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New York Giants’ Jerry Reese: Osi Umenyiora Has Been Offered Contract Extension

April 29th, 2012 at 10:41 AM
By Dan Benton

The 2012 NFL Draft has come and gone, and defensive end Osi Umenyiora remains a member of the New York Giants. And if General Manager Jerry Reese has anything to say about it, he'll retire as a member of the Giants.

“Our first choice with respect to Osi is that he will play for the Giants and retire as a Giant,” Reese said on Saturday. “That is what we would like to happen. Osi has been offered an extension two years in a row now. So we would still like to make it work. Hopefully it will work out. But all of our options are always open.”

Last Wednesday, Umenyiora said the two sides have had preliminary discussions about a new contract, but that nothing was imminent. He also noted that his contract, which was reportedly worth $41 million over seven years, was actually worth closer to $30 million. Had it been worth the "misreported" $41 million, he and the Giants "wouldn't be in this situation."

Whatever the case may be, the Giants seem content in letting the situation play itself out. They never engaged in any serious trade talks regarding Osi, and are moving forward as if he'll be their defensive end this season. If Umenyiora decides to leave once his contract expires -which he says he likely would- then they'll simply collect a compensatory pick and move on.


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48 Responses to “New York Giants’ Jerry Reese: Osi Umenyiora Has Been Offered Contract Extension”

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  1.  G-MenFan says:

    Osi has been publicly unhappy with having to honor the final TWO YEARS of his contract. Has he fired his agent? I think he may be angry at the wrong party.

    And another thing: since he missed all of 2008 with a knee injury and sucked all of 2009 recovering from it, does he really think that the 25 games he’s played in since then make him worth top-5-defensive-player-in-the-league money? No one else seems to think so or he’d be somewhere else and we would have had two first round picks on Thursday night.

    •  Krow says:

      Well sure. That’s reality. But in Osi’s mind he’s the equivalent of the top defensive ends in the NFL. And a cursory spin through the franchise salaries tells you what sort of number Osi is looking to get.

      2012 – $10,605,000

      And I’m sure he figures he’s got 5 more stupendous years of domination left in the tank.

      It’s easy math … 5 years … $50,000,000 … and probably $15,000,000 as a bonus.

      Justin Tuck gets that contract … JPP gets that and more. Osi … let’s face it … there’s no way.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        My guess is that he’s really looking for $20MM in guarantees so would probably sign for closer to $7MM per year if the guarantee was there. But even that might not be affordable for the Giants when he would still be the #3 guy on the depth chart and they will have to break the bank to keep Nicks, Cruz, JPP, Tuck and a few others.

        •  Krow says:

          He’s actually worth that $7 mil number. But the team also wants to make incentives a big part of the deal. I suspect because he’s spent a lot of time injured. And he seems to be balking at that.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            I agree that he’s worth $7MM. That’s the problem. I don’t know that the Giants will be able to fit that under their cap.

            •  GOAT56 says:

              Exactly. I can’t see how we wiil. Remember Beatty, KP, Cruz are free agents next year amonst others.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    re-post because I missed the update…….

    Krow, excellent analysis. I wouldn’t worry too much about any of the question marks you’ve outlined because Osi will be here (what else is he going to do…he needs to set himself up for a new contract and he has always been unwilling to hurt his teammates…he’s not the same kind of clown that Shockey was and is); Kiwi can shift to DE as necessary now that we have a strong group of linebackers; I think the “third down back” concept is minimized by the fact that our first two guys on the depth chart (Wilson and Bradshaw) can actually play on third downs, and that one of Scott, Brown and Ware will only make the team based on his ability to play that role anyway; and we now have enough people who COULD play safety (three corners who could manage the position, plus a few signings that include one with immense talent but no character whom I assume they are going to try to get to by making it clear they have a zero tolerance approach and that this could be his one-and-only chance at the brass ring because if the Giants dump him few other teams will touch him).

    I think this was a GREAT draft.

    Wilson gives us something we’ve not had since Tiki retired: a back who can do it all, who can score on any given play, and provides lots of flexibility in game planning so the opponent’s weaknesses can be more easily exploited. Eli only had that when he was a very young quarterback. Now he’s perhaps the best in the NFL. Defensive coordinators should be losing sleep already.

