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New York Giants’ Owners Unimpressed with Tim Tebow Press Conference

March 31st, 2012 at 12:08 PM
By Chester Baker

The New York Giants do not seem all that impressed by the New York Jets trading for quarterback Tim Tebow. Co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara have been taking subtle jabs at the Jets and their new backup quarterback, especially the amount of media attention Gang Green has been receiving over the past couple of days.

The Jets held a press conference for their newest team member on March 26th, following a trade with the Denver Broncos to acquire the former Heisman-winner and media sensation.

Some pundits believe the trade was simply an attempt by the Jets to steal attention away from the reigning Super Bowl champions, rather than a move to improve the Jets for the upcoming season.

The Jets certainly have a pension for stealing away some of the Giants thunder, especially through all of Rex Ryan’s antics and championship predictions over the last few seasons. The last time the Giants won the Super Bowl, in 2007, the Jets made another big splash in the off-season by trading for Brett Favre. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback helped the Jets take some of the Giants spotlight away, especially after gracing the cover of Madden 08.

“My feelings are that I may attend a Jets game.” Tisch also told the Daily News “Well, they are getting a lot of attention, so if that was one of their goals, I think they have been successful.”

The co-owners did not stop there, as Mara went on to say “The David Carr press conference will be [Monday] too.”

Perhaps it is not fair to put Carr on the same level as Tebow, seeing as how Carr did not throw a single pass last season while Tebow led Denver to the AFC Divisional Round. However, the idea of holding a massive press conference with over 350 media credentials handed out does seem rather unique…and overblown.

To put the conference in perspective, compare the Tebow acquisition to another backup quarterback signing this offseason: the Dallas Cowboys' signing Kyle Orton. Orton is no David Carr, as he had a higher quarterback rating than Tebow, and had more passing yards in fewer games played. Yet when Orton was signed, no conference was held.

While some fans may argue that the Giants co-owners should be more focused on winning another championship rather than worry about the media attention of a team that missed the playoffs, it is refreshing to see candid owners for the Giants. Mara and Tisch are saying what they feel, and finally being just as outspoken as Ryan and the rest of the Jets organization.

Chester Baker is a student at Fordham University in Pennsylvania and an acting intern at Sports Media 101. The views and opinions expressed by Chester may not be those of Giants 101.


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13 Responses to “New York Giants’ Owners Unimpressed with Tim Tebow Press Conference”

  1.  Krow says:

    Memo to Steve Tisch and John Mara …

    The more you comment on the Jets … the more you look like jealous, petulant a-holes. Ignoring their childish antics is the high road. Take it. And STFU.

    •  norm says:


      Mara’s become quite the Chatty Cathy lately.

      First, were his grossly ill-advised remarks about how Dallas and Washington were lucky they were not “penalized” more for violating a rule that did not exist.

      And now – having apparently decided that the media attention brought about by his team’s second Lombardi Trophy in five years is not enough – he doubles down by engaging in a petty ****-for-tat with the undisputed masters of that art, the NY Jets.

      Time for Mara to zip his lip and go back to doing what he does best: practicing his “pope wave” for the next NY Giant victory parade; maintaining the necessary payments to law enforcement and the media to keep the Mara girls little coke problem out of the news; and purchasing garments that are large enough and elegant enough to mask the emptiness of the featherbrain who inhabits them.

  2.  jfunk says:

    I don’t believe this is necessarily the end for Andre Brown on the Giants.

    I suspect he he got caught taking something to help heal his achilles. The Giants obviously believe he’s capable of something since they’ve stuck with him so long.

    If the coaches believe the kid can play and be a significant part of the solution to our RB situation, I believe he makes the team.

    If he doesn’t do anything to separate himself from other camp bodies, obviously this suspension will cost him his spot, but if they truly believe he’s one of the top 3 backs, he sticks.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      He’s gone unless he’s without question the second-best back in camp. If it’s close then his stupidity is going to cost him, as it should.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Who cares? Woody Johnson is a jerk, but he certainly seems to know how to get attention and how to get under the skin of the Giants’ ownership. I said at the time, and I’ll say again, why give the Jets any attention or credibility by sharing a new stadium with them? Mara and Tisch SHOULD have bought the old Yankees Stadium and then spent their $500-600MM renovating it for football and moved back to their roots. Most of their fans are in NYC and Westchester and Connecticut anyway, and the Jersey fans can get there quickly across the GWB. They could have then left their “little brother” to stew and rant all by himself over in the Meadowlands or out on Long Island where most of the Jets’ fan base resides.

    But that is history. Now the best policy is to just ignore them. Perhaps they’ll get bored and go away.

    •  Luv2Salsa says:

      Tuck said it best, “THIS IS OUR HOUSE.”

      All the Jet fans can see the Timex Center from the parking lot. Being a guest in what is supposed to be your own stadium is the ultimate dis. Of course “Giants” painted in the end-zones would be even better! But they did pony up a billion dollars for the right to play second fiddle.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    demo is correct that the new CBA seriously hurts teams like the Giants that have accumulated a large number of young stars through shrewd drafting. With the reduction of rookie contract lengths and the increasing desperation of the lesser franchises to do something splashy to excite their fan base and get them to buy tickets, it becomes quite costly to retain players who are in many cases just reaching their peak.

