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New York Jets Replace Playbook Cover with Bloody Picture of Eli Manning for “Motivation”

December 23rd, 2011 at 12:33 PM
By Dan Benton


New York Giants Eli Manning bleeds from his forehead after being sacked and hit in the head in the second quarter against the New York Jets in week 1 of the NFL Preseason at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on August 16, 2010. UPI /John Angelillo

Most fans remember the 2010 preseason game between the New York Giants and New York Jets in which Eli Manning suffered a massive three-inch cut along his forehead, which bled out on the field much like a famous photograph of the legendary Y.A. Tittle.

Calvin Pace and the Jets remember it too. In fact, they've actually replaced their playbook cover with a picture depicting that very incident in an effort to provide them some sort of twisted motivation.

“It was cool to see it again,” Pace said. “Seems like it was so long ago.”

Manning never returned to that game, although he missed no additional time after receiving 12 stitches either.

“I remember the crowd going ‘ooooooooo,’ ”Pace said, shaking his head. “I was thinking, ‘I hope they don’t fine me.’”

The amount of disrespect that has been shown to the Giants over the past week is unlike anything we've seen since we started Giants 101 in 2004. The absolute obsession the Jets have with the Giants reminds you of something that should appear on Jersey Shore or another related "reality" television show – perhaps the A&E series "Obsessed." Hell, at this point, maybe even Jerry Springer.

Whatever the case may be, the Jets and their fans can no longer deny the inferiority complex. Celebrating a bloody quarterback after what should have been ruled an illegal hit in a preseason game from 2010 tells you all you need to know about Gang Green.


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