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Giants 101 Mock Draft Version 1.0

March 24th, 2012 at 4:05 PM
By Kyle Langan

The New York Giants find themselves in the envious position of picking at the bottom of each and every round this April and that is perfectly okay with Jerry Reese and the rest of the Giants brass. Despite a second Super Bowl title in five years, the Giants have many holes to fill.

In 2008, the last time the Giants attempted to defend a title, they had a strong 12-4 season, but proved too thin to win in December and January. This time the team will attempt to add more depth and contend for another title.

1. Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

The Giants gave Mathias Kiwanuka a two-year contract extension after the 2010 season which means he would be a free agent after the 2012 season. Between he and Osi Umenyiora, it is unlikely that both players stay with the Giants, sad as that reality may be. 

At 6'3", 266 Curry would be the perfect candidate to take the SAM Linebacker/DE role from Kiwanuka and yes, bolster the pass rush rotation. The team is losing Dave Tollefson in all likelihood and again, it is not a given that the Giants will keep Osi Umenyiora.

This would represent a huge blow to one of the most critical areas of the team in the coming years despite the presence of Justin Tuck (who has a tendency to get banged up) and Jason Pierre-Paul.

2. Bobbie Massie, OT, Ole Miss

This was a difficult spot to figure out what the Giants may be thinking. Torn between corner and offensive line, I went with the big 6'6" 315 pound Bobby Massie. Playing at right tackle in what has become the most anonymous program in the SEC in Ole Miss, Massie was a very solid player for the Admirals for three years. While Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff have garnered most of the attention with regards to underclassmen at the tackle position, Massie has a very good chance of being the 4th or 5th tackle off the board.

Right now with Kareem McKenzie gone, it is up to Will Beatty and David Deihl to battle it out for two tackle spots while only James Brewer waits behind them. That isn't enough depth.

Massie looked solid enough during the drills portion of the combine and the Giants like measurables in most of their prospects. Massies size should satisfy them.

3. Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest

All of the Giants major brass was in attendance at Wake Forest's pro day last week, in all likely hood to take a look at Givens. As dangerous as pure flankers like the Andre Johnson's of the world are, the NFL has become a game of speed and quickness.

The Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers boast two of the best receiving corps in the game and most of their players are smaller, faster players. Players like Antonio Brown and Victor Cruz can play both the Slot and on the outside.

Givens possesses that ability. He is a very solid route runner and has good hands. His after the catch ability could be better, but Steve Smith set a franchise record for receptions and never made a man miss after the catch in his career. 

If the Giants were at Wake Forest's pro day to see Givens, they must have liked the 4.35 40 yard dash that he ran and his impressive 19 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press. 

4. Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State

The Giants need a bit more depth at the cornerback position even after signing Terrell Thomas and several others. Corey Webster is aging while Prince Amukamara and Terrell Thomas are both potential injury concerns.

Of course, Bolden is that as well, as he tore his ACL in the spring of 2011. He worked at his pro day and showed that he is back to form. The Giants are not adverse to drafting guys who are coming off of injury, as they often represent good value.

5. Will Blackwell, OG, LSU

After recently bringing in LSU's offensive quality control coach in Lunda Wells, I expect the Giants to do a little pilfering of the LSU squad. Blackwell represents more depth along the offensive line while presenting the ability to compete for a starting spot down the line.

6. Derrick Shelby, DE/DT, Utah

Shelby was a flexible player in Utah's scheme with the ability to play tackle and end.

The Giants love that and with Marvin Austin largely and unknown at this point and Rocky Bernard a free agent, depth at the defensive tackle spot is in demand.

7. Deangelo Peterson, TE, LSU

I happen to think Peterson has a ton of upside potential as a pro. He is primarily a blocker, which would be ideal as the Giants #2 tight end off the bat while he develops his receiving abilities that were largely untapped at LSU.


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3 Responses to “Giants 101 Mock Draft Version 1.0”

  1.  NYGinAUS says:

    Been a long time since I’ve posted… but anyway good to see all are still at it.
    Really good to get a feel for some of the prospects.
    Considering from all accounts we have limited cap space (~5-10mil max) chances are we aren’t going to bring in more than maybe 1-2 more free agents which may end up as Jacobs or Goff.

    So a quick look at our roster shows
    QB – solid as a rock.
    RB – AB/DW/DS/Brown
    so we certainly need another 2 probably (at least 1 in the draft).
    FB – Hynoski (Pascoe)
    No immediate need
    Inside O-line: Bass, Snee, Boothe, Petrus (maybe Diehl)
    If Diehl can be moved to guard we have no immediate need at G/C
    OT: Beatty, Brewer, (maybe Diehl)
    Definite need for starting calibre T otherwise Diehl stays at Tackle. If someone like Martin drops we may take him.
    TE: Ballard/Beckum coming off injuries, Bennett
    No definite starter needed, could do with a mid-late rounder but not imperitive
    WR: Cruz, Nicks, Jern, Hixon, Barden
    Definite need and although it isn’t that common for 1st year WRs to contribute if someone like Wright or Hill are around we may consider it (no chance IMO that floyd drops) esp as Cruz and Nicks are coming up to contracts and although I’m sure we’ll do everything to keep them, they may want too much and look elsewhere ala TT which surprised me this off season.

    CB: Prince, Webster, Tryon, TT, Coe
    Should be ok but a mid-late CB if BPA is always worthwhile.
    S: KP, Rolle, Horton, Sash, (Jones?)
    Again should be ok and unless Barron is BPA at 32 I can’t see us reaching.
    DE: Tuck, Osi, JPP
    Can never have enough esp with Osi coming into a contract year. If DE is BPA then I’m sure Reese will consider it, maybe someone like Upshaw, otherwise I reckon they’ll get a really raw DE in the middle rounds who might be able to learn from the best ends in the league for a year before needing to contribute if Osi leaves (Kiwanuka is a nice safety valve if necessary though).
    DT: Austin, Linval, Canty
    Not a desperate need esp with Tuck occasionally lining up inside.
    LB: Boley, Kiwi, Williams, Herzlich, Paysinger, Jones
    We’ve got a bit of depth but could do with a stud like Kuechly (what do people think of Hightower – alot of mocks have him going to Pitt/Baltimore but I suppose he could drop to us). Unless of course we bring back Goff.
    K/P – sorted

    so in summary from my guess we definitely need to get a free agent or draft an o-lineman (OT hopefully), a RB (or two), an ILB, and a WR. We’ll also certainly draft a DE.

  2. Drew RigsbeeGMenBeast23 says:

    One sleeper pick for rounds 1-2 (depending upon if he is still there at 2) would be USC DE Nick Perry. 6’3, 250 lbs. 49 career tackles, including 16.5 for losses (with 12 sacks) in 10 starts. Runs a 4.65 40. Scouting report reminds me a little bit of Osi. Could be a draft day riser…

  3.  kujo says:

    Interesting mock, Kyle. I’ve seen Curry’s draft stock skyrocket in the last few months, and I could definitely see him being a guy that we like, particularly given his versatility. I still think he’s more of a 3-4 rushing LB type, but we certainly have a track record with these sort of guys.

    I am a big fan of the OT in the 2nd, mainly because he’s such a big dude and a good run-blocker from the scouting reports I’ve read.

    Don’t know much about the rest of the guys you listed, but I certainly agree with the position selections. I find it odd that you don’t have us taking a RB anywhere here, but that could be because we don’t know whether or not we’ll have any compensation picks in the mid-rounds, which is where I imagine we’d target a guy.

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