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Stevie Brown Rebuilding His Game, Looking to Reemerge for New York Giants in 2014

August 1st, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Doug Rush

It was almost one year ago when Stevie Brown hit the turf at MetLife Stadium with a knee injury that ended his season for the New York Giants in 2013, as he tore his ACL while returning an interception against the New York Jets in the preseason.

A year later, Brown, now fully recovered from the ACL injury and surgery, is back on the field and ready to take back his starting job that he won in 2012 when Kenny Phillips went down with injuries and a starting job he would have had to battle Will Hill for if not for him being suspended for a third time in three years and eventually, lead to his release.

But because Hill is now gone, Brown is the guy again playing alongside Antrel Rolle and as he mentioned this week during training camp, Brown has had to re-build his game in efforts to becoming the guy that broke out on the scene two years ago.

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Healthier-Minded New York Giants Suddenly Dealing with More than One Dozen Injured Players

August 1st, 2014 at 8:00 AM
By Dan Benton

2014 was supposed to be the year. It had to be the year. And after setting an NFL record in 2013 for being the most injured team of all-time, the New York Giants knew they had to change some things.

The team added a new, healthier menu and eating properly was supposed to aid in keeping players healthy. They added new GPS tracking devices to the uniform of every player in effort to eliminate excessive wear and tear on their high-priced athlete's. And they added new stretching routines before and after each practice to limit soft tissue injuries. But as we head into their first preseason game, things have not gotten any better on the injury front.

At the conclusion of practice on Thursday, the Giants had a grand total of 13 players who either missed practice entirely or had to leave practice as the result of an injury or ailment. That, of course, does not even include players like Mario Manningham (knee) who remain limited due to offseason surgery/previous injury.

Let's take a horrifying, gut-wrenching and ever-so-frustrating look, shall we?

Not Practicing:

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New York Giants’ Mike Patterson Serious About Being a Starter

August 1st, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Billy Javed

Former Philadelphia Eagles first-round pick, Mike Patterson, has quietly been having a “great camp” and could be the New York Giants' starting defensive tackle on opening day, as opposed to the second year, second-round pick Johnathan Hankins.

While Hankins has made great strides as well but it appears at this point the slimmer Mike Patterson seems to be in the lead as he was listed the starter on the team’s first unofficial depth chart; and will likely be starting alongside Cullen Jenkins this Sunday in the Hall of Fame Game.

“I’m very excited, very thankful for this opportunity," Patterson said. "Since I’ve been able to get back on a starting role I’m taking it very serious and personal in wanting to go out there do my best and show them that I still can play.”

Patterson claims to be as healthy and confident as ever after re-signing a one-year deal with the Giants in the offseason worth $920K. When asked about what specifically feels better about this season, Patterson rubbed his stomach and joked, “C’mon man, I look kind of trim don’t I?

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Could David Wilson’s Latest Neck Injury Be Final Nail in Coffin for New York Giants Career?

July 31st, 2014 at 12:15 PM
By Doug Rush

It always seems to be one disastrous thing after another with New York Giants running back David Wilson.

Ever since being drafted with the team's first round pick back in 2012 and cutting loose Ahmad Bradshaw to make him the full-time starter, it's been an utter nightmare with him.

It started with the fumbling problems, even during his rookie season that lead to people wondering if he was the right choice to take on the load at starter; the Dallas Cowboys made that well aware in Week 1 back in September. Wilson's fumbling problem and then benching during the game was the reason why Brandon Jacobs was signed from his couch into Week 2's contest with the Denver Broncos.

On top of the fumbling problem and lack of consistency, an even bigger problem arose, as Wilson suffered a severe neck injury in Week 5 against the Philadelphia Eagles after taking a shot to the head/neck area; an injury that was later diagnosed as spinal stenosis, which has been a career killer for past players in the NFL. That injury ended Wilson's 2013 season and forced him to have spinal fusion surgery in January and his status for 2014 was up in the air.

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New York Giants’ David Wilson ‘Needs a Miracle’ to Get Back on the Field in 2014: Report

July 31st, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Doug Rush

The neck burner David Wilson suffered this past week in practice is not looking good at all for him or the New York Giants.

Wilson, who was already coming off season-ending neck surgery due to suffering a spinal stenosis injury back in October, suffered the burner in practice and it looks like Wilson may "need a miracle" to even get back onto the field for 2014, as Jordan Raanan and Conor Orr of the Newark-Star Ledger reported.

"According to multiple sources, the running back, who suffered a "burner" during Tuesday's practice, months after undergoing spinal fusion surgery, is a long shot to return to the field. One person with knowledge of the running back's medical condition told that Wilson "needs a miracle."

Wilson is set to meet with his surgeon, Dr. Frank Cammisa, the same guy who performed the spinal fusion surgery on Wilson back in January, on Monday to further evaluate how his neck is, but as the reports have said, it's not looking great for Wilson's chances right now. In the mean time, he is sitting out the rest of the week's practice and will not play in Sunday's pre-season Hall of Fame Game against the Buffalo Bills.

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