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New York Giants Possibly Looking into Running Back BenJarvus Green-Ellis?

March 17th, 2012 at 12:07 PM
By Kyle Langan

Ian Rapport of the Boston Herald reports that BenJarvus Green-Ellis of the New England Patriots is actively shopping himself on the open market. And while the Patriots are open to bringing the reliable veteran back, they are not willing to over-pay for him with Shane Vereen and Steven Ridley in the fold. 

Green-Elliis visited with the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday and has a "mystery" suitor whom he is set up to visit with today. Rapport tells Giants 101 that it "wouldn't surprise him" if that team was the New York Giants

Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese would surely love to have a back like Green-Ellis in the fold after losing Brandon Jacobs. Green-Ellis has never once fumbled in his career and has scored 24 touchdowns over the last two seasons. Jacobs was the Giants touchdown vulture, scoring a franchise leading 56 rushing touchdowns in his career and another four receiving. 

Green-Ellis should not demand top dollar on the open market and is a young, durable player who is only 26 years old.


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62 Responses to “New York Giants Possibly Looking into Running Back BenJarvus Green-Ellis?”

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  1.  Krow says:

    For the right price it makes perfect sense. But I’ll believe it when it happens.

  2. Robert Hodgesrlhjr says:

    Not bad, high effort. And I suppose he would get no play with the Pat’s if he could not pick up the blitz.

  3. Terence CAVILLGIANTT says:

    Isnt what this is all about ? the money I mean – So, tell me something , if the Giants were only 500k away from signing BJ , why would they look at him (Green-Ellis ) considering that he isnt going to come here for a minimum or anything anywhere near it ?
    So the 2 questions are – how old is he and whats he looking for ?

    • Hes 26 coming off a rookie contract.

      He wants the biggest raise he can get.

      If that raise is equal or within about a million annually to Jacobs, its worth it. Hes 4 years younger and is a very good every down back.

    •  Kevros says:

      Because he doesn’t fumble and and rarely loses yardage. When you hand it off to the Law-firm you’re pretty confident you’re getting at least 3 yards with no fumble. Maybe not the ra-ra guy that BJ was, but I think he’s worth more on the field than Jacobs…

  4.  jfunk says:

    Hmm, yeah. I just don’t see the Giants out bidding the Pats. Unless he just wants to leave the Pats because he feels like it, I assume he’d stay there rather than jump ship for whatever the Giants put out there.

    • He may be losing out on playing time there with Woodhead, Vreen, and Ridley there. Eventually the Pats are going to want to see what they have in the 2 rookies they drafted last year.

      Theres no way the Pats can offer him money that say, any team looking to bring him in to split carries evenly with someone. Hes 1 of 4 there.

      He wants to be at least a 50% guy

  5.  Krow says:

    He’s a capable back who NEVER fumbles … and is good at the goal line and in short yardage. 4 years younger than Jacobs. He’d be perfect for 8-10 carries a game … and could do more if (when) Bradshaw gets hurt. However he’s not a receiving threat … not a 3rd-down guy in that sense.

  6.  Nosh says:

    Just picked up the Giants Super Bowl DVD and watched it for the first time. Good times. Going to go get drunk and celebrate our SB victory a little more!

  7. Fact of matter is, Jerry Reese likes to let the silly period die off so he can built leverage with guys in the FA market. Every day that Tolbert, BJGE, Jacobs, anyone doesn’t sign, the better for Reese.

    I think we want a veteran back, I just don’t think we are in a rush to bring one in.

  8. Robert Hodgesrlhjr says:


    Name calling? REALLY DUDE? I’ve resested for many months, but will resist no longer. And of course I’ll take the high road (comparatively speaking)
    which you certianly seem unable to find.


    P.S. I still remember your thoughts when my mom was ill. And wont ever forget you made sure to convey your best wishes. So these ar just superficiasal granades. Just so you know. Biotch…….

  9. And also, the publicly released story was they the Giants were only 500 k apart from Jacobs. I suspect theres a whole lot more to the story of us moving on, but thats just me.

    We stuck with this guy when he tossed his helmet into the stands, ripped the fans, and even a midst rumors of him requesting a trade early last season.

    Theres a more significant reason we let him go than a half a million dollars.

    •  TuckThis says:

      Antics aside, he’s just not a very good running back at this point. If Bradshaw goes down, there is no way he stands alone. I know everyone loves him…except me and a few others, but even for nothing do you want him to be your #2 ( or #1 with Bradshaw’s propensity for injury? ) running back?
      And maybe the Giants don’t see him as the locker room leader some of you do.
      I see him as a malcontent with a short fuse. Others look at that as an emotional leader. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :)

      It really is time to move on.

  10.  norm says:

    Apparently, Mario still unsigned by STL as of this morning.

    According to one Ram blog, the sticking point is – surprise, surprise – money:

    Mario Manningham came to town on Friday. The Rams would really like to sign him, but are not willing to overpay. Super Bowl hero or not, Manningham is not a guy who deserves $7 million a year. He is a solid X receiver who lives outside the numbers, something the Rams lack.

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