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Super Bowl No Fluke for New York Giants; Extra Work Has Them Win Away from Title

January 31st, 2012 at 3:24 PM
By Dan Benton

From Pop Warner to the NFL, it's drilled into an athlete's head that practice makes perfect. The harder you practice, the harder you'll play; the more you study, the better you'll perform.

That lesson is not just about the words, it's about the meaning. It's something that's lost on many athletes at all levels of competition. Some feel they need to do just enough to get by and if that doesn't get the job done, then so be it. They forget that although this is a game, it's also a business. And like most businesses, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

For the New York Giants, there are few weaknesses. Not because they are all-world -they'll be the first to tell you that's not the case- but because they do more than "just enough."

All week long we've heard about Eli Manning and his group of wide receivers studying more film than is required by Tom Coughlin and his staff. We've heard about Jason Pierre-Paul sponging up every bit of knowledge he possibly can from teammates Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. And we've heard about the defensive backs critiquing each other and their play from previous weeks in an order to eliminate any small holes in their game.

This is nothing new for Big Blue. During the NFL Lockout, nearly every member of the team showed up at voluntary workouts that were held in New Jersey.

Maybe it was that very lockout that rekindled their love of football. Maybe they've got nothing better to do. Or maybe they strive to be the best they possibly can because they hate to lose.

“It's not [extra work] if you want to win,” Corey Webster said.

There are pundits who believe, once again, the Giants have "fluked" their way to the Super Bowl. That a 9-7 team just got lucky along the way, caught a few breaks and happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Anyone who watches the Giants on a weekly basis however, would strongly disagree with that assertion.

There's nothing lucky about this Giants team; they haven't fluked their way into anything. Rather, and once again, it's been resiliency that's carried them this far. They've overcome an NFL Lockout, personnel changes, catastrophic injuries and personal tragedy to get where they are today. They're playing in Super Bowl XLVI not because of a few favorable bounces, but because they've mentally and physically pushed themselves to the limits in order to succeed.


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20 Responses to “Super Bowl No Fluke for New York Giants; Extra Work Has Them Win Away from Title”

  1.  giantsfan says:

    Great article Dan.

    We rarely get the positive credit we deserve. Odd that is considering NYC is the spotlight of all sports.

    But if the NY Giants can go on and win this superbowl convincingly, then all doubts would be put to rest. I see our team being very strong for the foreseeable future.

  2. Dave CoughlinFoxlin21 says:

    Why have the Giants been one of the more disrespected Football teams over the last 10 years?

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Because they aren’t flashy. They’re Eli. Seriously, their overall persona is that of their QB and since he’s not flashy and rah rah, they’re misinterpreted as “lucky” instead of good.

      • Dave CoughlinFoxlin21 says:

        Yea I guess that is a good take on it. The second Eli starts making plays he just gets attacked for the look on his face as he makes them

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Yeah it really is Eli. I had a heated argument with some non Giant fan friends in august saying that Eli can play. You have no idea how much heat I got. I told them Eli was getting better every year. The fans that follow closely could tell but to the outsiders they still saw that same ole Eli. This year has really validated Eli’s career up until this point. By midseason, everyone agreed Eli was playing really well and now we don’t have any arguments. I think going forward the giants won’t be underrated because now Eli final has true respect.

  3. Terrance ThomasTerrence T says:

    Fox thAts a good ?

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I agree with the article Kujo posted about our OL. We did lose Beatty and Bass for several games and probably has never However, I just don’t think the Pats have the horses to take advantage of that weakness. Wilfork is a load but I feel like because he’s not around better teammates we can keep him under control. Anderson is decent but just a very poor man’s Osi. Everyone else is blah.

  5.  Nosh says:

    Pundits are criticizing the Giants?

    Maybe you guys haven’t watched ESPN the past 9 days, it’s been an Eli/TC circle jerc. With both being mentioned in the same sentence as the word “Hall Of Fame”.

    The Giants have gotten more love this week than most pornstars get in a lifetime.

  6.  Nosh says:

    Now for some gloating.

    The week leading up to the Niners game I worried out loud about the matchup for us. We don’t match up well with a physical D like the niners in the mud, and clearly, after watching the NFC Title game, I was right to be worried. This just confirms the undeniable fact that I’m a Football genius, prophet, and a sexual icon. So I offer you some thoughts on the SB matchup.

    - I am extremely confident about the SB which can only be a bad thing as the Giants always choke when I feel this confident in them.

    - Only 3 concerns about this matchup.

