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Tom Coughlin Deserves Open-Ended Contract with New York Giants

April 1st, 2012 at 8:00 PM
By Sean Carroll

Not long ago, news broke that the New York Giants intended on working out a contract extension with head coach, Tom Coughlin. Based on previous years' extensions, the upfront idea was that Coughlin would receive another one-year extension. Now, however, it seems as though the possibility of a longer extension is something that John Mara and Jerry Reese would consider.

The Mara family has always valued loyalty and character, something Reese represents in full. Further, it goes without saying the Coughlin has brought in two Super Bowl Championships and managed teams that have faced some of the worst adversity in Giants history. With injury-riddled teams and contract disputes (many of which ended in veterans leaving the team), Coughlin remains stalwart in his management of Big Blue.

And for that, Tom Coughlin deserves a long-term, open-ended contract with the New York Giants that will last him until the end of his coaching career; a decision he will make himself.

Coughlin is not perfect, nor is any coach in the history of the NFL. He has made changes to his temperament in the way he handles his players, creating a Leadership Council made up of trusted, veteran players on the team. He is open to the feedback of the team, and yet, continues to coach as a "old-school," hard-nosed disciplinarian – certainly not an easy task.

There is also the issue of his unstable trend throughout the season. Often the Giants start strong (several times going 6-2 in the first eight games), but inevitably fall short later in the season. In fact, it was the success at the very end of the season, starting on Christmas Eve against the New York Jets, that the Giants clicked into gear and began their Super Bowl run.

The bottom line, though, is that Tom Coughlin is simply the right man for the New York Giants. He knows the team inside and out, and has proven that he can take even the most tested Giants teams to greatness. Coughlin is trusted by his players, the management, and the fans. He is also the caliber of man and coach that would admit if he was no longer fit for his role as head coach, the mark of a truly devoted leader.

As such, he has earned the right to stay as the Commander-in-Chief of Big Blue, and will likely go down as the greatest coach in Giants history.


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16 Responses to “Tom Coughlin Deserves Open-Ended Contract with New York Giants”

  1.  demo3356 says:

    Couldnt agree more! Give the man a lifetime extension

    •  JimStoll says:

      crazy talk
      every coach has a shelf life
      worst thing to do is negotiate off the super bowl season and give an unreasonable contract
      it is what we all say for players; it is what we should say for TC
      the victory earns him an extension, no doubt
      he’s 65 or 66 right now with a year left
      give him 2 or 3 more years ; that takes him to 70
      few coaches have coached past that age in the pros — Levy, Paul Brown, George halas
      all of those guys did it during a simpler era
      let’s not go nuts

      •  demo3356 says:

        Tom Coughlin will coach this Team until Tom Coughlin decides he is ready to retire. One SB gets you 4-5 years of being untouchable, 2 gets you lifetime extension.

        •  JimStoll says:

          you may be right
          but I think that’s a nonsense decision
          if 3 or 4 years ago we have not returned to the playoffs, let alone the super bowl, suuch a decision will look misguided

  2.  GIANTT says:

    I feel empathy with TC for a couple of reasons – We have the same initials and we are very close in age . I have been known to black out for periods of time and the Persona of a curmudgeonly coach shows up – coincidence ? I have my theories .
    But seriously ,there is one point that always bothered me about peoples perception of what it takes to be a coach . The Giants have always preferred to draft players who they coach up to their standards . Sometimes “coachability ” in a player is just as important as physical talent .This ability to be coached starts with acceptance of discipline that comes from the top down . Coaches teach by giving pointers and the players accept this without deciding what it is that they get to be taught . This is called discipline . So , lets see , the coach is a disciplinarian , the Giants just won the Super Bowl running his system . I hope this shuts up any antagonism towards Coughlins methods

  3.  Krow says:

    2 Superbowls = coach for as long as you like

    But no one goes on forever, and I wish they had some sort of plan for when he decides to hang it up. If it’s 5 years from now then it’s way too early. But if it’s 2 then they should some idea of where they’re headed. We don’t want the end of the ‘Coughlin Era’ to be like the end of the ‘Parcells Era”.

    On another note … here’s an interesting article linked out of PFT …;_ylt=AhRzfOHKzZq7Zi6p_qRi8clDubYF?slug=ms-silver_osi_umenyiora_giants_contract_rams_hakim_033012

    •  jfunk says:

      Regarding the Coughlin succession plan, I agree there should be one in place, but that only works within the framework of what Coughlin is willing to tell them. No current coach is going to make even a gentleman’s agreement about his future career decisions if you can’t tell him whether he needs to wait 2 years or 7.

      A plan won’t come into existence until it’s clear that 2-3 years is the limit. For all we know, that could be part of current conversations.

      Regarding the Rams article, it all sounds good to say you should keep all your role players, but it in no way addresses the reality of the situation. He got paid to go be a #1, which was the last anybody ever heard of him. People act like every guy that doesn’t get retained is “unwanted”. That’s not the case, it’s just reality.

