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NFL Season Doesn’t End When Football Concludes; Lots on Tap for New York Giants

February 22nd, 2012 at 6:12 PM
By Jen Polashock

The Big Game -the Super Bowl- marks the official end to the NFL Season. Most fans had their seasons “end” back in December and/or January. New York Giants fans are fortunate enough to enjoy a lack of finality for a few weeks more than fans from 31 other teams. It feels great to be the World Champions. Again.

However, the commonly spoken of high does only last so long. The fact that there are no more Giants games to prepare for is a harsh reality to face. While quite a number of die-hards are still basking in the XLVI glow, many have already shifted their focus onto other sports. Some choose to get deeper into their hockey teams fighting for playoff spots while others choose to watch every single basketball game and prepare for March Madness. And, hey – pitchers and catchers is already in effect for most MLB teams…

But what about the Big Blue Faithful that just cannot seem to let go- what do they do to “get their fix”? There’s still an NFL Schedule. It just doesn’t have actual games on it until August:

  • February 20: Application of Franchise Tag Begins
  • February 22-28: NFL National Combine
  • March 5: Franchise Tag Deadline
  • March 13: Free Agency Opens (4pm: Buckle up!)
  • Mid-March: College Pro-Days/personal workouts scheduled
  • March 25-28: NFL Owners’ Meeting
  • Mid-April: Team Offseason Programs Begin
  • Late-April: Full 2012 NFL Schedule Announced
  • April 26-28: 2012 NFL Draft
  • Mid-Late July: NFL Training Camps Open
  • August 4: Pro-Football Hall of Fame 2012 Class Enshrinement
  • August 5: Hall of Fame Game
  • Early August: NFL Training Camps Close/ Pre-Season Games Begin with Hall of Fame Game
  • Late August- Early September: Roster Cuts (x2)
  • September 6: 2012 NFL Regular Season Begins – with the New York Giants (at home, showing off Lombardi #4)

As one can see, there’s plenty to keep the football talk going until the regular season arrives. It’s just going to be fueled mostly by gridiron theory, hypotheses and, of course, opinion.

The NFL Combine has technically started and up until fairly recently, hasn’t been focused on much. Now that NFL Network televises these national workouts and covers them for almost a full week, it educates fans on invited NFL Draft prospects that were possibly never seen or heard of. 

NFL Free Agency is probably the most insane time, as the rumors and speculations from all over run a muck – until the actual team report comes out or an official statement is released. It can be so much fun and so aggravating all at once as it goes on for months. 

The NFL Draft changed its format a few years ago (2010) to a three-day event from the two-day format that was frankly draining. Day one is only the first round now and an evening of “expect the unexpected” and disappointment for some, honestly. Either way, it’s where teams begin to take their upcoming season form. It’s where the scouting draft boards make or break a team for the future. Teams’ compensatory draft picks should be announced after the Owners’ Meetings in March.

Post-Draft is where the real lull begins and any news is chomped at from May through mid-July…until the training camps officially open and reports begin to flow in. Anticipation slowly builds for the first real snap of the rock – in the Hall of Fame Game, August 5, 2012.

Hey, it’s live football and a pre-cursor to September 6.


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22 Responses to “NFL Season Doesn’t End When Football Concludes; Lots on Tap for New York Giants”

  1.  Dirt says:

    I like Collinsworth – he’s one of my favorites, maybe my favorite color guy. But he has been and was again wrong on Manningham “running poor routes” in the Super Bowl and before.

    I guess I’m struggling to understand how a player 40 yards down field, who first steps out of bounds the instant the ball hits his hands, wasn’t led there by a quarterback who threw a ball 3-4 seconds before he went out of bounds from roughly 45-50 yards away.

    Sure, maybe he was closer down the line than you might like. But, A) the outside is where the defenders are not, and B) if he allegedly has his guy beat, his quarterback doesn’t have to throw the ball beyond the plane of the sideline.

    •  norm says:

      Call it the “Hierarchy of Blame.”

