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Giants’ Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself in Leg

November 29th, 2008 at 4:15 PM
By Dan Benton

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, New YorkGiants star wide receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg onFriday Night and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

He stayed the night, where it was determined that hisinjuries, however foolish they may be, are not life-threatening.

This comes on the heels of a hamstring injury that willsideline him for the second consecutive game and growing concerns amongstGiants fans about his mental stability and desire to play football.

Ability aside, this is highly concerning.

Expect NFL Commissioner RogerGoodell and the media to have a field day with this.

Did he have a permit? How did something like this happen?Who was he with?

All of those questions are going to be examined closely andit will most certainly open the door to more negative stories about the wide receiver… just as his last suspension did.

If there are any ghosts left in the closet, they’ll now beexposed within the next few days.


ESPN indicates that this happened at a club. No time or location given.

Other News:

- Safety Sammy Knight (hip) has been placed on IR.

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111 Responses to “Giants’ Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself in Leg”

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  1. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Sounds like a scene from 8 Mile

  2. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    It’s a damn good thing I picked up Hixon in all my Fantasy leagues LAST week… STARTING WR now!!!

  3. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    what a ****….I saw on the ticker on espnnews that it was an accidental shooting in a club? Now it comes out that he shot himself…what was he doing with a gun in a club? This raises some serious concerns about his “mindset”. I am one that loves his abilities but enough is enough…

  4. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Career ending?

  5. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    nah I dont think its career ending…just really really STUPID.

  6. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    I mean REALLY?!!!! I’ve been defending his ace for quite some time now. All these cowpile fans always want to talk about how he’s a cancer on our team, much like Adam “Space Invaders” Jones and B.O. #81 are for Dallas. This is NOT something I wanted to wake up to but maybe that is exactly it… maybe this is the Giants wake up call that this might be a time for some positive “change” in our organization.The upside is that we are certainly deep at the WR position and obviously after last week and his suspension week, Hixon has performed well in the starting role. This could be the dawn of a new era in a most unexpected way.So, let me get this straight… loaded gun, in his pocket, and shoots HIMSELF? At least when I got shot in Baltimore, it was some crazed teenager on angel dust. I’m so pissed at Plax right now, I don’t know what else to say!

  7. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Is there a numb nutz clause in his contract? Why would you have a loaded gun in a club? Just happy he didnt shoot someone. Can we trade him to the Bengals?

  8. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    this is a prime example of poor judgement at its worst….I mean why in the world would he have a loaded pistola in his pocket? Was he worried or fearing for his life? Maybe his wife was leaving him death threats?

  9. OldG101UsersOldG101Users says:

    Im sure now he is eligible to be traded to dallas…due to the following things.1. Wife beater2. gun toter3. shooting incident in club…now he just needs a hand full of hundos to toss in the air…to seal the deal

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