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San Francisco 49ers’ Vernon Davis Selling Tickets for “49ers NFC Championship After Party”

January 20th, 2012 at 2:23 PM
By Dan Benton

Back in 2007, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had prematurely purchased tickets to Green Bay in anticipation of a Cowboys/Packers NFC Championship game. The New York Giants promptly ruined his plans and eventually went on to win the Super Bowl. They'll again look to ruin plans here in 2012, as San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is already planning his NFC championship celebration.

The "49ers NFC Championship After Party" is scheduled to be held at Manor West in San Francisco, CA shortly after the NFC Championship game concludes, and tickets are already being sold for little over $21 a pop. Davis himself is slated to host this "championship event."

It seems like Davis is getting a little bit ahead of himself and perhaps overlooking the Giants. Then again, he wouldn't be the first person from the 49ers to do that; after all, head coach Jim Harbaugh had his Father, Jack, going over Packers film in anticipation of a game with Green Bay for the NFC Championship.

Another day, another form of disrespect aimed at the New York Football Giants. Hopefully they can spoil Davis' plans as they've spoiled Jerry Jones', Rex Ryan's and Bill Belichick's in the recent past.


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38 Responses to “San Francisco 49ers’ Vernon Davis Selling Tickets for “49ers NFC Championship After Party””

  1. Mark BrownMarBro456 says:

    I have a feeling he won’t feel much like hosting that party AFTER the game.

    Cart before the horse seems to fit here.

  2.  BigBlueGiants says:

    Most of the tickets were bought by members of the New York Football Giants in need of a place to celebrate VICTORY and the birth to another SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  norm says:


    A writer on another Giants blog (forgive me, Dan) went back and looked at every single Giants 3rd down play since the second Dallas game in which anywhere from 5-15 yards was needed for a first down.

    The whole article is worth reading for his brief breakdown of each individual play. But the aggregate numbers are absolutely stunning, to say the least. I knew Eli had been lights out on 3rd down but these numbers blew me away:

    Eli Manning last three games on 3rd/5-3rd-15 (3rd/medium-3rd/long):

    20 plays-15/16, 287 yards, 17.9 ypa, 14 first downs, 1 INT, 2 sacks, 1 rush

    15/16!!! Are you kidding me. Just incredible stuff. This guy is playing some of his best football of the season, one that has been the best of his career. Is it possible he is getting better? Sure is. Seems like Eli is getting more and more efficient with each game.

    Let’s not forget, all three of these games were outdoors (that’s right, I’m talking to you Drew Brees) and while it didn’t feel like winter in the Dallas or Atlanta games, it is still not a dome.

    •  Dirt says:

      That’s nuts!

      Also confirms what I’ve been screaming all year: this team’s best shot at winning comes through the air, even when the whole world knows it’s coming.

    •  HopLax08 says:

      Absolutely outstanding.

      The article also made another important point ……..”Eli tends to favor his stars a bit in the clutch, he has no biases as to who he will throw to. Get open and the ball is yours. It’s that simple with Eli.”

      Thank you Norm, that article made my day and reaffirmed my belief that if I could chose any NFL QB, it would be Eli.

    •  jfunk says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears the author counted wrong. Looking at that chart I see Eli as 16/17 with 15 First Downs. 1 short completion failed to get the first, then the four non-throws listed above.

      •  jfunk says:

        err…3 non-throws.

        1 rush + 2 sacks. That leaves 17 throws. One INT being the only incomplete. One short completion being the only other non-first down.

  4.  jfunk says:

    Mara & Tisch should buy all of the tickets and hand them out in the locker room before the game.

  5. Jeff Levito says:

    LOL @ Vernon Davis. What a c0cky pr!ck.

  6. Jim StollJim Stoll says:

    Troy aikman says the giants beat the Packers because Philbon’s son died

    •  BigBlueGiants says:

      Did he say that with Joe Buck’s D$ck in his mouth?

    •  TuckThis says:

      I hope the fact that they printed tickets turns out to be a huge jinx for them, but why is he any more cocky than JPP and Antrel who guaranteed victory last week? Cocky is in the eyes of the beholder. Explain the difference between cocky and confident.

    •  HopLax08 says:

      Speaking of Aikman and his lap dog Buck, here are some comments that I wrote down during the game that, to me, showed their bias in favoring the Packers during the telecast:

      “What might have been….”, Joe Buck after Rodgers was pressured in the pocket and missed an open receiver in the 1st Qtr

      “That shouldn’t have been a TD..”, Aikman after Nicks catch and run for a TD in 1st Qtr

      “If Osi doesn’t strip the ball out of Rodgers hand that would have been an easy TD”, Aikman. But unfortunately Troy it was stripped out of his hand and resulted in a sack and forced fumble. Btw, he remained silent when Ballard was wide open in the end zone in the 1st quarter when Eli was under pressure and threw the ball out of bounds.

      “Giants are fortunate…”, Aikman must have said this 5 times during the game

      “Seven dropped passes, Green Bay has to be thinking of what could have been”, Buck

      “The Green Bay offense is not what we have come to expect and appreciate”, Aikman. And then he quickly transitioned to blaming the Phibin tragedy for the way the Packers were playing.

      “Unfortunately, it’s been that kind of day from the beginning for the Pack”, Buck after Jordy Nelson drop in the 4th Qtr.

      “If they can score here, I think Green Bay can get back in”, Aikman said this when the Giants were winning 30-13 in the 4th Qtr.

      Now the text of their quotes doesn’t accurately convey the bias that I heard when they said them live. Just an FYI, it was so bad in the first 5 minutes and so pissed me off, that I decided to keep track of them. Normally I don’t do this.

      I will give Buck and Aikman kudos for being incredulous to the no-fumble call not being over turned.

  7. Matthew Kiernankujo says:

    Ebenezer Samuel @ebenezersamuel 3m

    Sorry for Twitter blackout. Cellphone died. Source says Ballard got an injection of medication in his knee. Hard to see him not playing.

  8. Heather Lefkovenjm0m says:

    Aikman needs to $hut the f up. Nobody in the organization has come even close to using that as an excuse. Not even the fans…they blame sparkles on their nailpolish instead.

    •  jfunk says:

      Well you have to admit the choice of sparkles AND jersey change adds up to some pretty bad mojo. I’d never tolerate such poor accessory choices in my house.


      • Heather Lefkovenjm0m says:

        lol, this is very true. I guess I shouldn’t tease since I’m not allowed to take down the Blue and Red birthday streamers I put up for my brothers birthday on the Atlanta game. We are hard core superstitious in my house.

  9. Dave CoughlinFoxlin21 says:

    49ers KR Ted Ginn (knee) missed practice Friday for a third straight day.
    Ginn is expected to be inactive for Sunday’s NFC title game versus the Giants. Expect Kendall Hunter to return kickoffs and Kyle Williams to handle punts.

  10.  giantsfan says:

    It’s funny about Aikman. I hear/read that a lot of cowboy fans are annoyed at him as well. They say he’s very harsh on their cowboys.

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