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2012 NFL Draft: Rounds 4-7 Live

April 28th, 2012 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

In the blink of an eye, the 2012 NFL Draft is nearing its end. Day three is now upon us and that means the rush of rounds four through seven are about to begin. Over the next seven hours, the job of every scout and General Manager in the game is to find a diamond in the rough; to pick that one guy who is going to exceed all expectations and help lead his team to glory. Some incredible gems have been had in round 4-7 over the years, so who will it be today?

Notable picks:

  • Round 4 (Pick 96): St. Louis Rams select WR Chris Givens, Wake Forest
  • Round 4 (Pick 97): Miami Dolphins (from Colts through 49ers) select RB Lamar Miller, Miami
  • Round 4 (Pick 101): Denver Broncos (from Jags through Bucs) select CB Omar Bolden, Arizona State
  • Round 4 (Pick 102): Washington Redskins select QB Kirk Cousins, Michigan State
  • Round 4 (Pick 110): San Diego Chargers select TE Ladarius Green, Louisianna-Lafayette
  • Round 4 (Pick 112): Arizona Cardinals select T Bobby Massie, Mississippi
  • Round 4 (Pick 116): Cincinnati Bengals select TE Orson Charles, Georgia
  • Round 4 (Pick 121): Houston Texans select WR Keshawn Martin, Michigan State
  • Round 4 (Pick 122): New Orleans Saints select WR Nick Toon, Wisconsin


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  1.  norm says:

    One other thing to keep in mind re: Randle is that as LSU’s only legit receiving threat, he was routinely matched up against the other team’s best CB. And in the SEC, that’s no small hardship (even more so when your QBs stink)

    Very much doubt he’ll be matched up against the opponent’s first, or even second, best corners as a Giant. I suspect teams will continue to deploy a variant of the now-famous Belichick Super Bowl strategy (“This is a Nicks/Cruz game; let Randle beat you”) It would not surprise me at all if he were able to duplicate Mario’s production as the #3 WR once he becomes familiar with Killdrive’s Chinese Arithmetic offense. Hopefully, he’s intelligent enough to pick it up sometime this decade.

    As for Hosley… honestly, I’d never even heard of the cat until his name was announced yesterday. But I gotta say, if he can revive the ball-hawking ability that he showed at VT in 2011 (a nation best 9 picks) he will bring a dimension to this secondary that has been lacking for a very long time.

    Webster, TT (when healthy), Ross, KP, and Rolle are all solid players… but none of them have especially distinguished themselves as ball-hawks. Most of the turnovers generated by this defense seem to come from the front seven. Now, Fewell finally has that ball-hawk that had been a mainstay of his defenses prior to coming to the Giants. Better still, if Rolle is allowed to move out of the slot, he might be able to exhibit more of the ball-hawking skills that he displayed in Arizona.

    What would an extra half dozen turnovers a year from the secondary mean to this team? Quite a lot, actually. The NFL has always been – and always will be – a turnover league. No matter how much the rules may change; no matter how radically offenses and defenses evolve, the team that wins the turnover battle still wins the vast majority of its games. That has not changed. Last year, for example, SF was a ridiculous +28 and finished 13-3. The Pack was second in TO differential at +24 and went 15-1. On the other side of the coin, Philly was -14 and… well, you know.

    The Giants finished last year at +7. With a dynamic ball-hawking secondary, that plus number could easily wind up in the double digits. Giving this newly upgraded offense a half dozen more possessions a year, this team could really be stupid good.

  2.  Samardzija says:

    The one thing Im excited about with Hosley is that hes a very good punt returner. Averaging 12 yards per return for two straight seasons. I hope he gets a chance to do them for us…

  3.  Samardzija says:

    Why the fuk are the NFL Network making a big deal out of Tebow and weather hes on the top 100 list? LoL he isnt even close, please gtfo

  4.  kujo says:

    Defensive ends Jared Crick (Nebraska) and Cam Johnson (Virginia).

    Centers Michael Brewster (Ohio State) and Ben Jones Georgia

    Linebackers James-Michael Johnson (Nevada), Nigel Bradham (Florida State).

    Tight ends Ladarius Green (Lousiana-Lafayette) and Adam Nissley (UCF).

    These are names I wanna see the Giants draft. Not all of them, but I’d love a couple!

  5.  norm says:

    This team needs guards. And lots of ‘em.

    There are only three on the roster right now (Snee, Petrus, Boothe) I’d like to see them go into camp with at least 4-5 more and set up an epic battle for the starting LG spot.

    Who is still available at that position?

  6.  BBWC says:

    I haven’t read all the previous posts, here is a (sports science) video on Holsey, if you haven’t seen it, check it out. It displays Holsey’s wingspan and reaction time.

  7.  Samardzija says:

    Is James Brown still available?

  8.  Samardzija says:

    Philip Blake is also available, can play both Guard and Center, could be an option..

  9.  rlhjr says:

    Reese has addressed every major loss. A runner, a receiver and a defensive back. So theoretically, B-Jack, Mario and Ross have been accounted for.

    Special teams have been replenished as well. I am hoping for a TE, LB and OL get added to the list.

    What I see in the three picks so far is speed, explosion and tenacity. Not bad.
    As Krow has said, Brown and Barden are starting to fade. I see trouble for Beckum as well. Interesting day ahead.

  10.  norm says:

    FWIW, here’s Draft Countdown’s ranking of this year’s OG class:

    Highest name on the list remaining: Joe Looney out Wake Forest.

    Don’t know the first thing about him but I like the name. “Loony” is certainly a quality you like to see in one of your interior lineman.

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