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For Mitch Petrus and Phillip Dillard, It’s All About Attitude

April 26th, 2010 at 2:22 PM
By Kyle Langan

When 2009 drew to a close, any acute observer of The New York Giants found themselves questioning the team’s attitude.

Apparently, the powers that be within The Giant organization found themselves questioning that as well.

Now that the free agency and draft period has concluded, it is quite clear that the personnel department set out to improve the team not only from a talent perspective, but also from an attitude perspective.

Phillip Dillard had to overcome a lot to see the field at Nebraska, as his mother passed away early on in his tenure.

He recently offered up his thoughts and feelings surrounding that situation:

“I told her I was going to something that would honor the family, stay out of trouble and do the right things,” Dillard said. “All I had to do was work and not complain and not moan and not show attitude and not be a cancer in the locker room and not be mad because things aren’t going my way. That’s just how life goes, it doesn’t always go your way. I had to be a man and man-up. That’s what I did.”

Players like Dillard who enter the league with a chip on their shoulder tend to last. While they may not be spectacular players or Pro- Bowlers, they tend to have long careers.

Dillard’s predecessor, Antonio Pierce, was an undrafted free agent gained notoriety for his “chip on the shoulder” attitude in his time with New York.

Mitch Petrus is another example of a guy who takes nothing for granted and works for every snap of playing time.

“Petrus characterized his sudden explosion to 45 repetitions (of the 225 lb bench at the combine) as a mixture of adrenaline and the can-do attitude that he’d learned as a walk-on. “It’s not luck, I can tell you that,” he said. “I’m not being the biggest, baddest guy on the field, I had to be the hardest-working guy on the field. It is what got me through the 45 today. I didn’t wake up this morning feeling like a totally different person. I’m not a freak of nature. I weighed 230 in high school. I weigh 310 now. I do whatever it takes. You reap what you sow.”

In his football career, Petrus has played fullback, tight end, and guard, getting on the field in any way he possibly can.

Moving forward, whether they make an impact in the starting lineup or not in 2010, these are the type of players that The Giants need to lead them back to a championship.

More Movement at The Defensive Tackle Position?

According to Mike Garfolo of The Newark Star- Ledger, The Giants nearly traded Barry Cofield to New Orleans on draft day for a 3rd round pick.

Also, they have reportedly shown interest in defensive tackle John Henderson, who was just released by The Jaguars.

Adding Henderson to a defensive tackle rotation which includes Cofield, Linval Joseph, and Chris Canty would prove to be a force to be reckoned with on the interior line.

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184 Responses to “For Mitch Petrus and Phillip Dillard, It’s All About Attitude”

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  1. Definitely see that the Giants place an emphasis on the character of the guys they bring into the locker room.

  2. Repost:

    If I had to guess today –

    1 K, 1 P

    3 QB
    5 RB
    6 WR
    8 OL
    3 TE

    9 DL
    8 LB
    9 DB

    • Abbott Stillmanfanfor55years says:

      I’d drop one quarterback unless they think Bomar would be grabbed off the Practice team and if so drop one DL, and add a kicker, That’s my prediction, not preference.

  3. John Kjwk says:

    Henderson said he will not visit NY as of now.

  4.  ri giantsfan says:

    repost from last article if you missed it:

    whenever you have a chance to add a past 1st round pick that is a gigantic 6?7 340lbs, you do it….esp when your trying to retool your DL.

    Uncapped yr, which means no penalty for cuts right? I might be wrong. Cut Bernard out, he wont live up to his deal thats for sure. Throw in Henderson on a 1 yr deal, and your looking at one of the most dominating DL in the league. Size, speed and a toughness about them…a toughness we have lacked. I dont think anyone is nervous when they see bernard line up against them…but with Hendersons size and resume, he gives up intimidation up front. Plus hes still very good against the run.

    By the way…if you havent seen it, this dude is insane…I want him.

  5.  Krow says:

    Repost… cause like it’s so f’ing brilliant… LOL…

    There’s no absolute numbers… and lots of variation… but as I see rosters break down by position… it’s sort of… kind of…

    K/P – 2
    QB – 3
    OL – 9
    TE – 3
    WR – 5-6
    RB – 5-6
    DL – 8-9
    LB – 7-8-9
    DB – 9

  6. Jeff Levito says:

    I’m pretty psyched to see the Giants are gonna give Tim Brown a shot. I doubt he has any chance to make the roster, but if it came down to him vs. Sinorice, I’d hope they give Brown a shot. The guy is wicked fast and all he does is catch bombs downfield. Don’t recall him doing much as a KR/PR, but I’d be interested to see if he could nab that spot on the team.

  7. Guys,

    SO the Giants signed undrafted Free Agent DT Nate Collins out of UVA. He is very athletic and has a nonstop motor. Mel Kiper was shocked Collins went undrafted. Collins is also best friends and former roommates with strongside linebacker Clint Sintim. Here is his UVA appreciation page –

  8. Casey Shermancsherm21 says: the last link might not have worked

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