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New York Giants Planning Trip to Indianapolis as They Sport Super Monday Morning Hangover

January 23rd, 2012 at 8:46 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants are going to the Super Bowl. Let that sink in for a moment. The New York Football Giants will play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

When you look back on the season that was, it's difficult to believe this once 7-7 team would be on their way to Indianapolis fighting for another Super Bowl championship, yet here they are. Led by quarterback Eli Manning, who now has more road playoff wins than any other signal caller in NFL history, the Giants are writing another fairytale against all odds. And much like the 2007 team, it all culminates against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The odds are against them. Again. They open as 3.5 point underdogs and already pundits are proclaiming "there's no way they can do it again."

The adversity seems to fuel this team, but New England won't be blindsided again. This time Bill Belichick & Co. will know what's coming their way, so the Giants will need to step away from the 2007 parallels and realize the Super bowl will be has hard fought as the NFC Championship game that led them here.

But before all that, the fans still have the right to celebrate an NFC Championship.

Devin Thomas had a "Vision" he Would Make a Big Play

Devin Thomas had a feeling he would make a play that would help the Giants win the NFC Championship.

And the player who barely saw time as a receiver this season, then saw his kick returning duties taken from him and briefly thought he was paralyzed after a collision in the Dec. 18 loss to the Redskins, played a huge part in the Giants’ fifth NFC title.

“I had a vision in my mind that I was going to make some type of big play to help us win the game,” he said. “I thought it was just going to be that first fumble, but I got another opportunity to recover another one and I jumped on that.”

Lawrence Tynes Lives the "Dream" Yet Again

Lawrence Tynes had a dream Saturday night. He called it “the typical kicker dream.”

In other words, it was a make-the-winning-field-goal-to-send-your-team-to-the-Super-Bowl dream.

Tynes experienced the once-in-a-lifetime moment .. for the second time in his lifetime.

Jacquian Williams Forever Erases Obscurity to Giants Fans

List the names of potential NFC championship game heroes and Jacquian Williams would not be the first person to come to mind.

However, Williams made a dramatic play that was instrumental in sending the Giants to Super Bowl XLVI. In overtime, Williams reached in and stripped the ball from 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams. Devin Thomas recovered at the 49ers’ 24-yard line, setting up the game-winning field goal by Lawrence Tynes.

No Debating it: Eli Manning is Elite

Manning was ever stoic, ever calm, even on the doorstep of history and football immortality. Only one man in the modern class of "elite" quarterbacks has won more than one Super Bowl. Drew Brees hasn't. Aaron Rodgers hasn't. Even big brother Peyton Manning hasn't.

But thanks to Tynes' kick and the Giants' relentless defense and Eli Manning's ability to get up after hit after hit after hit, little brother has a chance to join Tom Brady with multiple rings. Is Manning elite? The way he has played this season and gotten New York to the final game, Manning has rendered the question moot. It is no longer up for debate.

Victor Cruz’s magical ride goes to Indy

Victor Cruz dropped the first pass thrown his way this season and fans immediately took to his Twitter timeline questioning his value to the Giants.

In the biggest game of his life, with a Super Bowl trip as improbable as his sudden rise to NFL stardom on the line, Cruz made the Candlestick Park crowd chant his name.


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71 Responses to “New York Giants Planning Trip to Indianapolis as They Sport Super Monday Morning Hangover”

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  1. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    Holy hell….I am hungover like a b-tch! But it hurts so good!

  2.  Starks in Tampa says:

    Starks’ thoughts on this team, the game, and the G101….