      If Kurt Warner was honest with himself, he would acknowledge that if the package of Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, and Marshall Faulk could not continue to produce without Az-zahir, that means each and every one of them were over rated and it should of been THEM throwing their own money down on the table to keep him. I didn’t hear any of them offering to take a pay cut to keep the guy they felt was SO important at the time.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    TC is generally disrespected for being amongst the top 2-3 coaches in the NFL. You could argue he’s the best HC right now. That being said I agree with Jim, no NFL coach deserves a lifetime contract. The NFL just changes too fast and a coach just as much as players can quickly lose it. We can’t overlook TC’s age, at somepoint it could hurt him. Of course he should be given a lot of rope but a lifetime contract is too much. Look what happened to Mike Shannon after 2 SBs. Given JR is our GM I’m sure TC will get the proper contract.

    •  jfunk says:

      TC is NOT getting a lifetime contract. There is no way the Giants do not continue to evaluate whether or not a coaching change is needed on an ongoing basis year after year.

      TC will not be the same person he is now 2 years from now. He may be a better coach. He may be a worse coach. He may have his health decline to the point where he is no longer keeping up with the demands of the job, and he may or may not realize that himself without outside “assistance”.

      What WILL hopefully happen at this point, whether he gets a 1 year extension or a 5, is that the public (and media) will stop doubting the Giants when they say they’re behind him. Nobody will question the Giants’ belief in TC if he gets a 1-year extension. They’ll just assume that’s an ongoing offer and he can re-up every year if he wants to continue…which will be the truth right up to the point that the Giants no longer believe he’s the right man for the job.

      That’s the only thing that I believe will change here. The Giants’ belief in TC has not wavered since 2006-2007 in my opinion, it’s only been among those outside the organization.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Even the best of us, when we get a bit older, don’t necessarily have the perspective to see when we aren’t quite as sharp and up to the job as we were previously. One of the arts that aging lions haven’t cultivated well is when to step out of the way and allow the younger claimants to the top to take over. It frequently gets ugly.

    No coach, no matter how good, should be allowed to have full say as to the length of his career. Tom Coughlin seems a very intelligent man, and one with good perspective. He proved his ability to adapt to changing circumstances. He has proved that a new generation of players will play hard and smart for him. But we don’t know, and he doesn’t know, if he will know when it’s time to step aside. Speaking personally, that is one of the things that I contemplate frequently. I try to be objective about whether I’m the right person to lead an organization I created and made successful, or whether one of my young lions would be better at carrying the mission forward. But objectivity isn’t easy when the result may be putting yourself out to pasture. There’s that temptation to convince yourself that accumulated wisdom trumps energy and burning ambition, that what you have authored will always be better off under your guidance and that your unique qualities can overcome the inevitable inertia that comes with age and the slight loss of an edge.

    Tom Coughlin deserves a three-year extension, and the benefit of the doubt for the rest of his career. But an open-ended deal? Not a good idea at all.

  6.  kujo says:

    Coughlin stays until he wants to leave. He’s not going to be JoePa (unless we find out that Perry Fewell is as much a fan of Cub Scouts as he is of the 3 man rush), but if he can continue to effectively guide this team for another 3-5 years, keeping us in contention for Lombardis, we’d be insane to let him leave.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Warner’s admonition is appropriate. It is always good to invest in the best parts of your team, and I have banged the drum for awhile that the Giants need to keep reinvesting in their pass rush, their receivers who will catch the balls thrown by Eli, and their defensive secondary that can turn that pressure on the quarterback into turnovers.

    But as a practical matter, can you retain all of your quality free agents at those positions? Not very likely. Look at what happened with Manningham. I’m sure Reese would have loved to keep him, and I suspect that if Rosenhaus had said Mario would take the deal he got with the Niners from Reese he’d still be in Blue. But Manningham wanted a big contract, knew he’s remain the #3 receiver with the Giants, and figured two years with the Niners was a better bet on his future than staying behind Nicks and Cruz. The player’s views, and those of his agent, matter. Reese couldn’t have gone much higher than he did because he simply didn’t have cap room. Manningham was going to leave and the team knew it, UNLESS he decided that being thrown to sometimes by Eli was more valuable on his resume than being thrown to more frequently by Alex Smith (and maybe hoping for Peyton Manning at the time they made the deal with the Niners). You cannot blame Manningham for choosing the Niners even if it doesn’t work out for him (I think he WILL be their #1 receiver, but he may struggle a bit unless Smith gets better).

    I really want to keep Osi, but if we do then there’s no way they can keep Kiwi too. The latter wants to get paid too. And he can play defensive end, and is younger. There’s no doubt Osi is a special talent but the choice Reese makes will be between keeping Osi by over-paying him while knowing that by three years from now he is unlikely to perform up to his contract or keeping Kiwi, also a special talent even if not the turnover machine that Osi is, who will probably justify a 4-year deal by playing it out at a very high level while Reese drafts additional pass-rushers in order to keep feeding the beast that gives the Giants an edge. It isn’t a clear choice, but it’s the kind that GMs have to make and the kind guys like Kurt Warner just don’t understand.

  8.  GetDownWithJPP says:

    Fellas re: the draft. A name i havent seen around here too much is Chandler Jones out of Syracuse. Seems like a very NYG and Reese pick- the guy needs a year or 2 in an NFL weight room it looks like, but hes got a ton of potential.

    Any thoughts on Chandler? I wouldnt be surprised at all if we went DE in the 1st.

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