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New York Giants’ Brandon Jacobs, New York Jets’ Rex Ryan Involved in Postgame Altercation

December 24th, 2011 at 11:49 PM
By Dan Benton

Following a week in which he and his team refused to quiet their mouths, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets came out on Saturday afternoon and were force-fed a beating courtesy of the New York Giants. Unfortunately, being dropped 29-14 in front of their “hometown fans” did little in the way of forcing a little humility out of them.

Following the game, Ryan sought out Giants running back Brandon Jacobs and offered a few choice words that didn’t sit well with the massive bruiser.

“We had a private conversation – that’s all I’ll leave it as,” Ryan said in his postgame press conference.

Jacobs was a little more blunt about the conversation that took place.

“It was Rex who came up to me, the same way his pops went at Gilbride. And he ran afterwards,” Jacobs said.

Allegedly, Ryan came up to Jacobs and told him to “shut the f*** up,” to which Jacobs replied “It’s time [for you] to shut up, fat boy.”

Things got a little heated from there, and apparently Ryan tried to physically go after Jacobs (see: here) until Jacobs warned “You’re talking to the wrong Giant because I’ll kick your ass.”

The mood cooled and the two were separated, but you can almost guarantee the league will levy some fines against both participants.


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