    Randle is, IMO, a miracle. I still cannot believe we got him without trading up. I was expecting a running back and WR in our first three picks but thought that to get real quality in both we’d need to trade up into the #45-#50 area to get there. Reese proved a cooler customer than I might have been in his place. But here’s the deal with him. He’ll make some rookie mistakes but this kid will contribute THIS season and is going to be better than Manningham by next year simply because he is bigger. We have now secured our “Big Three” wide receivers (with Jernigan being used in appropriate situations for his explosiveness) for what should be the remainder of Eli’s career. Perhaps not this year, but in 2013 I do not believe any team will have a combination of receivers equal to Nicks, Cruz and Randle. If they stay healthy I do not see how any defense deals with them when they know that they also have to handle Wilson and a tight end.

    I think Holsey and Robinson both have the chance to be really, really, special. I think Holsey perfectly fits what Fewell wants to do on defense (backpedal fast, stay in a zone but keep contact with your assignment, read the quarterback, break on the ball and go get it). I think Robinson has to have Mike Pope literally drooling, and there will be just about no pressure on the kid because he won’t have to play this season unless someone gets hurt. The common denominator with both of these guys is that their athleticism is off the charts. I was hoping for Green at tight end because of his size and athleticism, but I didn’t know Robinson existed. I think the Giants may have grabbed a guy who will take the tight end position for them to the same place Vernon Davis has taken it for the Niners: where the defense has no real answers. Like Davis, and more so than Gronkowski and his ilk, Robinson has unearthly athletic talent that simply cannot be matched up against by anyone but a much smaller defender. Assuming Pope coaches him up (and why should we assume otherwise?) this pick could wind up the steal of the draft in a draft where a lot of teams were looking for tight ends.

    I heard Jerry Reese compare Hosley to Kevin Dockery. That would give us a very good slot corner. But I suspect this kid will be even better than Dockery. His talent in the air is far superior to what Dockery had.

    Mosely and McCants are the kinds of guys the Giants draft for their O-line. Despite what some here keep insisting (use high picks on more than just a left tackle), the general approach of the Giants since Flaherty has been around has been to draft kids who can play more than one position, are athletic but a bit raw, and depend on coaching them up. I think this season will prove that the approach worked with Petrus, and next year will prove it with Brewer. At least one of the two we just drafted will follow in 2013-2014. Reese/Ross may go higher in the draft next April for an O-lineman because there will be a number of real studs available and the team will have just about zero needs (there are just about no holes in a young roster now), but that remains to be seen.

    And then there’s Kuhn. This guy will be the Dave Tollefson of the next 4-5 seasons: crazy work ethic, max effort, live in the weight room, show enthusiasm, make an occasional play, and add energy to practices by playing hard every chance he gets because he knows he has to if he’s to stay with the team. Probably practice squad this season, but I would expect to see him have a real chance to be the #4 DT in 2013.

    Great, great draft.

    •  norm says:

      The rule of thumb is that a successful draft is one that ultimately yields 2-3 quality (not necessarily Pro Bowl) starters.

      Barring injury, the Giants almost certainly appeared to accomplish that with their first three picks. So, yeah, early indications are that this was a very good draft.

      Particularly so when you consider Reese’s comments – made a week or so before the draft – that they had only 15 players in this class rated with a first round grade. If their post draft comments are to be believed, two of those players were David Wilson and Reuben Randle – who they happened to get at the end of each of the first two rounds. Amazing.

      Of course, similar comments are now being made by the fans of the 31 other teams on fan boards such as this one. Grading a draft one day later is always a mug’s game. As is always the case, only time will tell.

      •  norm says:

        Actually, Keith Rivers should be counted as a draft pick as well… considering we swapped out this year’s fifth rounder to acquire him.

        That would bring the probable number of starters yielded by the 2012 draft up to 4.

  3.  norm says:


    In thinking about it last night, I found myself wondering what yesterday’s grand opening of “Reese’s Bait and Tackle Shoppe” might signify for Beatty’s future.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Will Beatty fan. Until he got hurt, I thought he was our best lineman last year. Sure, he’s got to become much more stout in the run game. But the job he did as Eli’s blind side protector was arguably on a par with anything seen from many of the NFL’s other elite LTs.

    But we also know that Reese is always thinking 2-3 years ahead. And that 2012 is the final year of Beatty’s rookie deal. And barring a huge spike in the cap ceiling in 2013, the Giants figure to be hard up against the cap yet again.

    If Beatty comes back strong next year and shows improvements in his run blocking, Reese will be faced with a very thorny contract negotiation in a year in which he will also be looking to extend Cruz. I think a deal ultimately gets done and Beatty does not walk. LT is just too important a position to muck about with in the prime years of a franchise QB. But make no mistake about it: the second contracts for good LTs are not cheap. And the average 2nd deal given to great LTs is likely out of the Giants’ price range.