    1. Bellicheck is smart. And will probably come up with a good game plan.

    2. This is Tom Brady’s 5th SB. He is very good.

    3. Our o-line is soft. Vince Wilfork vs. David Bass could single handedly ruin our chance at another Lombardi trophy.

    I love Jerry Reese. Basically drink his bath water. And I loved the Bass signing at the time. But no Giant has disappointed me more than him. He stinks. And seems to have the uncanny ability to spread his suck-titude around our entire OL.

    Bottom Line: Our D should be good enough. The Patriots will get their share of points because they are a very good offense, but I think our D will do a good enough job to win the game.

    We know Eli will show up. And hopefully the WR’s don’t come down with a random case of the dropsies like the Packers did a few weeks ago.

    The game, in my opinion, is won or lost by our O Line. Forget run blocking, thats not gonna happen with this group. But they absolutely have to protect Eli.

    If they protect #10 I think we win the game. If they don’t then I think the Pats win.

    And that is Nosh’s most important matchup of the game: Giants OL vs Pats pass rush.

    And remember, these words are coming from a football wizard. Disagree at your own risk.

    •  norm says:

      “I am extremely confident about the SB which can only be a bad thing as the Giants always choke when I feel this confident in them.”

      We need to be more scientific about this.

      We need to find some way to empirically validate the legitimacy of those fans who claim that their feelings, their actions, their superstitions impact the Giants performance on the field. Any and all fans whose claims are ascertained to be legit should be offered employment with the club forthwith.

      I know I’d like to throw my hat in the ring.

      My sister has lived in Las Vegas since 2002. Every year – on President’s Day weekend – I fly out there to visit her. She takes me to her favorite Sports Book where I dutifully place a $50 futures bet on the Giants to win the Super Bowl. There have been only two years in which something came up and I could not make the trip. Those years were 2007 and 2011. Those were the only two years since 2002 in which I did not bet $50 on the Giants (I don’t bet online and I won’t go to Vegas later in the year as I hate hot weather)

      Should the Giants close the deal on Sunday, I’d like to think that my failure to profit from it financially was, at least in some small measure, responsible for their success.

  7.  norm says:

    Perhaps the Giants’ “luckiest” break of the entire post season occurred in a game that they did not even play in.

    When Billy Cundiff inexplicably pushed his chip shot FG wide to the left, it ensured a far more favorable match-up for the G-Men in the Super Bowl.

    I see the Pats as a watered down version of the Pack team that these Giants rolled just a little over two weeks ago. Their big difference is that the Pack have five legit receiving threats and a QB who is equally dangerous in or out of the pocket. NE, on the other hand, has only three real receiving threats (or 2 1/2 if Gronk’s injury is as bad as advertised) and a QB who needs to throw from out of a clean pocket to be effective. Defensively, the two teams are similarly constructed… and flawed. Each has a good Nose Tackle (although Wilfork > Raji); no real pass rush (although Tropicana Matthews is better than anyone on NE); and highly suspect secondaries.

    A Super Bowl date with the Ravens, I suspect, would have looked a lot more like the NFCC game against the Niners. Don’t need to remind anyone here what a near run thing that one was. Not sure I would have wanted to live through that again. While I still would have liked the Giants chances, there’s just no denying that the Giants match up much better against New England than they would have against Baltimore. The only reason we are not faced with that scenario is because a professional NFL placekicker missed a kick that he typically makes 85% of the time.

    That’s your lucky break.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      + 1000

      I agree completely. I wanted the Ravens to win as a football fan and thought they would win. But as a match up for us we got lucky. Suggs and Ngata vs our OL could have been trouble. Their OL is physical and could run it vs us. I think if we were facing the Ravens this site would be a lot more busy because there would be a lot more fear. The Pats have 5 players that scare you but that’s it. It’s hard not to be confident against a similar but lessor foe than the GB team we handled on the road.

      • nick defoeSwantonBomb56 says:

        I disagree. Who would you rather face? Brady or Flacco? not even debatable in my eyes… Ravens D is physical but other than Reed that secondary isnt very impressive…

  8.  TuckThis says:

    You mean we’ve run out of lucky breaks? uh oh!

  9.  Krow says:

    Arghhhh just play … all the hype is making me a nervous wreck.

  10. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    This need to cast ourselves as the paschal lamb in the Passion of the Super Bowl is just retarded. We’re in the g0ddamn SUPER BOWL! Who cares what this guy or that guy is saying? You think the moronical vaginating of Skip Bayless or some other idiot means anything? Who cares?!

    The sh*theads who talk sh*t still do so to their own embarrassment.

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