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New England Patriots’ Tom Brady Tells Fans There Will Be a Party “Next Week”

January 29th, 2012 at 1:20 PM
By Dan Benton

Approximately 25,000 New England Patriots fans showed up to send Bill Belichick & Co. off to Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon. It was quite the star-studded affair, but the real surprise came when quarterback Tom Brady addressed the crowd and said he'd like to see even more fans at the Super Bowl XLVI after party.

"Hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next week," Brady said.

This story has been written before. We saw it in 2007 when Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had purchased tickets to Green Bay and then again prior to Super Bowl XLII when the Boston Globe published and began selling the book "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots." It reared its ugly head again last weekend when San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis began promoting his NFC Championship after party.

Needless to say, all of these plans were ruined courtesy of Big Blue.

The smug arrogance is just something that doesn't sit well with the New York Giants, who admitted in 2007 it made them mad, and this is likely to be no different. Once again the underdogs (started as 3 points dogs in Vegas), Big Blue will look to prove the world wrong and "fluke" their way to another Lombardi Trophy.


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22 Responses to “New England Patriots’ Tom Brady Tells Fans There Will Be a Party “Next Week””

  1.  norm says:

    C’mon, Dan.

    Y’know, I loves ya like the breeze (as opposed to the Brees) but could we please dispense with the whole “disrespect” thing already?

    It just does not mesh with reality. Seems I can’t turn around nowadays without tripping over a half dozen “experts” who are selecting the Giants to win in a walk. They may be underdogs on The Strip but they sure don’t seem to be anywhere else. At least not according to the half-baked conventional wisdom that is spooned out to me hourly by the good folks who populate Sportscenter and sportstalkradio.

    As for Brady’s comments? That’s just Brady being Brady, aka a smug little sh!t who does not respect anyone who is not married to a supermodel or is invited by the president to sit in the audience and be singled out for special recognition at the State of the Union. Far as Tom Brady is concerned, this is a Tom Brady world and the rest of us – including the NY Giants – just live in it to serve as his bit players. And most of the time, he’s probably right. Just not on February 5, 2011.

  2.  TuckThis says:

    despite our disdain, Brady will go down in history as one of the all time great QBs…like it or not, so why is his being confident even a story?

    And who among you would not have liked to have his life ( and/or wife) Come on…fess up! LOL!

    •  norm says:

      I sure would not want to have his life for three hours one week from today.

      As the immortal Walter Sobchak would say “Brady, my friend, you’re entering a world of pain.”

    •  norm says:

      Before I install Brady in the pantheon of All-Time Greats, I’d like to see him win at least one SB without relying on the services of Matt Walsh and his crack team of videographers.

      Until then, I’ll consider him a really good (hell, make that great) “system QB” whose team did not miss a beat when he was lost for the year and replaced with Matt Freakin’ Cassel.

      On the other side of the coin, over in Indy, Peyton Manning misses the year and the team struggles to win two games without him. And were Eli Manning removed from the 2011 Giants, you’re looking at a team that would have been lucky to go 4-12.

      • Heather Lefkovenjm0m says:

        Norm hits the nail again. System QB’s, both GB and NE can survive with out the genius’s they call Brady and Rodgers. However we have many thanks to our dopey QB I prefer to call Iceman one Eli Manning for who without our addiction would be in the mists of withdraw.

  3.  Valid says:

    Meh, as was already said, this is just Brady being Brady. If the Giants need Brady’s comments as extra motivation to win the Super Bowl, then they shouldn’t be here. The Lombardi trophy itself should be all the motivation they need.

  4.  Dan Smith says:

    He said “hopefully”.

    You think he means “we’re having a party, hopefully more than 15000 will be there”, or “hopefully we’ll be having a party”.

    Clearly the latter.


    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Certainly going with the former. He didn’t say “if” we have a party, he said “at our party.” He’s hoping they have more than 15,000 fans next week, at their “party.”

      •  Dan Smith says:

        I know you’re going with the former. It wouldn’t be a story if you didn’t.

        The point is Brady preceded his statement with the following, per ESPN:

        “We’re going to give it our best”.

        Not exactly the language of cast-iron guarantee, is it? If I ask you whether or not you’ll be able to manage to avoid posting nonsense in the run up to the Superbowl and you say you’ll do your best, I’d assume their’s a pretty good chance you think you may fail.

        Guess what? Both teams have planned a winners party. That’s right – even the humble NY Giants. Both teams hope theirs will go ahead with tens of thousands of fans present.

        “We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend” is manifestly not intended as a guarantee of their being a winners party. When you quote the whole statement which, for obvious reasons, you didn’t, it’s clear it is not laden with any of the arrogance or over-confidence that you’re knowingly incorrectly inferring.

  5. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    Pretty sure these comments fall under the “innocuous” column. No more inflammatory than JPP’s comments after the Falcons game, or Jerry Reese’s comments prior to this season vis a vis the team he assembled being a “playoff team.”

  6.  axr29 says:

    So with the boredom of no football I got to thinking today how great of a position this team is in for the future. We will in all likely hood have Terrell Thomas, Marvin Austin and Goff added to the roster next year. Hopefully bringing back Mario and find a veteran for the offensive line. Then factor in the “experience factor” for Prince, Jones, Williams, Cruz, etc. Kenny Phillips is another year removed from surgery and Antrel Rolle is playing the best he has in a Giant uniform. Plus the coordinators finally seem to get it.

    And this is all before we enter the draft. If we could hit a home run with out first two, maybe three picks, we could set ourselves up for a chance at a great run.

    Saw a mock today that had us getting Hightower and Lamar Miller. Hightower is iffy because of the injuries, but man Miller would do wonders for our kick return game, hell do everything that we wanted Scott to do.

    • Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

      There’s even more, and I’ve been talking about it for quite some time. You have to add in that the team will probably have its choice of Witherspoon, Johnson, Tryon, and Coe as depth at defensive back; that Clint Sintim and Adrian Tracy will be in camp; that there’s a reason they kept Hendricks around this season on the Practice team (probably so they have a primary alternative to Bernard as the #4 DT); that James Brewer and Selvish Capers might be ready to compete for playing time on the O-line; and that there’s probably a decent reason they kept Andre Brown around all season (you’d have to think that his health continues to improve and they think he can break into the rotation in 2012, or at least compete hard to do so, because otherwise his spot would have been far better spent on someone who might be a really top punt returner, and they let a few of them go).

      The future looks VERY bright. But first let’s go win a Lombardi Trophy and then worry about the weeks thereafter.

  7. Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

    Have to say that I know Brady, and he is a very nice, solid, young man. I wish I could say otherwise, but to know him is to like him, a lot. And it isn’t his fault that his looks, his money, his job and his spouse make most men weak with envy. That’s just the way the world works.

    Did he get a bit cocky in 2007? Yes. Did he intend to sound cocky this time around. No way. he knows he will be in a serious fight in which he may well be overmatched. I’m not castigating Dan. These kinds of quotes are meat for the grinder. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Tom Brady is for one second taking anything for granted this time around.

    Let me end this by saying that I’d venture to say that two of the very best “character” guys at quarterback in the league are going to be facing each other a week from today. It doesn’t diminish Eli to admit that Brady is a good guy and also an awfully tremendous QB. He is both.

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