    Three things follow from this:

    1) Reese will have to be very smart about choosing who MUST be retained and who cannot be even if desired;

    2) The Giants need to continuously draft well which means that the owners MUST pay Reese and Ross very well and must continuously reinvest in their scouting and personnel departments; and

    3) We should all pray for a significant bump in the cap. The league is “smoothing out” the increase by raising it in what they expect to be a steady climb that only raises it perhaps 5-8% per annum. Unless there is a more significant bump, or players are willing to adjust their expectations and the more foolish GMs are willing to restrain themselves (fat chance of that!), then see #1, above.

    That one year taken from rookie contracts in exchange for keeping the top pick compensation more rational seriously hurts the better franchises that are usually picking after #25 where the costs are less consequential than the length of the contract and the development process of the player in a system. This will become another way that the competitive balance will be evened out, but it will be very hard on the Giants.

    Just remember, most valuable Giants are Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, JPP, Michael Boley, Kenny Phillips, Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese and Marc Ross. Pay them all Mr. Mara. Pay them all.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Here is the post FF55yrs is reffering to
      We had better hope for 2 things. One that JR has 2-3 great drafts the next few years and the other that the cap goes up a ton. We only have 17 players under contract after next season (2013) ends. Think about that, over 2/3 of our 53 Man roster contracts expire either after this year or next. That is NUTS! Only
      Eli Manning
      Ahmad Bradshaw
      Da’Rel Scott
      Jerrel Jernigan
      James Brewer
      Chris Snee
      David Baas
      Jason Pierre-Paul
      Chris Canty
      Marvin Austin
      Jacquian Williams
      Greg Jones
      Terrell Thomas
      Prince Amukamara
      Antrel Rolle
      Tyler Sash
      Steve Weatherford
      Are under contract after 2013. By then very likely Canty, Rolle, Snee and Bradshaws Giants careers will be over.. That means like 75% of the 2014 Roster is not yet on this team.

      demo3356 says:
      March 31, 2012 at 11:29 AM
      The new CBA shortening Rookie contracts really hurts when trying to keep a young talented team together.. You used to be able to control payers for relatively cheap for the first 5 years of their career. Not any more. Rookie deals are shorter and players hit UFA quicker. This isnt good for team loaded with young superstars

  5.  Krow says:

    The NFL is a roller coaster … you’re always going up or down. The trick is to time the ups to give you a shot at the Superbowl.

    This is the uncanny knack the current management team seems to possess.

    But repeating is probably more difficult than winning the first. It wouldn’t surprise me to see us regress for a year or two. Or reload … to put a more positive spin on it.

    We’ve lost some talent … that has to be replaced … moves are constantly being made. Regrouping … reassessing. Playing the hand. It’s not going to result in a Superbowl every year.

    •  Luv2Salsa says:

      You are right. The apex usually occurs as the younger players “get it” and the JAG’s manage to play above themselves.

      Every team will have its star players. What makes or breaks a season is the play you get from the next tier down.

  6.  Luv2Salsa says:

    Speaking of covering WR’s (last thread), let’s assume that the #3 WR spot is Jernigan’s to lose. Hixon has a shot, but after last season’s rash of 12-month ACL re-injuries, I think the training staff will be cautious in getting him out there. Barden? Not really. He’s too slow and never learned to use his height as an advantage. So “one play JJ” becomes “JJ every day.”

    In the normal set, Cruz will be the flanker with Nicks at end. In three receiver sets JJ takes the field. Do you line him up at flanker and move Cruz inside? Or leave Cruz lined up outside at flanker and play Jernigan in the slot? Jernigan is small for the flanker role and was drafted to be a slot receiver. No doubt he would be better suited for the slot. But playing the slot is complicated, and Cruz has already mastered that job (and then some.) However, Cruz plays bigger than he actually is and could probably excel at flanker, as well.

    So me thinks that Nicks + Cruz + JJ is greater than Nicks + JJ + Cruz. Cruz simply plays the slot too well to take him out of it. But I’ve got real concerns with JJ outside. It’s not his “natural” position. He’ll probably get mauled by big physical corners.

    The draft may prove to be the solution, at least by later in the season or next year. Sure would be nice to have someone about 6-4 who can run a 4.36…

  7.  Hazem Kiswani says:


  8.  GOAT56 says:

    Demo – yes I liked the idea of the trading for Steward. But mind you Tolbert just recently signed so this is very recent talk. I was against signing the law firm and all other free agents RBs. I like Steward because I think he’s dynamic. But I have been for drafting a RB higher than “usual” the whole time, meaning 2-3 round area. I think a 4th for Steward is good value because he’s better and more talented than the players likely available. A 4th round pick is no guarantee so if at worse we got Steward for one year for a 4th which I don’t think would have been a bad move.

    The issue as a we discussed yesterday is that to me we have very little at RB even before this Brown news. While we need a RB that could be a 1A I think we also just need more talent. So I would take a late would flyer on a prospect like Brown from KState or Scott from S Fla. I have similar sentiments several times before your return.

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