    Reese is clearly looking ahead. At least that’s what struck me when I read this tweet from Notorious Ohm that GOAT56 posted here last night: “Reese said McCants is intriguing and could challenge for a starting tackle spot a year from now.”

    Whether that’s truly the case or not, who knows? But at the very least, it could be interpreted as Reese’s opening shot across the bow to Beatty and his agent, letting them know that the Giants DO have other options should they choose to play hardball. When looked at in this light, the reasoning behind Reese’s late round “Tackle-pa-looza” starts to become much clearer.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      One of them, at least, is a tackle/guard. Reese always goes for flexibility on the O-line. Frankly, the fact that Brewer is huge but has good feet already gives Beatty some potential competition.

      The great thing about this team right now is that with the exceptions of Eli, JPP, Tuck and Nicks NO ONE is safe.

      •  Krow says:

        Snee too … can’t imagine the coach’s son-in-law getting a visit from the Turk. That’d really mess up Thanksgiving.

  4.  Daniel Sirianni says:

    I’m still excited about the Janzen Jackson signing… I love his style of play.

    If his head is finally on straight, he’ll make the team and contribute quickly.

    •  Krow says:

      If he can just be persuaded to give up his life of crime. I can only imagine the interview he had with Gramps Coughlin … trying to explain it all. I’d have paid cash money to sit in on that one.

  5.  GIANTT says:

    I was just thinking that Reese may be one step ahead of the other teams in the NFC East
    Dallas moves up for a DB to help against nicks and Cruz and co and Reese refocuses with a RB in the first thus neutralizing that effect a little

    Osi is still here , how fast can RG111 run from him and JPP ?

    Eagles – we have a “feisty ” DB – maybe with enough speed to counter Jackson and McCoy -

    Im not saying that this was the rationale that Reese used but it sure makes you think of a chess game . To all those who werent thrilled with this draft , look at the picks as twice as important against NFC East teams and maybe the grade will be better .

    •  norm says:

      Speaking of Dallas…

      For their sake, Morris Claiborne best be the shizzle; Darelle Revis and Deion Sanders all rolled up into one.

      At the very least, he better be head and shoulders better than Dre Kilpatrick – another highly rated CB who they could have had at 14 – AND Peter Konz – the center they so badly need – who could have been had with the second round pick that they traded away for the right to move up for Claiborne.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think with Jenkins and Carr that Baron actually made more sense for them to dr aft. Nothing wrong with getting CBs but you have to be covered at safety too. Phiilly found this out last year. I’m surprised they also didn’t attack 3rd WR sooner. Within Bennett and Robinson their offense is not as explosive. Whitten is a year older is slowly becoming just a possesion TE.

        I think Philly got good players. Cox is a good player but to me he doesn’t help their weakness. Really pass rush wise Philly is similar to us. But they don’t have DT that stuff the run as well as Joseph & Canty can. I thought a Brockers type presence would help them more.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    As norm says, a draft cannot be judged the next day. Takes about two years to start to figure out whether it was a good one. But the omens are terrific.

    And just btw, when Reese and Ross say that Robinson is “the JPP of tight ends” everyone’s ears ought to perk up. Coughlin even sounded excited about him because of his downfield blocking. I can’t wait to see this kid get down the field on cover teams and hit someone.

    I think that Dallas took a big risk but one they probably thought they had to take. They have been a huge disappointment for over a decade and despite the fact that their fans have stayed loyal, Jerry Jones needed a splash to keep the marketing machine going. What better than to present the Honey Badger to the adoring crowd? Football issues? What does that matter? Well, seriously, Claiborne may become a game-changer at the professional level just as he was at LSU, and there weren’t that many of those types in the draft. Kirpatrick will be a very fine corner, but very fine corners are to be found in many places. Claiborne might become the #2 corner in the NFL behind Revis. On the other hand, his size will matter more in the NFC East than it ever did in the SEC. There are still “ifs” with him. Jones took a big risk.

    Generally, though, each of our division opponents became better in this draft, the Eagles and Redskins significantly so. I think we’re back to the NFC Beast and those six games are going to be awfully challenging for each of the teams. That doesn’t scare me. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing some great, competitive, football. The Giants are very much the team to beat, not only in the NFC East but in the NFC period, although the pundits will almost certainly grade the Packers, the Niners, and the Eagles above them and have the Panthers nipping at their tail. But that doesn’t mean getting to ten wins and the playoffs will be easy. It won’t.