    Lets start with G101 posters…kudos to you all for giving your insight/comments and your time to post on this site the whole season…its been a heck of a ride…but really I have to give big kudos to FF55….this guy has nailed it since day one…he kept saying ever since the season started he reserves the right to say how good or how bad this team really is until the end of the season….and he was truly the only one who got it right…..seee when you had knucklheads like myself and a few others saying get rid of fewell when he clearly showed he was using his defense the wrong way only to turn around and make some GREAT ADJUSTMENTS late in the year and has continued with calling UNBELIEVABLE GAMES….I was totally wrong about him and boy am I ever so glad to be wrong…..then you have guys like DEMO who stubbornly kepot saying Fewell was a good D cord only to get chastised by me…well in the end he was right…Fewelll has turned out to be a true gem and really has shined ever since the Jet game….however…..simply because Fewell himself admitted that he was doing things wrong…I dont give you FULL Credit Demo…I give you credit for being like Mara and sticking with this coaching staff…who by the way I liked alot with the exception of Fewell….not anymore…..I LOVE THIS coaching staff….anyway…kudos to you both but more so (to be fair) to FF55 he had it right all along….

    Now moving on to the Giants organization…..listen I will say it again and again….Jerry Reese is the TOP GM in the league if not top 1 certianly top 3….the guy has built this team and has given it tremendous depth…..but also lets not forget to give some real credit to Mr. Accorsi for seeing this type of greatness in Eli….big kudos to him… look at this team and with all of the injuries this to overcome them….you have to give recognition to Reese and his staff…but also TC and his staff…and you know what…even though I dont like how he operates things sometimes..give kudos to Mara….the guy with his patience has been awarded again by his staff….. great job all around.

    YOu know besides Eli who I thought took the worst beating Iv ever seen since came into the league….the two USF boys….JPP and J. Williams….Williams with great coverege on Davis on a crucial 3rd down play late in the second half and JPP was a force all night…made some real great tackles to hold Gore to 3-5 yards…..great job by those two….by the way…I remember in the off season everyone lamenting the resigning of Rocky Bernard but can the guy get some love now, finally?????The guy along with Joseph and Canty have been doing a great job in the middle…..

    The game yesterday again was closer then I expected simply because I dont believe in Alex Smith and I didnt think he would move the ball on this defense..which I was right on save for two plays the whole game…..seriously…how can anyone consider Alex Smith a top QB is beyond me? At HOME, NFC champ game to go 1-13 on 3rd down and to knly have 1 catch by a WR is AWFUL…..that screams to me capt check down and only looking to his safety blanket aka fav receiver, Vernon Davis….Alex Smith is not a TOP 10-12 QB I dont think….Lets name the top 10-12 and all are better then Smith (In no particular order)…Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Eli, Peyton, Romo, Rivers, Cutler, Ryan, Schaub, Stafford, Flacco, Rapelessbeger,…..I might just might even throw in there Josh Freeman…to me I would rather have Freeman then Smith…..anyway without thinking hard I have named more then 12…..I am sure I am missing one or two …..oh yes I will throw Vick in there….bottom line is this…Alex Smith is Garbage….he had Tebow numbers yesterday….

    Great job by all!

    •  Starks in Tampa says:

      By the way….lets give credit to Hochuli and his crew….they had a great game…one of the better ones during this playoff.

  3. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    Let me just say this: the 49ers are a real f’n football team. Make no mistake about it–if they can get some better weapons around Smith, they are going to be a SERIOUS threat in the NFC, simply because they have what none of the other “top” teams have–a BRUISING defense that can absolutely take over a game. Their defense is every bit as good as ours, and probably better. Our offense is much more dynamic than theirs, but their offensive line is built for greatness in a way that ours hasn’t been in ages! I don’t care if Alex Smith doesn’t get a single bit better–he’s already good enough to win lots of games behind that team, and that coaching staff, who has done an incredible job out there.

    All this to say–we beat an EXCEPTIONAL team yesterday. There was a time when myself, and Jim, and Krow and others would b-tch and moan about how the Giants never seemed to step up and beat the “elite” teams year in and year out, instead fattening up on the 6-8 “lesser” opponents we faced each year. Well let’s look at the scalps we currently own:

    Patriots, Eagles, Dallas x2, San Fran, 49ers, Atlanta, Green Bay, Jets….

