early summer, then pat him on the back and watch him play his final year in blue.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      I’m not saying Osi isn’t a valuable player, he is. Even to the Giants. But I find it insulting when a player spends half of his $41 Million contract either rehabbing or getting run at 30 times by Denver on Thanksgiving night and wants us all to pretend that he’s been on the field for 5 years earning every penny. He hasn’t.

      When he was sitting out injured in ’08 I don’t recall Jerry Reese telling the beat writers that the Giants weren’t getting their money’s worth out of him. Nor did JR snipe at Osi while he was stinking up every building he played in in 2009. And last year when he decided to get a procedure on his knee very late so he would miss most of the season, again, I don’t recall JR saying a negative word about him.

      Any volunteers to be mistreated by Jerry Reese for $41 Million? The line forms behind me.

      •  JimStoll says:

        Osi said the 41 was never the number/ he said it was 30
        it was a 7 year deal, so 4 per
        after agent fees, taxes and celebrity lifestyle, that doesn’t leave enough to ride off into the sunset
        Osi isn’t holding out or complaining about the deal he signed; he is complaining about not getting a new deal
        he’s got one payday left in him and he’d like to get it inked and receive the guaranteed money before he steps back on the field and risks injury
        I don’t blame him at all or think him abnormally greedy or ungrateful
        the problem isn’t what he wants
        the problem is that his wants don’t really align with the giants needs
        so there is a lot of frustration
        I wish Osi the best should he leave; I hope he stays but realize he really can’t beyond this year

      •  Dirt says:

        There it is, back from the grave, the Great Thanksgiving Night Myth! Don’t worry about silly things like stats and the fact that the Broncos had higher YPC to the right that night, nor don’t worry about the coerpse of Fatman Pierce at linebacker. Don’t go to the game log and see for yourself.

        Nope, instead, like the 2 times Manningham ran out of bounds for a ball that landed out bounds, when a commentator tells you it’s his fault, blindly believe it’s true.

        •  Dirt says:

          Also, nevermind the disturburing lack of coaching prowess of the other 31 clubs in the league for not running at this obvious running liability every down he’s in the game.

          If only they were smarter.

          Oh, wait. That’s right. In 2009 & 2010, with Osi as a full time starter, the Giants ranked 14th and 13th in rush defense per carry. Then JPP replaced Osi as the main guy. Surely this other worldly specimen would have improved that unit when getting that liability off the field.

          Nope, 23rd.

          •  Fars says:

            That doesn’t void the other points though like being injured for a year.

            And you have to take into account Osi having last year’s procedure being taken at the start of the season *after* failing to force a new contract (when he had 2 years left an feeling underpaid).

            Osi’s a great player having a unique talent. He’s had his fair share at the Superbowl runs but him complaing and demanding a new contract *last* year in a frontloaded contract and not playing in 08, that has him being marked *greedy* in my eyes back then. I didn’t need this year’s drama to make up my mind about that.

            (And I am not arguing if Osi was a UFA *this year* he wouldn’t be paid big bucks. He would. Just not by the Giants due to cap issues.)

            •  Dirt says:

              Ahh, so you’re in the elective surgery camp. Got it.

              Open me up doc, I want to get paid! I’m gonna show these guys!

              And, of course, Osi’s the only player ever to get injured. Let’s hold that against him 4 years later, like we did when Strahan *held out* a few years after his season ending injury. Except they didn’t, because it’s ridiculous to do so.

              He wants to get paid. Get over it. It didn’t work last year, he played, contributed, and he still wants to get paid. His teammates love him, his coaches love him, and he helps put notches in the left column and sterling silver footballs in the trophy case.

              •  Fars says:

                Again, you only take one argument, discredit it, ignore everything else and try to make the other poster look bad (which fails btw)

                Osi’s situation is not black an white, but he has his fair share at being considered greedy.

                It seems to not making sense trying to argue with you about this one, since you are so right and everyone having a different opinion is just so wrong.

                Regarding this subject and discussing it with you, just let me quote Osi: “I will be going completely silent after I send you this.”

                •  Dirt says:

                  Not trying to make anyone look bad. Stating facts about run deficiency and pointing out your and others ridiculous statement that he got surgery in an effort to get paid are things worth mentioning.

                  Whether or not he’s greedy is a whole different game and certainly worthy of a debate. I happen to think that fans shouldn’t concern themselves with contract negotiations. I happen to think the only question that matters is “does player X help or hinder my team’s chances of winning”, and you let the GM handle the business side.

                  Yes, I think you’re wrong. Yes you think I’m wrong. Welcome to the world of disagreement, where people don’t see eye to eye. No need to get defensive – I don’t even know you!

  7.  F0XLIN says:

    What is the rule on a player who holds out on the final year of a contract?

  8.  kujo says:

    Here’s the full email from Osi:

    “I will be going completely silent after I send you this because its obvious talking does nothing! Last year i was offered incentives. This year they offered me in guaranteed money, HALF of what they just gave Kiwi guaranteed. HALF. I’m not making that up. Then Jerry tells the world they offered me an extension and I turned it down. And I look like a greedy pig for turning it down. Hilarious.”

  9.  Krow says:

    Jim … if what you say about Osi is true then teams would have been beating down our door with offers.

  10.  kujo says:

    All I’ll say about this Osi stuff is this:

    He’s a great player who should have learned from Kiwi–work hard and keep your mouth shut.

    I’ll bet Reese has Tuck and JPP in mind while he’s dealing with this. They’re all gonna be up for new contracts/extensions soon, and by taking care of Kiwi instead of Osi, he’s saying, in effect, “We value hard work, production and a team-first team-last attitude. If you want to be here, do those things.”

    Would love to have Osi, but not at the expense of Tuck and JPP. Sorta the same attitude I had about Manningham..

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