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New York Giants Reach Out to Linebacker Chase Blackburn

March 22nd, 2012 at 6:48 AM
By Dan Benton

Contrary to earlier reports that the team would not look to re-sign Chase Blackburn, the New York Giants reached out to the linebacker on Wednesday as their primary option, Jonathan Goff, was in Cleveland visiting with the Browns.

A source told Jeff Roberts of The Record that while Blackburn "is pursuing other options," he remains "very much interested" in a potential return to Big Blue.

The team has strongly maintained that their primary goal is to re-sign Goff and have him start at middle linebacker next season, so this could merely be a power-play aimed at putting pressure on him. However, Blackburn is a solid secondary option with the market for middle linebackers dwindling (Stephen Tulloch recently re-signed with the Detroit Lions).

After being signed as a street free agent last season, Blackburn collected 26 tackles and one interception in five regular season games. He added an additional 26 tackles and one huge interception (Super Bowl XLVI) in the playoffs. Goff, meanwhile, spend the season rehabbing after tearing his ACL in early September.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants Reach Out to Linebacker Chase Blackburn”

  1.  Krow says:

    This is the first they’ve contacted him ???!!! I don’t get it. Special teams and depth at least. I don’t get it.

  2. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    I think jfunk is right regarding the possibility of us forgoing the traditional MLB and focusing in acquiring a stable of super athletic linebackers that can be beasts in coverage while also acquitting themselves in run support. Further, they also want to have a lot of 3 safety looks for the same goal of being better against the pass.

  3.  f0xlin says:

    Grant has been a great Giant the last 2 years but it’s hard to ignore his age. He has been slow in coverage and exploited at times. Behind an unproven Sash who may only be a special teams ace and hope in the Chad Jones story, we have nothing behind Phillips and Rolle (who had to move to corner due to injuries).

    This is why I hope Mark Barron will slip to 32 and be the #1 pick. He provides great depth in their 2 safety look, and a great look in their 3 safety set. With the emergence of the athletic TE a 3rd safety who can cover will be more and more relied upon.

    •  Krow says:

      It’s an even money bet that Barron will be there at #32. Traditional ‘in the box’ safeties are simply not a big priority in today’s NFL.

  4.  GIANTT says:

    Ah , I FINALLY was able to log on as me –
    I dont think I have much to say but not being able to log on and prod has been really annoying .
    Couple of thoughts – while I was reading the run down on Zach Brown someone used the word “freakish ” which was also used to describe JPP back when he was drafted – maybe this is what motvivates the pick for Reese . The team is good enough that anyone they draft has to have that quality -physical freakishness – (sorry Kujo , not your kind of physical freakishness , bigger rather than smaller ) and the rest can be taught
    So just go through all the college players and get the list of those described as freakish and THATS the list Reese uses .
    I hope that Blackburn is retained – he may be a journeyman but hes the Giants
    journeyman and he fits in the slot perfectly .
    as far as using the 3 safeties regularly , Im all for it -just another wrinkle the other offense has to scheme for as long as the LBs on the field can cover properly which also hasnt been a guaranteed situation

  5. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    Look, in 2012, it’s all about versatility. Gone are the days where 1 guy did 1 thing whenever a certain situation arose. With the exponential increase in complexity of the offensive and defensive schemes employed by the top teams, GMs are tasked with finding guys who can adapt and excel no matter what the opposition throws out there.

    What that means for linebackers is that the slow, plodding “run-stuffers” are going the way of the vestigial tail. It’s no longer necessary, and is in fact a liability given the realities of today’s offense. Now we the premium is placed on guys who can get after the QB, cover the middle of the field and lineup against the matchup nightmares presented by TEs and slot receivers. These LBs are necessarily smaller, and therefore less likely to be as stout as linebackers of the past.

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