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After Doing Away with Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants Sport Winning Monday Morning Hangover

January 9th, 2012 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

For the third consecutive week, the New York Giants came out with a strong all-around performance, and for the third consecutive week, won a must win game. They're now halfway through their six game stretch to the championship, and after defeating the Atlanta Falcons, now look ahead to the Green Bay Packers.

When looking back on Sunday, it's hard to pinpoint a single area and proclaim that's the reason they were able to walk away victorious. For perhaps the first time all season, Big Blue fired on all cylinders and put together a near perfect performance. Save for some offensive struggled on their first few drives and a late missed field goal by Lawrence Tynes, the team was nearly flawless.

As you might expect, such a performance has left the Giants in a position to be praised. And despite opening as a 10 point dog to the Packers, "experts" are starting to look at the Giants as legitimate contenders.

Giants Put Old-School Bruising on Splatlanta

They reached back deep into a violent past, when merciless merchants of mayhem like Sam Huff and Andy Robustelli and later Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson and Michael Strahan defined what New York Football Giants was supposed to mean, and suddenly they are champing at the bit to march onto the tundra of Lambeau Field Sunday, be it frozen or not, and rip the Lombardi Trophy from the clutches of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

New York Giants Bring Meadowlands to Life

This really was Giants Stadium now, a game out of the past and from across the parking lot in the Meadowlands, from all the big Sundays when the old Giants beat you with defense. They were up all around us where we were sitting on the Giants side of this new stadium, waving their towels, wanting this to be like the last home playoff game the Giants had won, a long time ago, an NFC Championship Game against the Vikings 11 years ago, when the Vikings got shut out, when the Giants wouldn’t give the Vikings an inch that day.

Falcons: G-men can Conquer Green Bay

Dunta Robinson doesn’t see any reason why the Giants should be considered certain roadkill against the mighty Packers on Sunday.

The Falcons’ veteran cornerback wouldn’t go so far as to predict a Big Blue upset in the NFC divisional playoff matchup, but Robinson thinks the defending Super Bowl champs will have their hands full if the Giants play like they did yesterday in ending his season at MetLife Stadium.

“If that defense goes out and plays [that way], they have a chance against anybody,” Robinson said after the Falcons exited the playoffs early once again with a 24-2 wild-card loss that really wasn’t that close.

Politi: Brandon Jacobs and Running Game Set Tone in Giants' Victory

On his final run of the day, it took a triple team to bring down Brandon Jacobs — with one man clutching his legs, another wrapped around his waist and a third clinging to his shoulders.

Okay, so man isn’t the right word to describe his tacklers. They were three of coach Tom Coughlin’s grandsons, attacking the Giants running back on the blue locker room carpet with an enthusiasm the Atlanta Falcons sure lacked in this 24-2 pounding.

“That was the hardest anyone hit him all day!” somebody called out when the roughhousing ended — a wisecrack that led to a big laugh, even if it wasn’t the least bit true.

No Longer Upstaged, Nicks Stars for Giants

With Cruz largely kept under control, Hakeem Nicks caught two touchdown passes and contributed a diving third-down reception to set up a field goal. By the time those 17 points were on the board, the Falcons were mentally on the bus, dirty birds — playoff pigeons, really — on the way home to Atlanta.


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