      It’s a pretty simple principle and goes something like this: If Eli is under pressure and throws any sort of bad ball it’s Baas’ fault. If a ball lands incomplete anywhere near Mario, it’s the receiver’s fault. If none of the above conditions apply, it’s Eli’s fault.

      Those three simple rules will help to explain roughly 90-95% of all breakdowns by the Giants’ offense. Much in the same way that any breakdowns by the Knicks offense from here on out will be the fault of Carmelo Anthony. Same principle.

    •  Krow says:

      What I find amusing is that Nicks ran as many bad routes … and dropped way more balls … yet he’s on the HOF express and Mario is some dumba$$ we can easily replace.

      I think players just get a reputation. And whether it’s deserved or not it gains a life of its own. I can remember people stumping for Barden to replace Mario. Because Barden has a positive rep. He’s this big target guy who’s wonderful in the Red Zone. Yet in 3 years he’s caught a lousy 15 balls … and never scored a TD.

      Over the same stretch of time Mario has 156 catches, 2200+ yards, and 18 TDs.

      Bring on Barden. What can I say?

      •  romu says:

        Nicks had 8 drops on 84 catchable balls.
        Manningham 6 on 45.
        Cruz 11 on 93.

        Don’t just throw stuff like “Nicks dropped way more balls” when clearly you haven’t checked the numbers.

    •  jfunk says:

      The QB has to throw the ball outside the receiver, away from the defender. The closer the defender is to the sideline, the less margin for error the QB has.

      Regardless, Mario should have gotten both feet down on that catch. He didn’t know where he was and took a stride instead of dragging his foot. JAMME. Just Another Mario Mental Error.

      I love the guy and want him back, but can’t for the life of me figure out why some on this site have decided there is no middle ground between “he’s terrible” and “he’s god’s gift to route running and the most important piece of the Giants offense”.

      Mario may be the best #3 in the league and the Giants offense WILL take a hit if we lose him. That doesn’t mean his FKups are not real.

      •  Dirt says:

        I 100% agree – middle ground.

        But let us all not pretend the balls are all being thrown with plenty of real estate. That he had to drag toes puts a little of the balme on his QB.

        Also, keep in mind the context of the debate: whether or not he merits keeping around.

        Answer: Yes. Pointing out a few incompletions notwithstanding.

  2.  Krow says:

    In other news … how dare Brady Quinn say anything even remotely negative about the Son of God? Surely he’s missed his shot at the Rapture now.

  3. As one of the biggest Manningham supporters, I must say none of us know exactly how many times he or Nicks ran the wrong route.

    What I can say is that if Manningham runs more routes correctly than Nicks why isn’t he targeted more than Nicks?

    And on the occasion that Mario does wrong the wrong route it usually results is something bad.

    See: Golston INT in the 1st SF game

    Josh Wilson INT in Washington game

    That said, he has RARELY if ever failed in the clutch. The dude is indefensible running that 20 or so yard fade in the back of the end zone. Also the fact that he makes so many acrobatic catches near the sideline will sometimes lead him to have 1 or 2 mishaps and squeeze routes too tightly.

    If Manningham is smart he will realize that this system fits his skillset and that having the luxury of seeing #3 corners while also having Manning as his QB greatly bolsters his value.

    His minor errors will be extenuated in other places where he will get less opportunities even if he is a 1 or a 2.

    Again. I am a huge Manningham fan and even said that he reminded me of a poor mans Randy Moss when he was coming out of the draft.

    Thing is, poor teams overpay for poor man’s Randy Mosses

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I have been a MM supporter and thought he really got too much blame in 2010. I thought MM had less errors than Nicks in 2010. In 2011, my issue was that there were several games he didn’t come up with that SB catch. SF game #1 and GB game #1 come to mind. That being said I think MM has a lot of value and is definitely a high level #2 in the NFL. Given that he’s out of our price range.

