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New York Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw Discusses Loss of Brandon Jacobs

April 16th, 2012 at 6:50 PM
By Sean Carroll

When the New York Giants got together for the first time since winning Super Bowl 46, there were some missing persons. Specifically, the loss of former Giants running back, Brandon Jacobs, was felt in the locker room. Jacobs was a motivator and leader for the Giants, often delivering pep talks before games and revving up his teammates on the sideline. 

Jacobs' absence was felt by one Giants player in particular, fellow running back, Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw and Jacobs were a duo and became close friends, both on and off the field.

As reported by Ralph Vacchiano's Twitter account, when asked about the first team activity without Jacobs, Bradshaw stated:

"Not to have him in that locker and for him not to be in here talking or yelling at me, it is different. Of course, we are going to stay friends and he is going to be there for me and I’m going to be there for him."

As aforementioned, Jacobs was one of the team leaders, especially on offense. When former Giants defensive end, Michael Strahan, retired after winning Super Bowl 42, Jacobs was one of the players that stepped-up into a leadership role for Big Blue. That void is something that Bradshaw knows needs to be filled.

Bradshaw continued:

"With B.J. gone I know that I have to fill his shoes in the leadership part and just speak my words when they have to be spoken… just be a leader and just use my talents and my heart to show this team that I care."

After losing Strahan to retirement, the Giants have had numerous players step into leadership roles, often within their respective units. However, Jacobs was one player that truly embodied the spirit of Big Blue and lead the team before games. It will take a serious push by Bradshaw to fill those shoes, but it sounds like he's ready for the job.


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8 Responses to “New York Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw Discusses Loss of Brandon Jacobs”

  1.  kujo says:

    I don’t want to hear Bradshaw talking about filling anyone’s shoes. He’s got foot problems already, for f-ck sake!

    Also, LOL Carl Pavano giving up back to back HRs? And in Yankee Stadium? I don’t believe my eyes!

  2. I spoke with Ralph Vacchiano at the start of free agency about Hakeem Nicks.

    If you follow his work youll notice a trend: he always wants to be the first on an angle and he pushes it and pushes it.

    He jumped on the Giants cutting Jacobs 2 years ago. There was like an article a week about Jacobs being done on the Blue Screen. We discussed Nicks and his worth.

    Ralph agreed that production wise he actually eclipsed Megatron and consequently warrants a huge payday.

    So I see he suckered Nicks into comments on his contract real early so he can build that angle.

    Hey I respect the guy as a journalist but Im just serving everyone a massing grain of salt here.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I continue to think Vacchiano is a a bag of hot air who knows a lot less about football than do I and a lot of others here. I understand his desire to “create a story” but he never seems to worry in the least about trampling over a relatively innocent player in the process. He got Osi in real trouble a few years ago by goading him into complaining when Ralphie kept asking him about his contract. He was pushing Jacobs out the door when the Giants desperately needed his leadership. Now he’s working on Nicks. Next thing you know it will be Cruz, Phillips and JPP upon whom he will focus.

      This clown gives journalists a bad name. And just btw, he hasn’t predicted a Giants’ playoff win in either of the runs to two Lombardi Trophies. Not one, out of 8 games. So his analytic skills leave more than a little to be desired. I will never respect this guy, and the rest of you should know he’s a clown, albeit a dangerous one (yeah, yeah, I know, “friend of Giants 101″…that doesn’t change what he is).

  3. I gotta agree with Samard I think JR will be all over the upside of Stephen Hill.

    I think i have made my final pick for the 1st and its not Hill, but that is based off of him not being available.

    If he were, it would give me pause.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    There may be players on this team who can fill the spiritual deficit left by Jacobs’ absence, but Bradshaw certainly isn’t one of them. On offense it is going to have to be Eli, Nicks, Diehl and Snee (the latter two can lead in the same way that Seubert did, by example and with somewhat sardonic and cutting wit). There are plenty of candidates on defense, including guys like Rolle, Blackburn, Tuck, JPP and Canty who are already considered team leaders and may just have to ramp up the emotional level a few notches on game days.

    All we need from Bradshaw is solid, consistent production and a season in which he doesn’t miss very many games. But in any case, we need to get a really good running back in this draft. Having Bradshaw be the lead dog does not impress me in the least.

  5.  kujo says:

    So I just noticed that Dan and Co. have done away with the seldom-used message boards, forcing me to, once again, do this G101 mock draft stuff the old fashioned way: email.

    So, if you are interested in putting together a 4-round mock draft for the Giants picks, please email it to me at mkier86 AT aol DOT com. Please include the players’ name, position and college. Remember to include our 4th round supplemental pick. And when you email me (or get me on Facebook), please include your G101 username.

    All submissions need to be sent to me by the morning of Thursday, April 26th so that we can post them on G101 prior to the start of the draft. I’ll post this message a few times a day for the next week, but please get your stuff in ASAP!

  6.  kujo says:

    There will be the Mark Sanchez offense, and there will be the Tim Tebow offense — at least that was the perception given to players Monday at the start of the offseason program.

    “It’s like we’re going to be two separate teams, but as far as I know, Mark is still going to be our guy,” LG Matt Slauson said Monday night at a charity event in Manhattan.

    Tebow, the No. 2 quarterback, will be used as the wildcat quarterback. The Jets have been saying that since he arrived last month in The Trade. But they have other plans, as well. He will be used as an H-Back, a fullback and as a running back, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported Monday morning.

    And, oh yes, special teams coach Mike Westhoff is planning to use Tebow as the “personal protector” on the punt team.

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