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New York Giants, Osi Umenyiora to “Redo” Contract in Coming Weeks?

March 16th, 2012 at 4:54 PM
By Dan Benton

All is currently quiet on the Osi Umenyiora front, but as the NFL Draft approaches, that is subject to change. Paul Dottino of WFAN tweeted on Thursday night that the he believes Osi and the New York Giants will soon begin discussing a new deal to keep the defensive end in blue.

"think will see redo (trade less likely) for osi in few wks," Dottino tweeted in response to a question about Osi's status.

As recently as late February, Umenyiora had been vocal about his desire to remain with the Giants – a far cry from his feelings following the NFL Lockout when he demanded a trade or significant pay increase.

“You know what’s so funny?” Umenyiora said. “If it came down to me taking less to stay here, I would.”

Due to earn a base salary of $3.975 million in 2012, Osi undoubtedly would still prefer a raise. And after watching Mario Williams haul in $100 million for six-years ($50 million guaranteed), there's got be some Benjamin's dancing in his head. Still, winning cures all and that's exactly what happened in 2011. Whether or not the good feelings continue to carry over … well, that remains to be seen.

In nine games last season, Umenyiora made 25 tackles, collected nine sacks and forced two fumbles. He added nine tackles, 3.5 sacks and forced an additional fumble in the playoffs.

He is in the final year of his current contract.


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30 Responses to “New York Giants, Osi Umenyiora to “Redo” Contract in Coming Weeks?”

  1.  wlubake says:

    Big signing bonus and backloaded contract should get it done.

    • Chad EldredChad says:

      And I really think it makes sense. Who do we get to replace him that will be as talented at a reasonable price? Absolute clowns are getting much more than Osi. Trading him makes no sense to me at this point. Are we going to find a second round DE that can do next season what Osi can do? Maybe, but not for next season. This isn’t rebuilding mode, it’s repeat mode. Get it done and let’s get another Super Bowl.

  2. Robert Hodgesrlhjr says:

    I think he gets signed too. I think Reese is prepaired either way.
    But if Osi leaves, Kiwi is back with his hand in the dirt.

    Burflict is (as I posted weeks ago) certifiable. Ultra talented, but in his own world.

  3.  giantsfan says:

    I just don’t see how any contract short of Mathis’ deal will keep Osi happy. And I don’t see Reese shelling out a similar Mathis deal.

  4.  Krow says:

    It’s not a problem paying Osi … it’ a problem paying the imaginary Osi that the real Osi thinks he is.

    See the real Osi is an incredible pass rusher. Maybe the best 3rd down specialist in the NFL. And that’s a huge, valuable talent. However the imaginary Osi is a 3 down player, a force against the run as well as the pass. He’s the second coming of Michael Strahan.

    The trouble is that the real Osi wants to get paid like the imaginary Osi would … if he existed … which he doesn’t.

    Clear? LOL

  5.  Krow says:

    The ‘real Osi’ would get a Justin Babin sized contract … $28 million over 5 years. The imaginary Osi wants what Mario Williams got.

  6.  Samardzija says:

    Tony pauline from SI:
    Word on Vontaze Burfict; not good in position drills (i’m watering that down)…as one scout told me “i actually felt bad for him”

    He might have to think about doing something else. He should be OK though, with his free degree from ASU and positive personal references he should be able to land on his feet no problem.

    •  TroyThorne says:

      The Jevan Snead of LBs. Rare to see a guy destroy his stock so badly over the course of a single season. Went from being talked about as a potential top 15 pick to lucky to make a scout team. Yikes,

  7.  TuckThis says:

    I have a hard time believing that Osi will take this all in stride. Yes, he wants to stay a Giant. I think I heard brandon jacobs say the same thing until he saw the contract. Stay tuned!

  8.  norm says:

    Looks like Mario is headed to the Rams.

    Best of luck, MM!

  9.  Chad Eldred says:

    Reports are saying the Falcons are going to re-sign Abraham. I’m anxious to see what the terms are for several reasons. First, is general curiosity to see if he gets anywhere near the 12million figure that he reportedly was expecting. Second, closer to home, is that whatever Abraham gets Osi would be more than justified in asking for himself. He is much younger than Abraham and slightly more durable.

    •  Samardzija says:

      3 year 21 mill

      •  Chad Eldred says:

        So I suppose the next question is who here thinks that is a reasonable number for Osi. I’m inclined to say it is. I’m saying that without regard for cap restraints, but simply based upon what the going rate seems to be. Of course, as Krow points out, real Osi may have different figure in mind based upon his imaginary performance.

  10.  jfunk says:

    Look, I hate that this Osi conversation on here happens in two separate universes.

    There are those people that say he can’t be given a new contract because we have too many younger guys to pay.

    Then there are those that compare his current production to current contracts being given and say he deserves it.

    Neither side seems willing to acknowledge that the other isn’t disagreeing with them.

    Those two points are not mutually exclusive. “Osi is great” is NOT a counter point to “We can’t afford Osi”. They are two separate points.

    I just feel like the “pay Osi” crowd is never offering potential suggestions for how to make that happen…they just want to keep everybody. That simply isn’t realistic. JR would LOVE to keep everybody too, but reality is in the way. Which young stud are you sacrificing for the privilege of watching Osi decline in Blue?

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