    I’m not even sure if we can afford to pay him if it’s smart to do so because we have to re-sign Nicks and Cruz soon. Whatever MM gets, Nicks and Cruz will get more so we would be spending a lot on our WR corp. It seems to make business sense not to sign him long term. But MM does have skills and a familarity with the offense that’s nearly impossible to replace in 2012. The only possible way I see MM returning if he agrees to a 1 or 2 year deal like Finley just did. Or a contract that has an out for us after 1 or 2 years like Peyton’s did.

  5.  wrdag says:

    With a potential franchise-tag fight over whether he’s a tight end or a receiver looming, Jermichael Finley and the Packers have come to terms on a new contract.

    According to a league source, a two-year deal was finalized on Wednesday.  The contract has a total value of just under $15 million.

    The average value of the deal — $7.5 million — roughly splits the difference between the tight end franchise tender of $5.4 million and the receiver franchise tender of $9.4 million.  And it gives Finley another crack at the open market in 2014, when the new TV money will have kicked in and driven up the salary cap.

    In light of the new contract, the question of whether Finley is a tight end or a receiver won’t be as significant the next time Finley is due to hit the market.  Based on the 2013 cap number in Finley’s deal, a 120-percent increase would put the tender for Finley over $10 million.

    The deal also gives the Packers protection against the possibility that Finley’s potential never will fully be fulfilled, due either to injuries or ineffectiveness.  Though Finley enjoyed the best season of his career in 2011, he generated only 767 receiving yards and eight touchdowns, and he has no Pro Bowl appearances.

    But his unique skills create matchup problems.  Too fast to cover with a linebacker and too large to cover with a defensive back, Finley could have the same impact as Rob Gronkowski, if/when Finley puts it all together.

    If Finley can do it in the next two years, he’ll be on the verge of free agency again — at a time when Gronkowski will either have been re-signed by the Patriots or limited by the franchise tag.

    UPDATE 8:35 p.m. ET:  Finley confirms the deal on Twitter.  “It’s TRUE!” he writes.  “Thank you so much to the Packers organization, all of my fans, and my beautiful wife.”

  6.  jfunk says:

    Yep. The Giants should desperately want MM back. Our offense simply cannot be as good in 2012 without him as it could be with him. Nobody can replace what he’s done for us in year 1.

    I agree the only way we keep him is if it’s on some sort of short term deal. 1-3 more years, possibly with easy outs on either side. Something where Mario can be enticed by being on a strong contender with the possibility to drive his value up even more and strike when the cap is higher and he’s not facing such stiff competition in the FA market in exchange for taking less than current market value for the short term.

    The only other way I see us keeping him is if Jerry steps up and offers him REAL money. That would make me sad, because that would say to me that Jerry has looked into the future and sees no possible way to keep both Cruz and Nicks beyond the next couple of years. He may see them both drawing legitimate Super Star money and feel there’s no way to pay two such players.

    Also, on the subject of Nicks miscues vs. MM. I really do love me some Mario, and Cruz is a human highlight reel. That being said, Nicks is still the clear, unquestionable #1 WR here and the one I would most want to keep. Yes, he’s made his fare share of mistakes, but he’s also made more big plays and done so with more consistency. He’s also got the biggest burden. Nicks is playing a legitimate “true #1 WR” role in this offense. He lines up at X, draws constant doubles, and STILL produces at an elite level.

    Look how long it took teams to decide they had to roll some coverage towards Cruz this year despite his highlight reel catch & runs every week. Why? Because they knew taking coverage off of Nicks simply wasn’t an option. It seems to have gone somewhat under the radar that Nicks just had one of the most prolific post season receiving years in history. The Patriots sold out to stop him & Cruz. They were mostly successful with Cruz…Hakeem TORE THEM UP.

    His late season stretch where he got a bad case of the dropsies was disappointing, but he bounced back in a BIG way.

    •  Dirt says:

      For the record, for all the defending of MM I do, I would do a whole lot knobslobbing for Nicks if it was necessary. Like arguing the sky is blue and the sun rises in the East, it goes without saying that Nicks is the man. And I WILL educate you should you ever step to me saying otherwise (you being the hypothetical “you”).

  7. Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

    I will say again what I’ve said numerous times.