  7.  Krow says:

    In one of the interviews either Reese or Ross said that they don’t like to trade up because they haven’t had much success with it over the years.

    As I look back …

    Eli … mega-trade and a huge success
    Sinorice … total bust
    Kehl … total bust
    Barden … jury is still out, but so far a bust

    Any others?

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Don’t know how we got that second pick in the second round in 2009 but we used one on Clint Sintim (the other on Beatty).

      •  Samardzija says:

        Yeah i dont either. I know we got a first rounder from the Saints, nut other then that, no idea.


  8.  BBWC says:

    Note on what Fan55 said,”I think the “third down back” concept is minimized by the fact that our first two guys on the depth chart (Wilson and Bradshaw) can actually play on third downs”.

    That’s where I think Joe Martinek could fit in nicely for us, because of his versatility. He could stay in and block on third downs, or a nice option out of the backfield.

    Repost: because I missed the update.

    I really like this pickup, Joe Martinek, FB/RB – 6?/224, ran a 4.4 40 at his pro-day. Watch some of the highlights on him, the kid got some talent, he does a lot of things well. Unique combination of strength, power and speed. What seperates him from other Fullbacks, he blocks like he’s 250lbs (224lbs actual weight), but once he has the ball in his hands, he runs and catches like the RB he was prior to the move to FB. He could really add some versatility to the Giants offense. I could see him in the backfield with Bradshaw/Wilson as decoys, then running Martinek up the middle, or sneaking him out on a screen, or a check down.

    I don’t see him threatning Hynoski at fullback, however, because of his ability to block on the move, I do see him filling in at the fullback position from time to time. I think Ware or Scott’s days are numbered, because of the versatility that Martinek brings.

    I see our depth chart at RB as follows:

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Very soon it will be Wilson at the top of that depth chart. Only a matter of his learning to protect Eli and the ball. He can run circles around Bradshaw.

      I am not a huge fan of Scott and hope to be proved wrong. I look at him as another Barden: a one dimensional player who was worth a shot (Barden: great catching radius; Scott: great open-field speed) but won’t pan out.

      I only saw Martinek play a few times but he’s good. Interesting signing. This won’t be good for Bear Pascoe’s chances of making the team next year when they should have Ballard back and he, and Robinson, and quite possibly Bennett will be the tight ends and Hynoski and Martinek could be the fullbacks (with Martinek more a “utility player/special teamer” type who could provide what you’ve described on occasion.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think Martinek has a chance no doubt but you can’t write off Ware just yet. He’s a lot like Blackburn, not great not doubt but doesn’t make many mistakes, the coaches can trust him and he can pass protect.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    I think Robinson has an excellent chance to be a future starter. And Mosley could as well at guard, maybe Snee’s replacement in several years. After seeing that JR saw Mosley as a Diehl I feel just as excited as F55 about this draft because I was a little concerned about depth at guard. I think Hosley most important 2012 talent is punt returning. Tryon and TT can handle the slot CB this year if Hosley isn’t ready. Wilson also return punts some and kickoffs a lot. So we gained to players that can greatly bolster of return game but also have great positional value.

    I think the surprise player on notice due this draft is Pascoe. The reson why Pascoe has value is due do his ability to play both TE & FB. We like this pratice squad TE so at TE Pascoe could be in trouble. Pascoe’s FB ability would normally save him but with his athleticism Robinson can possibility play FB too. Not saying Pascoe is gone but just that he could be.

    I think this kid from Rutgers does have a chance to get in the RB mix because he can provide the physical presence we miss with Jacobs. For those looking for a comparison he’s really a lot like Lenard RB/FB also from Rutgers.

  10.  Luv2Salsa says:

    Kudos to Norm and others who predicted a RB at #32. I never thought I’d see it, but this kid will be special. Love the Randle pick. Hosley gives us a true slot corner. Robinson will be stud next year. I trust the potential Reese/Ross see in the wide bodies taken in rounds 4, 6, & 7.

    Well played Mr. Reese. Well played.

    I would have liked another pass rusher, but one didn’t fall. Baring a free agent signing, I guess Trattou will be #4 in the rotation. With these UDFA signings, this roster is STOCKED. There will be good competition for spots at LB, CB, S, RB, OT, WR; plus good insurance against potential injury.

    Cutting down to 53 players is going to be tough.

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