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New York Giants Sign 10 Undrafted Rookie Free Agents

April 29th, 2012 at 7:33 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants wasted absolutely no time filling their roster on Saturday evening, immediately signing 10 undrafted rookie free agents following the conclusion of the 2012 NFL Draft.

"Yeah, we're done," scouting director Marc Ross said.

A full list of the signees can be seen below:

  • Janzen Jackson, S, McNeese State
  • Matt Broha, DE, Louisiana Tech
  • Damian Davis, WR, Mary Hardin-Baylor
  • David Douglas, WR, Arizona
  • Adwale Ojomo, DE, Miami
  • Julian Tailey, WR, U Mass
  • Joe Martinek, FB, Rutgers
  • Jojo Nicolas, S, Miami
  • D’Angelo McCray, OL, Memphis
  • Stephen Goodin, OG, Nebraska-Kearney

Two of the more intriguing additions are Janzen Jackson and Joe Martinek

"We had [Martinek] at the local day. We’ve been to tons of Rutgers games," Ross said. "He’s just a gritty, hard-nosed football player. He’s played fullback, he’s played running back, done whatever they asked. He worked out really well. Can really catch the ball. A guy you can throw in at any position there in the backfield and he’ll not miss a beat."

Jackson, meanwhile, has a ton of talent but comes with just as much baggage. He was charged with armed robbery in 2009 (wasn't convicted) and has failed multiple drug tests. But as an UDFA, there's little to no risk in bringing him in for a try.

Big Blue still needs a quarterback for rookie mini-camp, so it's likely another move (swap) is on the horizon. As soon as it's made, Giants 101 will have it for you.


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16 Responses to “New York Giants Sign 10 Undrafted Rookie Free Agents”

  1.  Krow says:

    The draft is over … along with the bulk of UDFA signings. There’s still the remnants of free agency left, and a player or two wouldn’t surprise me. But the team is pretty well set.

    So … what have we learned? Unit by unit … IMHO …

    Offense …
    Quarterback … they’re happy with the backup situation. No selections … no UDFAs of note.
    Fullback … Hynoski is secure and possibly so is the Bear.
    Tight End … they don’t feel Ballard will be effective this season. Any thoughts that he’s going to return early have vanished. Robinson may be a project, but he’s still going to have an active roster spot. Travis Beckum’s days with the team are numbered. Bennett starts … Bear backs up, plays specials, and some FB/HB. Robinson learns the ropes … also plays specials. Worst case scenario for 2013 … Bennett bids farewell leaving us with a recovered Ballard, Robinson pushing him … and the Bear. Well played Reese.
    Wide Receiver … one leaves … one gets drafted. Nicks, Cruz, JJ, and Randle take the bulk of the snaps. Hixon and Barden are on the bubble. They’re not sweating this unit, but I think Barden had better show something. He’s really vulnerable.
    OL … despite the relatively inconsistent performance last year they’re not making any drastic changes. This has to mean that they have a plan. We won’t know for a while, but you can be sure there is one. Maybe Brewer has matured … maybe it’s Diehl at ROT. Unless someone surprises the draftees are all projects. Mosley has the best shot of dressing for games. All the draftees play multiple positions naturally.
    RB … while our #1 pick solves the starter issue I can still see them looking at veteran depth. Ware is our 3rd down back, and he’s just ‘a guy’. Since they only drafted Wilson I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bargain basement FA RB get signed. Brown is up against it, and that would leave a roster spot.

    Defense …
    DL … it’s always about Osi, and this is no exception. No DEs drafted. That means that they expect him to stay. Hopefully it’s because they can work out a contract. But if he pulls a Shockey … and he’s certainly capable of that … then we’ve got a scramble on our hands. This is my biggest worry.
    LB … Rivers top’d this unit off. They have so many possibles that they basically let Goff go. It’s telling that he’s still unsigned. They’re clearly content with what they have, and are going to let it shake out in camp.
    CB … Hosley was a bit of a surprise, but one can never have too many CBs. Safety is a bit of a concern, and that shows in the UDFA signings (2).

