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Name Your Favorite Giants Super Bowl Moment for a Chance to Win $10 Giants NFL Shop Coupon

January 31st, 2012 at 8:23 AM
By Dan Benton

What is your favorite New York Giants Super Bowl moment? Is it Phil Simms' pass going off of Mark Bavaro's hands into the arms of Phil McConkey? Is it wide right? Is it E-to-Tyree? Whatever it is, let us know for your chance to win a $10 coupon to Giants NFL Shop.

Simply post a comment below this article naming your favorite Giants Super Bowl moment and you will be automatically entered to win a $10 coupon to the Giants NFL Shop. It's limited to one entry per person, and all three winners (selected at random) will be announced on Friday night.

Win or lose, make sure you head over to the Giants NFL Shop to purchase your NFC Championship gear and, hopefully, some Super Bowl XLVI championship gear beginning on Sunday night.

Good luck!


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29 Responses to “Name Your Favorite Giants Super Bowl Moment for a Chance to Win $10 Giants NFL Shop Coupon”

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  1.  Andrew Cattani says:

    My Favorite memory is when there was a loose ball and somehow bradshaw got to it and flung it about 10 yard up field and somehow we retained possession

  2.  Gregory Diamond says:

    The Super Bowl Moment I thought was the most discerning was the the first play of the Last Super Bowl (42) with Brady in the Pocket and Osi coming to get him. Brady looked as if he was scared, very scared. That Moment set the tone for the rest of the game as Brady knows, he spent most of the time on his back.

  3.  Damian Jurzyk says:

    Jay Alford sacking Brady at the end of the game in 2007

    •  NC Giant says:

      100% AGREE…by far my favorite image of SB 42. I shed a tear when it became a reality that Alford was not going to become a “regular” on our line for years to come…but that memory will live with me forever.

  4.  Dirt says:

    It wasn’t the Tyree catch, but it was right after. After me settling down after lots of fist bumps and hugs after the catch, FOX had gone from all the replays back to live action. And that was the moment. Just seeing the ball spotted on the 28 yard line (I think). You knew they were about to win.


    Dirt says:
    January 31, 2012 at 8:18 AM
    I’m nervous. This Pats team has found a way to win 10 straight games. 21 point hole? 49 unanswered. Ball in receiver’s hands in the end zone? Bat it away.

    Then you have to look at some of the Giants key guys. Edelman can stop Cruz, but can Cruz? Can a kid out of nowhere show up and keep his composure on the biggest day of his life? Manningham? Nicks? You know, the 3 guys that make the offense go and are on the receiving end of all those clutch Eli passes? Do they press to make the big play and break their route the wrong way, causing an easy pick? Does Bradshaw, as he’s done in so many less significant games before, fight for those extra yards and put the ball on the ground? Does the no huddle attack get the Giants in a substitutional mismatch as it’s done many times, and wear down the critical pass rush along the way? Does Derrick Martin pick up 30 penalty yards on punt returns, pinning Eli deep all day long?

    This feels like one of those games the Giants *should* win. And, as we’ve seen time and time again, that can be all they need to play the worst game of the season.

  5. Demitri ZoubroulisTURKISH says:

    1990 NFC Championship game. Leonard Marshall buried Joe Montana’s career as a 49er.

  6. Jim StollJim Stoll says:

    if restricted to a super bowl moment, there was an Otis Anderson run against the Bills in which Otis came through the line and as a DB was about to tackle him, he pulled his right arm back and drove it forward like an uppercut into the defender’s helmet (roughly like a stiff-arm I guess), sent the defender to the ground and kept on rumbling. Part of one of two 2d half 9 minute drives.

  7. Jeff Levito says:

    It’s the Tyree catch for me. I mean, just the range of emotions I went through during those 10 seconds was insane. Excitement because of the drive downfield, and Boss had just had a huge catch and run, then fear as Eli’s about to get sacked putting the Giants in 4th and long, then amazement that Eli somehow escaped, followed by worry that after all of that, he was about to end the game with an INT, then shock that Tyree managed to hold onto that ball off of his helmet. And finally a calmness, knowing that after that play, there was no question the Giants were going to score a TD and win.

  8.  TuckThis says:

    Now I’m really nervous. Jaws picked the Giants 27-20. Yikes.

  9. Dave CoughlinFoxlin21 says:

    Giants vs Green Bay Packers January 20, 2008

    To me Antonio Pierce had one of the more under rated plays of the 2008 Super Bowl run. On a screen pass to Brandon Jackson Antonio rights of the pulling GB guard and unconventionally breaks through another blocker to bring down Jackson. It was the most athletic plays by any stretch but he just didn’t stop fighting, didnt stop he legs from driving to blow up that screen pass. If he doesn’t make that play it goes for 6pts and who knows if they rest of history falls into place…

    •  giantsfan says:

      He was blocked by three guys, and still somehow was able to hang on to the RB long enough for the rest of the defense! It was an incredible play!

  10.  norm says:


    Looks as if complacency has set in and rendered everyone around here mute. With just about every pundit outside of the Greater Boston area now on the Giants bandwagon, it seems every possible angle has already been discussed ad nauseum. We’ve repeatedly heard about Gronk’s bad ankle – and how that favors the Giants; the weak NE secondary – and how that favors the Giants; the NY pass rush vs. the immobile Brady – and how that favors the Giants. And so on and so forth – and how that favors the Giants.

    What’s there left to say, really? The media having cornered the market on Big Blue accolades, there’s nothing we can possibly add on that score. Which means it now falls upon the naysayers to step into the void and shake G101 out of its present torpor.

    Seeing as how most of our regular naysayers are presently using this opportunity for some well earned R & R, I’ve taken it upon myself to fill the role of Negative Nellie. With that in mind, I’m here to urge you not to believe all the hype being peddled by the likes of ESPN, the NFL Network, and every sports talk radio host outside of the New England region. Instead, I’m here to give you a much needed jolt of The Truth.

    The Giants have no shot on Sunday. None. Zilch. Zero. Zip. Nada. Here’s what’s in store; the Horror that awaits us all:

    - Killdrive is going to remind everyone why he was the most hated man in East Rutherford for six years running. Of the only four trips the Giants make into the Red Zone, three result in made field goals and one in a 33-yard miss by Tynes.

    - Eli will show everyone why he should never again be mentioned in the same paragraph – let alone the same sentence – as the Immortal Drew Brees. He finishes the game with a paltry 11 completions, 3 of them to Patriot defenders. Two of the picks are made by Julian Edelman who takes one to the house.

    - Belichick and Brady utterly neutralize the Giants pass rush with a steady diet of screens and misdirections. The law firm of Benn, Jarvis, Green & Ellis racks up almost 200 total billable hours on its own. Even the badly hobbled Gronkowski catches a TD and eschews his trademark spike in favor of a one-legged salsa dance.

    - When the Patriot offense surpasses 500 total yards midway through the fourth quarter, a mob of irate Giants fans storms the front offices of Lucas Oil Stadium; commandeers all the fax machines; and sends out copies of Fewell’s resume to every Division II & III school in the country that has any coaching vacancies.

    - The Patriots wind up winning 38-9. The spectacular display of ineptitude by the Giants in all phases of the game results in the highest number of page hits ever on Giants 101. Even Frank K. returns from his self imposed exile to partake in the orgy of outrage and disgust. Eventually order is restored with endless threads calling for the firing of the entire coaching staff and a complete housecleaning of the front office and roster.

    Hope that helped everyone feel better; that Karmic Order has been restored to the universe. Hang on in there, gang. Life will be returning to normal around here soon enough.

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