    Hakeem Nicks is going to Canton. He is a faster version of Michael Irvin only limited a bit by the fact that zebras will not allow him to use his superior strength to just push off defenders the way Irvin did throughout his career. Forget anyone displacing him as our #1 receiver. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Victor Cruz has clearly proved the real deal and looks to me like he will be the best slot receiver in the NFL for years to come and indefensible in the slot because the only corners who have a real chance against him are #1 corners and they’re busy with Nicks. Whether he could be consistently as successful on the outside is still to be proved. It looks like he could be, but the proof would have to be in the pudding. he’s a star, but I hope he can stay in the slot.

    Mario Manningham may have overtaken Chris Canty, Mathias Kiwanuka, Brandon Jacobs and Aaron Ross as the most underrated member of the Giants. He could be kept on a three-year deal and that would NOT ruin their budget at wide receiver because they can back-load the deal or give him and the team an out in the third year. More importantly, the trio of Nicks, Cruz and Manningham guarantees against injury to any one of them; guarantees that the guy who may right now be the best quarterback in the league continues to have an unstoppable passing offense; and nearly guarantees that they could compete to get deep into the playoffs for the length of Mario’s deal (during which they can groom his successor, who may well not yet be on the team but will come via the draft).

    It’s a no-brainer. You try, HARD, to keep him. Thankfully for many, I’m sure, this is my last screed on this topic. I’m sick of arguing the point. Almost as sick as I was of arguing in 2006 that Eli Manning was going to be an elite quarterback based on the skills and personality he had already shown. My point this time around seems just as obvious to me as my point back then did.

  8.  Dirt says:

    Well, I suppose if we’ve now come to the conclusion that Manningham isn’t Jerry Rice that we should at least expect 0 mistakes from him. Perhaps since he’s going to fetch such huge deal from some suckers and we have no chance at him (nor should we!), maybe we can arrange for a sign-and-trade with receiver-needy New England and get Green-Ellis in return. I hear he’s never fumbled, which means he’s probably overall better than most running backs in football. They don’t run the ball anyway, so maybe it could work out.

    Next step: if we can get our quarterback to get through 16 games without throwing a pick. Only then will he justify that big contract (which is why we have the worst cap situation in football, by the way). As you know, those mistakes are killer. No wonder why not everyone’s on board with the Eli to HOF talk.

  9.  Nosh says:

    Terrible news about Bass staying as he is awful.

    But good news for Bass is, because of the negative comments towards him and his propensity to suck for the entire 2011 season, fans here on G101 have come to the mans defense in record numbers.

    Hurry, don’t miss out on your chance to get on the “Make excuses for David Bass” bandwagon. It’s filling up quickly.

    Me and Kujo however will not be joining the “David Bass will be better next year” chants. Instead we’ll be throwing rotten vegetables at him while making it rain with Manningham spending his fat new contract from some team other than the Giants.

    Seriously though I don’t hate David Bass. Hate is a strong word and one I reserve only for the Wilpons and Eagles. Bass I just think is soft and unskilled.

    Talk to you guys at draft time.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    I don’t think we are debating MM’s quality as a player for us. I think we should discuss what re-signing MM will mean in regards to keeping other players. Can we keep Osi, Jacobs, TT/Ross, Goff for 2012 in we re-sign MM? Will re-signing MM cause problems keeping both Cruz and Nicks in the future? I think that’s really at the heart of the MM dicussion.

    I will assume that whatever we do with MM will allow us to re-sign both Nicks & Cruz in the future.

    I think out of the above players only Osi is more important than MM for us to keep. While there will be great question about the worth of TT and/or Ross I still have concern about letting both of them go. If you let both of them go if a 2012 type injury occurs to either starter we are relying on guys like Witherspoon and Coe to fill huge roles. I think CB could become a big need if we don’t keep either player.

    Just thinking about the possiible numbers it seems that re-signing MM will likely cost us 4 out of the 5 between Osi (via trade so we would have additional picks), Jacobs, TT, Ross and Goff. I know F55 thinks its worth it but I just wonder how others feel about it. I’m not sure what the best course of action would be.

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