    Specials … obviously they read this site and signed two capable returners. We’ve gone from bad to (hopefully) good. Kicking … no issues. Coverage … Hosley helps there as the gunner to replace Thomas.

    Right now I’d say that the only areas of concern are DE because of the Osi situation … 3rd down RB … and possibly depth at safety. Everywhere else seems to have a way forward. 2 FA signings and a contract extension would clean the slate. Of course there’s no guarantees that those plans will succeed.

    And this is all … IMHO.

    •  Dirt says:

      I agree with most of this. I don’t think they’ll let Wilson start for a while though. And there’s a big difference between Shockey, a guy who dove for every ball in his area and had an evaporating role on the offense, and Osi, who knocks down other quarterbacks and footballs all day.

      I also think the OL is what it is and it will be fine. I also think the Giants running woes had some to do with scheme last year too, with so much shotgun that teams dialed in to stop the run anytime they were under center.

      •  Krow says:

        Yep. I’m not hating on Osi. I want him to stay. But he’s got a severe jealousy thing going on when it comes to his contract. And that can mess your mind.

        You make a good point about scheme … I’d add injuries too. But to clarify I’m not saying Wilson starts. Just that he’s the #2 back in the rotation. Both are sort of starters … like Jacobs was. 10-15 snaps … and ready to do more if the situation arises. Bradshaw is our #1 and deserves to be.

  2.  GIANTT says:

    Well thought out Krow – To me it looks like with Osi that the Giants at least have him for this year anyway and will look at options to extend him so I have no worries that Osi wont play for the Giants this year .
    as far as third down back , either an UDFA or a more probably one of the veteran free agents out there at a one year minimum contract
    As far as safety goes , I thought that someone suggested taking Thomas and playing him at safety .
    I think that now the teams can bring in 90 players instead of 80 is going to help teams like the Giants who are good at recognizing talent . I wont be surprised if a player or two makes it from this list and gives the Giants a much larger developmental pool to play with . With the coaching from the Giants they are going to be able to set up a futures program almost like a minor league team in baseball .

    I think that with the new CBA and rookie pay scale that we can see a change in philosophy already in the first pick of Wilson . The previous mantra seemed to be dont pick RBs until the later rounds .The prevalent thought that was the short shelf life precluded taking a RB early . Perhaps this should now be amended to cost per position per year spread out over the expected shelf life and since it is much less costly now to pay for a RB earlier on , the Giants can look at players they would not have considered in years past .

  3.  norm says:

    LMAO at “Julian Tailey, WR, U Mass”

    Is that now the Giants’ go-to school for undrafted receiver talent?

  4.  Krow says:

    All teams are always happy with their picks … and we always think we got the proverbial bargain … but from where I stand …

    Wilson … fair value … picked about where he was ranked
    Randle … a bargain … there was a run on WRs earlier in the round. This made him drop … probably 15-20 picks.
    Hosley … a bargain … but because of character concerns. Cost him a round basically.
    Robinson … overpaid … Reese and the boys fell in love and really wanted this kid. And we had no 5th rounder. So it was now or never. Round early.
    Mosley … slightly overpaid … again, with no 5th they had to make a decision.
    McCants and Kuhn … fair value …

  5.  Daniel Sirianni says:


    That’s the type of UDFA signing I love to see. Jackson has a ton of potential and I love his style of play, he just has that Pacman Jones side to him….

    However, I think the Giants are a great fit for him with some good leaders and high-character guys surrounding him. Now that he’s in the NFL and it’s now or never, he might remove himself from the off-the-field antics and focus on football.

    I think he has a really good shot at making this team as a backup safety. The kid can lay a hit down and has the ability to be great on special teams if he really WANTS to do it.

    Some big “ifs” with this kid, but that’s why he went undrafted. If it doesn’t work out, he gets cut in camp.. If it does work out, the Giants have a talented, young backup behind Rolle/Phillips.

