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New York Giants a Candidate to Sign Steve Spagnuolo, Says Sal Paolantonio

December 28th, 2011 at 1:04 PM
By Dan Benton

In recent days, reports of Steve Spagnuolo’s impending termination as St. Louis Rams head coach have swept the Internet. The inevitability has led to much speculation about his next destination, with most concluding -and some even reporting- that he’ll land in Philadelphia as the Eagles’ next defensive coordinator.

St. Louis Rams head football coach Steve Spagnuolo gives an answer to a reporters question during his final press conference of the season at the team’s practice facility in Earth City, Missouri on January 3, 2011. St. Louis finished the season with a 7-9 record and fell short of making the playoff’s losing to the Seattle Seahawks 16-6 on January 2. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

NFL “expert” Sal Paolantonio disagrees. In fact, Sal Pal believes the New York Giants are a serious candidate to bring back Spags as their defensive coordinator.

“If the Eagles want Spagnuolo to come back to Philadelphia, they’re going to have to make a huge pitch to do that,” Paolantonio said. “I think Spagnuolo has a better chance of going to New York than Philadelphia.”

Sal Pal also hinted that should the Giants bring back Spags as DC, it will be done under the premise that when Tom Coughlin ultimately leaves New York, Spags will assume the role of head coach.

“He’d be the head coach in waiting,” Paolantonio added. “That will peeve their pitch to Spags.”

With current defensive coordinator Perry Fewell in the final year of his contract, the Giants could technically look to bring back Spags without firing him, but Coughlin generally tends to be very loyal to his coordinators. It will be interesting to see if Sal Pal hit this one on the nose or if he was, again, just blowing a lot of hot air.


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