    That’s a pretty good list right there. Did we have a “perfect” regular season? Hell the f-ck no! But we got to the playoffs, and as FF55 always says, if you get there, you have a shot to go all the way. We are 60 minutes away from hoisting ANOTHER Lombardi trophy, with THIS team…THIS group! Absolutely breathtaking!

  4. Jim StollJim Stoll says:

    Loved that shot of a p!$$ed off Rocky Bernard spitting blood when Canty is the one getting flagged

    I’m guessing he was saying to the Ref — aLL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT. U WANT TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY AND FLAG US. well watch this!!!

  5.  Krow says:

    Running QBs don’t win championships. Oh sure, they win games … sometimes even games you should lose. But they can’t go all the way. If you can’t run through the WR progression before you decide to take off then you’re not going to win a Superbowl.

    I’m not talking guys like Rodgers who run when the play breaks down. But if you’ve actually got plays where your QB is going to impersonate a RB then you can kiss the Superbowl goodbye. If the option play is featured prominently in your playbook then buy a widescreen TV … because that’s as close to the ‘big dance’ as you’re going to get.

    QBs throw the football to other superb athletes whose job it is to catch them. When the team wants to run then the QB hands the ball to other superb athletes whose job it is to do that. It’s a multiplier effect … making everyone better. Running QBs do none of that. And that’s why they’ll all be watching the game … instead of playing in it.

    •  Starks in Tampa says:

      +1….great post krow…couldnt agree more and Cowherd says this all the time….he always says give him the tradition accurate great qb over a great running QB anyday.

  6.  TuckThis says:

    Let’s just hope Peyton doesn’t like the clime in SF. They would be quite formidable.

  7. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    The Original G Man @TheOriginalGMan 1m Reply Retweet Favorite · Open

    Tuck: “We give [Eli] a lot of grief about his dorky appearance & he doesn’t look like he has been in a weight room ever…but that guy is tough”

    •  Starks in Tampa says:

      give me eli over any other qb in the league….even rodgers and brady…..why? because WE KNOW Eli can play at a great level in NY….who knows how rodgers or brady would have dealt with this market…ff55 says it all the time he wouldnt trade Eli for anyone and I agree.

    •  TuckThis says:

      I saw Tuck’s press conference. I switched between Fox/Channel 9 (in NY)/SNY/ ESPN and NFL network. I couldn’t get enough! Then I turned on the FAN.
      I also saw Osi and Jacobs crying. Maybe they know it’s going to be their last game in a Giants uni :(

  8. Jim StollJim Stoll says:

    so get this: live in Boston. The local NBC affiliate is WHDH. Owned by Sunbeam, who also owns the Fox affiliate in Miami.
    Sunbeam and DirectTV are in a pitched battle over renewal of their carriage agreement — sunbeam wants more dough from DirectTV (they say to reflect the market; DirectTV says otherwise). There has been no NBC in Boston for DirectTV customers for 10 days. The last published article was January 18 and said “no settlement in sight”.

    The super Bowl is on NBC this year.

    I’m officially in Yikes!! countdown mode.

    • Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

      Not to worry. Back when I was younger and we couldn’t afford tickets to games or couldn’t go for a host of reasons and the games were blacked out in home territory, a bunch of us used to drive deep into Connecticut to a fleabag motel that had TVs so we could see the game from “outside the blackout zone”. You can watch by streaming now, or you can find the best sports bar just beyond the DirectTV service area and get there at 11:00 AM and start partying.

      Odds are, though, that the dispute will be settled by a few days before the game. Those clowns can get in a battle with each other but neither will want to face the wrath of a town that cannot watch their home team in what could be the biggest game of their history. And all of us, of course, want the situation resolved because we want Boston to bear witness to what Eli and his friends are going to do to the Patriots.

  9.  TuckThis says:

    Yowza Jim! I have to believe there will be a way to stream it on your computer.
    I have cablevision who is in a dispute with the NFL network, but I’ve found a link to stream it on line. We’ll help you find one. Not to worry! We won’t let you miss this game!

  10.  TuckThis says:

    How’s this for an eerie fact…today is Trey Junkin’s birthday!

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