    •  Krow says:

      Yeah, he’s our Vontaze Burfict. Oddly enough we could use a FS. So he’s got an outside shot.

  6.  Daniel Sirianni says:

    Also, I can’t help but notice 3 WRs in the group of 10 players….

    I don’t know anything about any of them, but I’m going to look into them because I could see at least one of them pushing for a roster spot.

    The Giants always seem to have an undrafted receiver who makes a couple big plays in a preseason game or surprises on special teams. If one of these 3 does that, Barden could be fighting for his roster spot.

    •  Krow says:

      This is what I was alluding to about Barden. If one of those UDFA WRs shows big … either as a target or on specials … then Ramses will have his hands full making the team.

      It’s hard to stay a sub WR on the Giants if you don’t contribute on specials.

  7.  norm says:

    In thinking about it last night, I found myself wondering what yesterday’s grand opening of “Reese’s Bait and Tackle Shoppe” might signify for Beatty’s future.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Will Beatty fan. Until he got hurt, I thought he was our best lineman last year. Sure, he’s got to become much more stout in the run game. But the job he did as Eli’s blind side protector was arguably on a par with anything seen from many of the NFL’s other elite LTs.

    But we also know that Reese is always thinking 2-3 years ahead. And that 2012 is the final year of Beatty’s rookie deal. And barring a huge spike in the cap ceiling in 2013, the Giants figure to be hard up against the cap yet again.

    If Beatty comes back strong next year and shows improvements in his run blocking, Reese will be faced with a very thorny contract negotiation in a year in which he will also be looking to extend Cruz. I think a deal ultimately gets done and Beatty does not walk. LT is just too important a position to muck about with in the prime years of a franchise QB. But make no mistake about it: the second contract for good LTs are not cheap. And the average 2nd deal given to great LTs is likely out of the Giants’ price range.

    Reese is clearly looking ahead. At least that’s what struck me when I read this tweet from Notorious Ohm that GOAT56 posted here last night: “Reese said McCants is intriguing and could challenge for a starting tackle spot a year from now.”

    Whether that’s truly the case or not, who knows? But at the very least, it could be interpreted as Reese’s opening shot over the bow to Beatty and his agent, letting them know that the Giants DO have other options should they choose to play hardball. When looked at in this light, the reasoning behind Reese’s late round “Tackle-pa-looza” starts to become much clearer.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Krow, excellent analysis. I wouldn’t worry too much about any of the question marks you’ve outlined because Osi will be here (what else is he going to do…he needs to set himself up for a new contract and he has always been unwilling to hurt his teammates…he’s not the same kind of clown that Shockey was and is); Kiwi can shift to DE as necessary now that we have a strong group of linebackers; I think the “third down back” concept is minimized by the fact that our first two guys on the depth chart (Wilson and Bradshaw) can actually play on third downs, and that one of Scott, Brown and Ware will only make the team based on his ability to play that role anyway; and we now have enough people who COULD play safety (three corners who could manage the position, plus a few signings that include one with immense talent but no character whom I assume they are going to try to get to by making it clear they have a zero tolerance approach and that this could be his one-and-only chance at the brass ring because if the Giants dump him few other teams will touch him).

    I think this was a GREAT draft.

    Wilson gives us something we’ve not had since Tiki retired: a back who can do it all, who can score on any given play, and provides lots of flexibility in game planning so the opponent’s weaknesses can be more easily exploited. Eli only had that when he was a very young quarterback. Now he’s perhaps the best in the NFL. Defensive coordinators should be losing sleep already.

    Randle is, IMO, a miracle. I still cannot believe we got him without trading up. I was expecting a running back and WR in our first three picks but thought that to get real quality in both we’d need to trade up into the #45-#50 area to get there. Reese proved a cooler customer than I might have been in his place. But here’s the deal with him. He’ll make some rookie mistakes but this kid will contribute THIS season and is going to be better than Manningham by next year simply because he is bigger. We have now secured our “Big Three” wide receivers (with Jernigan being used in appropriate situations for his explosiveness) for what should be the remainder of Eli’s career. Perhaps not this year, but in 2013 I do not believe any team will have a combination of receivers equal to Nicks, Cruz and Randle. If they stay healthy I do not see how any defense deals with them when they know that they also have to handle Wilson and a tight end.

