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Giants’ Boley Suspended for Season Opener

July 7th, 2009 at 5:20 PM
By Kyle Langan

New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley has been suspendedfor one-game after violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Boley, one of Big Blue’s offseason acquisitions, drew thesuspension after a battery charge in May of 2008.

To say that his Giants career is off to a rocky start wouldbe an understatement. After sign a $25 million deal, Big Blue and their fansthought they got a steal. Since then, however, Boley has torn the labrum in hiship causing him to miss 8-10 and has now drawn a suspension.

If there is any silver lining to this, it’s that Boley maynot have been healthy enough to play opening week against the Redskins anyway.

He is eligible to play in the team’s preseason games (pendinghis health) and will allowed to return after week one has concluded.

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39 Responses to “Giants’ Boley Suspended for Season Opener”

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  1. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    This is NOT the new article I was looking for to change the topic…Here we go!

  2. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    I wonder why it took the NFL 14 months to act on this…

  3. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Wow – this su-cks. Wonder if the Giants knew of this pending issue when they signed him? 1 game, but still, could have been a lot longer.

  4. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Just read on PFT that Adam Schefter reports via Twitter that everyone (including the Giants) knew this was coming.

  5. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    why is my dinner cold woman!

  6. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    so this means that a linebacker on or close to the cut line is going to have 1 game to justify his existence on the roster

  7. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Wait a minute here… he wasn’t even convicted of anything. According to the AP, he was charged with battery when his wife said that he “became physical with her”. They couldn’t charge him (or haven’t yet) because of a complete lack of evidence to support her claim. He gets suspended for this while 17 Cent is free to seek out a team to play for?

  8. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    FactCheck, I saw reports a few weeks back that said Goodell was about to lay down a tough penalty on Plax, where he wouldnt be allowed to play until his legal issues were resolved. And even then he would likely be suspended longer. So I wouldnt worry about Plax playing this year or next, at least not in my opinion.In a way, we lucked out here, Boley likely wouldnt have played the first game anyways due to the surgery, so it gives another guy one more shot to prove his worth during week 1.

  9. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    all i got to say is boley better be way better than wilkinson kehl and every other lb we have. cause if not, reese needs to give him the plax treatment and throw the dueces ( that’s a peace sign to say good bye, ff55) and holla at his 220lb linebacking ****. i don’t even like skinny **** lbs but i was trying to give the guy a chance… and 220 is small even by sec standards. i’ll still give him a shot but dude better be good and not just fast.

  10. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    From Rotoworld:Bryan Kehl and Gerris Wilkinson will likely battle in training camp to be the Giants’ starting weak-side linebacker on opening day vs. Washington.Wilkinson is more experienced, but Giants coaches seemed to prefer Kehl’s aggressiveness when scrambling for weak-side help last year. Wilkinson has been an injury waiting to happen as a pro and Kehl is a better athlete.————————————————-I’m willing to bet that FF55 would disagree that Kehl is the better athlete…

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