    I think Holsey and Robinson both have the chance to be really, really, special. I think Holsey perfectly fits what Fewell wants to do on defense (backpedal fast, stay in a zone but keep contact with your assignment, read the quarterback, break on the ball and go get it). I think Robinson has to have Mike Pope literally drooling, and there will be just about no pressure on the kid because he won’t have to play this season unless someone gets hurt. The common denominator with both of these guys is that their athleticism is off the charts. I was hoping for Green at tight end because of his size and athleticism, but I didn’t know Robinson existed. I think the Giants may have grabbed a guy who will take the tight end position for them to the same place Vernon Davis has taken it for the Niners: where the defense has no real answers. Like Davis, and more so than Gronkowski and his ilk, Robinson has unearthly athletic talent that simply cannot be matched up against by anyone but a much smaller defender. Assuming Pope coaches him up (and why should we assume otherwise?) this pick could wind up the steal of the draft in a draft where a lot of teams were looking for tight ends.

    I heard Jerry Reese compare Hosley to Kevin Dockery. That would give us a very good slot corner. But I suspect this kid will be even better than Dockery. His talent in the air is far superior to what Dockery had.

    Mosely and McCants are the kinds of guys the Giants draft for their O-line. Despite what some here keep insisting (use high picks on more than just a left tackle), the general approach of the Giants since Flaherty has been around has been to draft kids who can play more than one position, are athletic but a bit raw, and depend on coaching them up. I think this season will prove that the approach worked with Petrus, and next year will prove it with Brewer. At least one of the two we just drafted will follow in 2013-2014. Reese/Ross may go higher in the draft next April for an O-lineman because there will be a number of real studs available and the team will have just about zero needs (there are just about no holes in a young roster now), but that remains to be seen.

    And then there’s Kuhn. This guy will be the Dave Tollefson of the next 4-5 seasons: crazy work ethic, max effort, live in the weight room, show enthusiasm, make an occasional play, and add energy to practices by playing hard every chance he gets because he knows he has to if he’s to stay with the team. Probably practice squad this season, but I would expect to see him have a real chance to be the #4 DT in 2013.

    Great, great draft.

  9.  Daniel Sirianni says:

    Did anyone see the Marc Ross post-draft interview when he was asked about Kuhn?

    “Yeah, he’s strong. He’s big and strong. Tough guy, that you need on the team. Ran 4.9 at the combine. He’s fast, a straight-line fast guy so we think he can run down on kickoffs. Again, when we get this late in the draft we look for special things that guys can do and he’s big and strong and can run fast and he plays hard. So those are the qualities we liked in him.”

    You know Coughlin loves hard-working backups who can contribute on special teams, so could we see this 300 pound kid crashing through blockers on kickoffs this year?

  10.  BBWC says:

    I really like this pickup, Joe Martinek, FB/RB – 6′/224, ran a 4.4 40 at his pro-day. Watch some of the highlights on him, the kid got some talent, he does a lot of things well. Unique combination of strength, power and speed. What seperates him from other Fullbacks, he blocks like he’s 250lbs (224lbs actual weight), but once he has the ball in his hands, he runs and catches like the RB he was prior to the move to FB. He could really add some versatility to the Giants offense. I could see him in the backfield with Bradshaw/Wilson as decoys, then running Martinek up the middle, or sneaking him out on a screen, or a check down.

    I don’t see him threatning Hynoski at fullback, however, because of his ability to block on the move, I do see him filling in at the fullback position from time to time. I think Ware or Scott’s days are numbered, because of the versatility that Martinek brings.

    I see our depth chart at RB as follows:
    Scott or Ware

    OK……fire away guys!…

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